Free 3-Month Kayo Basic Sports Subscription (Or Premium $10 Per Mth) for Inactive or New Kayo Members via BetEasy


Edit @ 8:00AM: There was a glitch last night that stopped the Kayo page from loading, but it's now fixed.

Greetings everyone, I just noticed that BetEasy have extended this offer another month. Considering that this seemed to get lost during the last offer, I thought it was best to share once again to be able to reach to more people who may have missed it.

Full credit must go to MiaSanMia for the original find, it was only a few weeks after the deal was posted that the workaround to get the offer for existing and inactive Kayo users was found.

In Order to get this for Inactive Users:

  1. Go to the BetEasy website and sign up for a new BetEasy account (Just enter fake details, no verifications are performed, skip the deposit step.)
  2. Go to the Kayo 3 Months Free page and press "Join Kayo Now"
  3. Go to the URL of the new page, and at the end of the url, copy the voucher which says "BETXXXXXXX".
  4. Go into your Kayo account, and under "Vouchers", enter the voucher above and it will give you a 3 month free extension.

I believe this should still work perfectly for existing users.

For inactive users, when you sign in again, go "Renew" and then put the voucher code in on the re-sign up page.

For New Users, just open the "Join Kayo Now" link via the BetEasy website and sign up.

Please note, it seems like this 3 month promotion is set up in 1x3 months. Therefore, don't cancel until the 3rd month because otherwise I believe your 3 months free will expire early.

I don't believe this works for users who signed up through iTunes billing.

As always, enjoy :)

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