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Logitech Z607 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System Bluetooth $119 @ JB Hi-Fi


160 Watts Peak power
You can even play audio content directly from SD cards, USB drives or FM radio
133.35 mm (5.25”) subwoofer
True 5.1 surround sound
Bluetooth 4.2

Normal price at most computer stores: around $149.

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    I'm going to ask the obvious but does anyone know how the Z623 system compares?

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      Z623 - louder, bigger, more bass but only 2.1
      TBH I think 5.1 is pointless on a PC.
      I recently changed from Z623 to G560. I like them. The Z6 are louder but hey you'll never crank either one of them to max volume. The G560 also sound better to me than the Z6.

    • Also interested in how they compare to the 506,

      • I'd guess that this is very similar, just with bluetooth, usb, sd, fm added.

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      Don,t bother with either of those, hunt down a set of the z-5500's. The last good set from Logitech.

      • I had the z5500 a while back, they were great for a few years, but then would randomly turn off after 10-15mins or so.
        Turned out it was a bad capacitor in the power supply, replaced that and it worked for a few more months, then something else went wrong that I didn't bother to troubleshoot.

        Edit to add a point for my comment: be wary of possible similar issue if you're looking to buy an old z5500.

  • if i want to use this for a TV setup. how does this connect? through the headphone slot?

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      Yes, if your TV only supports 2.1, you'll be fine.
      Otherwise there will corresponding output lines from the TV to the inputs from the speaker system

      Ps; I don't understand why someone would neg this comment!

      • You will be fine if your TV supports 1000000.1 as well. The only real question is can the speakers connect to the TV.

        As long as your TV has RCA, 3.5mm or Bluetooth, you'll be fine. If it doesn't you could look into a S/PDIF out (e.g. TOSLink) to RCA adapter.

    • Some TV have Bluetooth which would be another option. My parents have one of these connected via headphone cable to their OLED Hisense TV. Sounds way better than the built in speakers and they got it on gumtree for $35… Winner all round really.

    • +1

      A lot of TVs don't have great options for audio output. If there are only two RCA sockets on your TV labelled "L" and "R", they are inputs. Your next best option is headphones socket, if your TV doesn't have that, then most likely the only remaining option is a digital audio output, either coaxial (RCA socket) or optical (TOSLINK cable).

      Fortunately digital outputs can easily be converted to stereo analog audio, which these speakers can use. You'll need a DAC with digital inputs, for example this one: https://www.banggood.com/Digital-Optical-Coax-Coaxial-Toslin...

      You can power this box from the speaker's USB socket, and it will accept either optical or coaxial digital audio from your TV.

      On most TVs, the volume buttons on the remote control won't change the digital output. You'll have to use the volume controls on the speaker's remote control.

      Another option is to connect your DVD or Blu-ray player's audio outputs to the speakers, so you'll get 5.1 channel audio when playing movies.

      • thank you for the replies!

        i think i have the L and R inputs in the back but i guess i could use the headphone socket and use remote for volume control which will come in handy

  • is this only analog connection to the pc?

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      Yeah, page 4 of setup guide shows that it only has rca inputs. 2 channels for aux and 6 for true 5.1
      Only one 3.5mm to rca cable is included in the box. So you'll need to buy 2 more for a typical pc 5.1 sound card output.
      It seems Logitech is aiming this more at people who want bluetooth or play from usb or sd card (or radio).

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        I like the bluetooth, FM etc..
        but the lack of digital output is disappointing.

        digital signal is cleaner
        and analog has possibility of getting interference noises..

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          I agree. The lack of digital input makes it not ideal if you plan to connect to TV or PC.
          Maybe that's why jb dropped the price, haha.
          I reckon this is more to be used as a stand alone system for music from your phone, usb, sd, or radio, maybe in the spare room or garage.

      • Hmm.. i've got Klipsch Promedia 5.1 satellites idling somewhere (sub's blown — can't be repaired). Wonder if they'd pair fine with this.

        • They may connect fine, but the impedance might be different.
          You can't buy this without its satellites anyway so probably best to just use it with the included satellites.
          If you really want, check the impedance and proceed with the understanding that you can connect speakers of any impedance to an amplifier and they will work. However, if the amplifier isn't designed to drive speakers with a lower impedance (4 ohms for example), then the amplifier may overheat if you turn the volume up very loud.

  • How does this compare with Yamaha 108B for home TV.

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      The Yamaha has digital HDMI input this only has analogue RCAs.
      The only thing this one may be better than Yamaha is the ability to place individual speakers around the room (if that's what you prefer)
      But to get true 5.1 out of this from TV, you'll most likely have to add a digital to 5.1 analogue converter. Too much mucking around imo.
      HDMI straight from TV to Yamaha is what I would rather do.

  • I bought these two weeks ago for this price at JB
    They are decent sound quality for what you pay for, centre speaker is weird though - had to put it sideways.

    No spdif which would of been nice when connecting to an apple mini with Toslink

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