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Samsung Galaxy Note9 128GB $999, Galaxy Note9 512GB $1299 ($500 Discount, Free Shipping) @ Australia Post Shop


Get $500 off select Galaxy Note 9 phones at AusPost Online Shop. Price is more competitive than some retailers online, with free delivery offered.

  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 128GB BLK - Was $1,499, Now $999
  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 128GB COP - Was $1,499, Now $999
  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 128GB BLU - Was $1,499, Now $1,199
  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 512GB BLK - Was $1,799, Now $1,299
  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 512GB BLU - Was $1,799, Now $1,299
  • UNLOCKED SAMSUNG GALAXY NOTE 9 512GB COP - Was $1,799, Now $1,299

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  • +4 votes

    Still abit cheaper ($1249 for 512GB) from Gerry Harvey…. https://www.harveynorman.com.au/catalogsearch/result/?q=Sams...

    Base model should be discounted to $800 if you wait for the next 20% eBay deal if the market price of the phone is now at $1k

    Hard pass at this time, rest in peace headphone jack and Bixby button but I'd much rather go for the Note 10 if you're going to spend $1.2k on new phone.

    • +5 votes

      Yeah, but I’m worried that Note 10 will be too costly (more than Note 9 last year).


        I'm guessing 2499 AUD for the 1 TB / 12 GB Note 10 plus model.


          Tbh, the majority of users won’t need that much storage. And the best bet would be waiting for TGG’s listings on eBay so we can apply the 20% discount code.


            @hawkeye93: Hi hawkeye, I like your thinking I am a noob to the TGG listings on ebay. Where do you find the 20 % discount code and how do you know the sale is in effect please mate?


              @Rapid-score: If there’s a code, it will be posted here, on Ozbargain. However, bare in mind that TGG ebay hs taken down their Note 9 listings, am I right? Otherwise, wait until a promotion like that is announced and posted here.

  • -1 vote

    hows this a bargain? note 9 should be 50% off release by now


      Since when?


    I would rather get S10+


    Are these single sim?


    Where is best place to buy AU stock now? JB, HN all out of stock. Even the Samsung site says out of stock. I was waiting to see if the price would come down with the Note 10 out this week, but I'm hard pushed to even find one under $1000.