expired Masked Darksynth Music Bundle on Groupees - US $2 (~AU $2.90) Minimum


A new music bundle has started on Groupees from Masked a darksynth artist from Argentina with 20% of your payment being donated to charity. There is a limited physical tier featuring a cassette of his Anti-Hero EP and shipping is extra (USD $6.50).

These are downloads not physical copies.

For $2 minimum you get:

Resistance (EP)
Resistance pt 2 (EP)
Resistance pt 3 (EP)
Tomorrow Is In Your Hands (single)
Destroyin Headz (Ft. Nexus-6) (VIP) (single)

For $5 minimum you also get:

Anti-Hero (EP)
Bloodlust (album)
Welcome To Blindwich Valley (EP)
Fuga (From the Original Arcade Soundtrack) (EP)
The Dying Cult (album)
The Awakening (album)

For $15 minimum you also get (physical tier, 16 left):

Anti-Hero (EP) (Cassette)

The first two bonuses have been unlocked once sales pass $2,000 you will also get:

Bad Intentions (Bloodclub Mix) (single)

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