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Bamboo Toothpicks 800 Pieces (4X200) US $0.84 (~AU $1.29) Delivered @ Joybuy


Great price, $1.29 for 800 toothpicks. I have missed out on this deal a few times now as it sells out quickly. Managed to spot it early this time so finally got some. Get in quick as it won't last long.

Minimum order of 4 packs of 200 which are added to cart automatically - Price includes GST

Toothpick Length: 6.5cm

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    38-58 days shipping… oh my… almost as bad as AusPost

    • I'll have no teeth by then!

  • Why 4 and not 5?
    Up to 5 it's still $0.19 usd per pack.

    • Decided to state minimum order requirement, but yes discount applies to a max of 5 per order.

  • what u need these for? too big for strawberries…

    • Asians… especially the older ones.

      • I know a Greek use this at every meal.

      • Yeah the old europeans also lol

    • flossing

    • 6.5cm too big for strawberries? These are the same size as the normal toothpicks I get from Coles.

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      i use them as ammunition in a mini toothpick crossbow.

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    cheers OP. Got 5 packs for USD $1.05

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    I shouldn't pick on this deal but aren't they getting long in the tooth?

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    We're such a wasteful society…

    • We live in a society

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      Bamboo is a very sustainable crop that is fast growing, requires no fertiliser and little water.

      Compared to other crops… you could do worse.

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        Bamboo can be sustainable. That doesn't mean these are, or aren't. Some bamboo harvesting is still done in areas with panda populations.

        • It was a broad statement.

  • OZBargained

  • Picked up a few. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP. Ordered.

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    Wow, I just saved US$114 buying 5 packs of toothpicks. Maybe they had slightly over inflated the 'regular' price a bit.

  • I checked out with 4 and the total came to 101.16 USD with GST. What do I miss here, OP?

    • Go into your account in your profile. You most likely have multiple orders in there. Joybuy accept orders without payment and the discount can only be applied to one order.

  • Mine says 101.16 USD. No other items in the cart….

    • …sounds like good value!

  • Same here.

  • Mine Says 101.16 USD,fresh account nothing in cart

  • Not working for me either $135 AUD for 4 packs - is there a code that needs to be applied?

  • 0.0016125c per toothpick. Just in case anyone was curious.

    • Not at $135 it is not.