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[PC] Squad & Slay The Spire US $12 (~AU $17.64) @ Humble Monthly


My first post in a while so please forgive me if I've made mistakes.

Humble Monthly gives you 7-8 games(Steam) for US$12 including a 20% discount across the Humble Store and access to their Humble Trove(60+ DRM games).

Squad (Was AU$39.99)

Slay The Spire(Was AU$35.35)

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  • I think mention in title that it's $12 USD, and put in brackets AUD

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    Paused… again. Humble monthly has been very poor lately.

    • +3

      These two games are great what are you on about?

      • Agreed, Squad was a lot of fun for me and Slay The Spire seems to have a lot of positive reviews.

      • -1

        Slay The Spire will be on Xbox Game Pass before you get this in your Humble Monthly bundle.

        I've paused for almost 1 year now :O

        • You get slay the spire instantly. And this is PC, not Xbox, so not sure how that's relevant

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            @WinstonWithAY: Slay the Spire is on Xbox Game Pass for PC as well.

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            @WinstonWithAY: PC game pass. It’s on PC

            • +1

              @SlappersOnly: Ok fair enough. But you only have it as long as you're subbed to it, with this you keep it forever

              • @WinstonWithAY: Yeah. I would never tell people to not buy the humble bundle because game pass PC. I was just correcting you about the Xbox/PC confusion.

                Personally I’ve got 3 years of Game Pass Ultimate because of the beta deal a while back so I’m set for games.

      • +2

        The overall quality has diminished.

        FWIW. The rest of this months games were;

        Rising Storm 2: Vietnam + 2 DLCs
        Yoku's Island Express
        The Adventure Pals
        Almost There: The Platformer
        Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon

        If you look at last year's games, the Humble Monthly was killing it. Now it's mediocre.

        • +1

          Yeah it has been getting progressively worse. Paused.

        • +1

          Yoku's Island Express is very highly reviewed for a late reveal.
          Adventure Pals is 75% off at the moment if anyone is interested. Good for couch co-op with a young child. Simple but fun game

          Slay the Spire is awesome. Don't be put off by simple graphics.

          • @avan1976: Cheers. In my case, couch co-op is for a console. I won't be renewing my 6 month Humble Monthly sub. Game Pass Ultimate is the better investment now.

        • +3

          I think the problem is that there are so many services now and they’re all using the same games in their bundles/subscriptions. It’s interesting because there’s honestly a huge pool of games that are just spat out of all platforms. I’m looking at you Limbo and Moonlighter.

          • @SlappersOnly: I'm saying it now the future of gaming AND television / subscription services is somebody unifying all the different parties somehow and giving everybody a big and simple one path to rule them all kind of service while letting all the parties behind it still profit somehow in the background.

            One banner but lots of parties in the behind the scenes.. It will happen just like steam kind of united all the developers and publishers under one banner* or at least most but this will take time because I think we still enjoy running around to different places as it gives us something to do and breaks monotony.

            *ok I know many platforms exist but what I mean is we will get better at consolidating common factors and products to simplify and ease the whole entertainment experience as comfort and convenience is the whole aim of this industry. It's not like people buy this stuff to live a complicated life.. Or do they to each their own

            • @AlienC: I hope so but currently it’s not looking great. They’ve got stuff like Origin, Uplay+ and gamepass for video games. Films are even worse with services like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Stan, Netflix and even Disney+ soon.

              • @SlappersOnly: Here is to hoping that some big player sees potential in a market for some sort of entertainment consolidator you know one size for all kind of special where all parties benefit and no one has to lose out.

                I'm sure there is a demographic that would pay an excess fee for the convenience of having all the above entertainment providers under one subscription or banner.

                I know if it meant I had to pay maybe 10% extra for games for example I would do it to have them under one platform same kind of analogy applies for the television and movie business.

                I was hoping Netflix was going to be the one but they are actually making things worse with their vast differences in regional offerings and regional pricing they might as well go under a different name in different regions.

                Gaming is a lot more universal I know but still it is gonna be 2050 before we know it and I bet we will still have these problems.

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    I was gonna say, you could look back at the previous humble monthly deals as a reference for how to lay out your post…… Then I had a look and every month is posted completely different.

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    Slay the spire is a great game. I think I've notched up atleast 30 hours or so playing on the Switch.

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    slay the spire is great, have heaps of time stacked up on switch. Just found it that little more engaging over steamworld Quest.

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    Humble monthly has been pretty bad this year. I had a 1 year subscription that just finished and won't be renewing. In general if you want the early reveals then go for it but don't subscribe expecting too much from any of the mystery reveals.

    • 2017 was a good year for humble monthly then it was shaky and now it is very lackluster to be honest not even hit or miss but that could just be a reflection of games atm.. I see a lot of potential great games coming out so 2020 and 2021 could be the resurgence or rerise of humble monthly if they play their cards right

  • I have 60+ hours on Slay the Spire, paid more than this and was worth every cent

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    Squad is currently free on epic store

    • Currently it is not free, Squad that is.

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    "Squad (Was AU$39.99)"

    It's AU$56.00 on the Steam Store.

  • I buckled I had a $5 US coupon and I think 10% off humble monthly coupon from recent humble bundle purchases lying around so it ended up only costing only $6.84 USD or $10.65 AUD on my PayPal statement.

    I don't think the 10% off coupon from buying a bundle worked might have to use the offer at the same time when you buy the bundle and because I bought them separately one after the other (yeah I know bad planning alien) only the $5 US coupon worked..

    But still $5 AUD a pop for both games is still not bad.. Would have only really saved $1.80 AUD (10% of $12 USD = $18 AUD) which would have been nice but I feel like this kind of deal might not come around again and I already feel salty about missing the free epic store deal on Squad earlier this year.

    I have something at least now to look forward to on Saturday or Sunday when the new humble monthly mystery games are revealed out.

    Thanks for the deal post OP.

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