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Any Shirt* or Tie $30 + Postage (Free with $80 Spend) @ TM Lewin


TM Lewin sent me this offer this morning. Use coupon code SHIRT30FD80OZ to get most shirt or tie for $30 + postage. Standard Australia delivery is $10. You can also get free postage by spending $80 or more (i.e. 3 or more shirts/ties).

Limited time only. Discount does not apply to "Premium" or "Liberty" shirts, and code won't work on markdown products.

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    • i just wear slim fit mens shirts…never liked the fit of women's shirts from any brand

  • How slim fit is the slim fit? I'm a stocky guy but hate how some shirts don't have any tapering at all.

    I would usually wear a euro fit.

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      Their slim fit is like a regular. Go fitted if you want actual slim but slim fit should be ok for you

  • +1

    I wear slim in CT 42 collar and 91 sleeves. What size in TM Lewin I should go for.. I like this deal, can anyone please help me:)

  • Have always just ordered shirts off a rack. I know this might just sound like a stupid question but can I just measure some existing shirts that fit well to get my measurements?

    • In interested in this too. I have never purchased shirts online

    • that's what i've done and it worked well for me. I think with shirts, the sizes are fairly similar across all brands as they're actual lengths, not like an arbitrary S, M or L.

  • Thanks! ordered 3 shirts. Does anyone know how long shipping usually takes?

    • Memory is a bit hazy but it's roughly 2 weeks to regional NSW at least.

  • thanks OG

  • I'm a bit confused is it a shirt + tie for a total of $30? Or is it shirt ($30) + tie ($30) = $60 ?

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      The latter, shirt ($30) + tie ($30) = $60

  • I wear a 41 collar and 90cm sleeve in Slim from van heusen. What would be a like for like size on TM Lewin?

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    Cheers Scotty! These are the only guys that make shirts that fit me :)

  • Not sure if it's just me but I kinda feel CT has more variety of shirts and prints compared to TML.

    Looking at these shirts, all I see is plain colored shirts and not much of nice designs to be honest

  • Normally TM gimp the selections. This time everything is available so I've bought 3. Thank you OP!

  • Thanks Scotty!
    First order with TM Lewin - been very happy with the Charles Tyrwhitt shirts so will be interesting to compare.
    Now looking for a similar discount code on suits!

    • let me know what you think.

      I havent tried Charles yet

  • Not a big fan of their shirts but for $30 can't complain. Bought 3. Thx.

    • Haha what I’m hearing is “These shirts sucks, but i’m cheap and therefore I can be bought” hehe

  • I bought their normal shirts because the non-iron ones are sold out. How different are they? I currently wear TM L non-iron so probably will be used to them.

  • ah…code expired after they change to $40 sale

    • they fixed the issue.

  • Onya Scotty. Grabbed three non-iron, will compare to my CT non-iron.

  • Looking online for non iron and only twill, herringbone or oxford shirts are available in my size, which do you think is more breathable/cooler for summer conditions?

  • Dagnabbit! Expired

    • Still working for me, I just put an order through :-/

    • Still going! Bought some just now.

      • I think I'm being discriminated against here…
        All the eligible fitted shirts are coming up marked down to $40 and won't accept the code. What gives?

        Edit: I cleared the site data in my browser and it's all good!

        • yeah do incognito or clear cookies

          I was getting different prices on my phone vs laptop :p

  • +2

    Awesome- still working today (as at 10.30 Sunday morn)- bought 5

  • Not expired yet, just placed an order.

  • CT better than TM - returns policy and process is much more consumer friendly.

  • Phenomenal deal on great quality shirts. Thanks!

  • -3

    you dag. noone buys ties anymore.

    so don't buy them.

    join the fight for casualisation of the male work force - so we can dress like women (opps that didn't come out right) - no more sexism against males in corporate dress standards.

    • Noone buys ties any more? Karen forgot to send me the memo again :(

  • Thanks OP. I couldnt resist myself even tho I bought 12 from a year ago. Their non-iron super fitted shirts are the best business shirts that I have ever worn and they dont go on sale often.

  • Can we get this deal again! pray

  • do any of you guys buy the ones with cufflinks?

    Never used cufflinks in my life but thinking to give a go…

    • just use a twisted paperclip!

      there's just something about the way french/double cuffs look classy AF compared to an ordinary button cuff.

      • Thanks man I'll give it a go

        I reckon I could even stick a mini photo of me on the paperclip for maximum effect

    • +1

      Stick to french cuffs/cuff links for formal occasions. Not so much for every day work - it's a pain.

      • +1

        Ah good tip mate. Haha I tried some of them on and makes my wrists look huge (I have tiny wrists).

        Swapped down to the tightest fitting short (super fit) and that's a little better

        I think I'm just going to keep one or two shirts with cuffs. Seemed like hard work but im probably just not use to it

  • Has anyone received their order yet? Mine seems to be taking longer than usual.

    • +1

      Yah mine arrived and I also just had 3 I replaced arrived today

      Did you arrange store pickup ?

      Weirdly I never got notified when I did that so I had to call and ask.

      • I checked with their live chat and they said they've had a few delays with customs and the local deliverers so I'll play the waiting game for a bit longer.

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