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Easiyo Yoghurt Maker $15 (Usually $22) at Woolworths


1kg Easiyo yoghurt maker on special at Woolworths. Now $15. I’ve also found 1L glass jars like the coconut oil from aldi fit inside the thermos. An easy way to make yoghurt if you have a family who demolishes it like mine.

The yoghurt sachets are also on special $3.50 down from $4.50. Or just make Greek yoghurt using a small tub of Greek or natural yoghurt, water and milk powder.


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  • Hi, does this need the culture sachet to be added or can the previous batch yoghurt be used as a culture base.

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      You can use the previous batch.
      I've never used a culture sachet.
      Takes about 2 minutes to make 1L (of preparation):
      Here is how I make it:

      1. Boil water in kettle
      2. Add 2 tablespoons of greek yogurt (I just leave about 2 tablespoons from the previous batch I made)
      3. Fill half way with long life milk and add a few table spoons of milk powder (this helps thicken the yogurt)
      4. Mix well and then fill the rest of the container with the long life milk
      5. Fill Easiyo maker with boiling water up to the line
      6. Put the Easiyo container into the maker and screw on the lid
      7. Leave for 8+ hours and then refrigerate
      8. Enjoy your 1L of yogurt costing ~$1.20.
      9. Repeat when finished
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        Thank you very much , I may try substituting boiled fresh milk with long life, hopefully it comes out well

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          From experience uht long life is preferred because it has already been treated to kill the bad bacteria. Also reusing the culture from a previous batch only seems to work maybe 3 times and then stops working well. I've had success in freezing the first batches in plastic bags for reuse later on. Good luck!

      • Thanks for the steps , how much ml of boiled water ? Sorry havent made yoghurt ever at home.

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          You probably end up using between 1 and 1.5 litres of boiled water. The boiled water keeps the yogurt warm it doesn't go in the yogurt.

        • There's a line on the Easiyo Maker, it's a bit more than 1L in my experience.

      • Is there a particular temperature that we need to achieve of the final preparation (when we add boiled water)?

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          Nope, I think the container regulates it well. I just put boiling water and then the container and close it.

          • @videlity: Sorry I got confused and thought the boiled water goes in the yogurt preparation :p

      • Thanks. Very good instruction
        Is there any particular greek yoghurt brand that you can recommend to use as a starter?

      • I have never used long life milk nor boiled it. Milk is already pasteurised so it shouldn't be needed.

        I'll leave mine for 24 - 36 hours sometimes for a more tangy yoghurt when adding extra milk powder.

        I also add the contents couple of capsules of probiotics.

        And it'll last in the fridge (a properly cold fridge below 3c) for at least 10 days.

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      You can also dilute the Easiyo sachets 1->3 (or more I would think) with milk powder if you don't want to seed batch to batch. So a 170g sachet = 3 x (~57g Easiyo Greek + 120g milk powder). Keep in bags in freezer for when they're needed…

      • Thanks mate , will try them out

      • What type of milk power do u find works best to replicate greek style…full cream or skim?

    • There are other brands of starter cultures you can buy too. I've used mad millie with good success as well, from my local health food store in the fridge.

      • thank you for the info

  • What's the taste and texture like compared to dairy brands? I like a thicker texture. Not runny. Also son likes Green Yoghurt and likes the Farmers Union one from Woolworths.

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      add milk powder to make it thicker

    • Those youghuts do not have added thickners so you should be able to reproduce them well at home (as per below 'Milk Solids' listed on the ingredients means milk powder to make it thicker).
      For an even more authentic taste use some of the store-brought youghurt as the culture for home made.

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      If you add 50g of milk powder to an Easiyo 170g sachet, nice rich consistency…

      • Yes or you can also use the boiled milk method to make it thicker - as with milk powder or boiling you are increasing the milk solids and reducing the water.

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    Youghut is easy to make at home, it's just a matter of being able to control the correct temperature.
    A jar inside a steel thermos actually does a better job of that than EasyYo, sous-vide immersion cooker does an even better job again. :)

  • The yoghurt maker is relatively useful, though as others said, you can just use a thermos.

    The sachets are a complete rip - only 50c less than just buying a tub of yoghurt, and you need to provide the labour and time to put it all together.

    Make it yourself with some leftover from the last batch and milk - lots of instructions on the inter webs.

    I use my Sous Vide setup and it comes out amazing, but most of the time I just CBF, since I go through a lot of the stuff. It costs about $1/kg to make it this way, so if you value your time less than I do, it might be a good option :-)

    • Your not getting 1ltr of Yoghurt for 50c less compared to shop bought by comparision. Well not the one's we get, but I get what you are saying. For time compared to just buying it, its bordderline. If you keep going with it, it probably still works our cheaper to make your own if you have the time. Like most things.

      • Normal Easiyo sachet price is $4.50. Coles FU greek style yoghurt is $5.50. $5.00 at Aldi.


        Maybe they aren't very "artisanal" but neither is sachet of culture and milk powder :-)

        The sachet's are a rip.

        • Ok We get the farmers union one. so the difference is only $1 per kg. Anyway will see how we go. It may just end up being one of those novelty things to do for now. Long term if we do keep it up there will be some saving. Need to get the satchels on sale or do the re-use culture method to make better savings.

  • Thks OP. Always wanted to try one of these. Just picked up one. Will have to look out for sales on the mixes.

    What's the best flavours?

    Can you add like bits of fruit into the mix like the shop yoghurts?

    How long does the yoghurst last before it goes off?

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      Yes, I would add it after the whole process. Maybe even after it's been refrigerated for a few hours.

      It lasts at least a week (probably much more), but I usually still eat it after 3-4 weeks. It might smell a bit sour but that's just the yogurt smell imo not going off.

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      I’ve only tried the vanilla sachet and it was nice enough.
      I make my own yoghurt using the Greek or natural yoghurt from the fridge aisle. You can add honey and vanilla but it’s usally a good idea to add extra milk powder as with these as I find it goes more watery. I’d probably add the fruit after the yoghurt is set.

      It usually doesn’t last long enough to go off in my house but it should last more than two weeks.

  • Offtopic, but a yoghurt I'm really enjoying at the moment that's pretty good value is this one:


    Can get it at Woolies for $8 for a big tub.

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    I just boil the milk & let it cool, add a big spoonful of yogurt to it (any natural yogurt). put the container (on a stand) in rice cooker. set it to 'keep warm' (not cook) setting, put a lid on (leave the lid half open) and yogurt is ready in 5-6 hours.

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    Been doing home made yogurt for long now:
    1) I use fresh milk instead of UHT, heat it it upto 75C & then let it cool to 47C
    2 I use a Styrofoam box to hold the hot water. Heat water to about 48C and put it on the base of box. (tip: heat water after the milk has cooled to said temperature)
    3) Use culture from previous batch and mix with cooled down milk only (47C)
    4) Use desired container to put this milk in.
    5) Put this container in the Styrofoam box with the water in the base and keep the box closed to maintain temperature.
    6) After 6-7 hours, fresh yogurt is ready.. Enjoy

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