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Kogan Mobile Medium (365 Days | 13GB Per 30 Days) Recharge $205.60 @ Dick Smith / Kogan


Hi everyone, my Kogan mobile plan was coming to an end and I started looking for a better price but from a convenience point of view I preferred to simply recharge with Kogan.

I could see that the price had jumped significantly and if I allowed it to auto recharge on my medium plan the price would be $299 for a year. So I started looking through Kogan's website to no avail only finding the 2 for 1 90 day plans. I thought maybe dick smith would have something since Kogan bought them but struck out there too. So I had one last crack and googled "dick smith cheap kogan mobile plan" the third link down was the jackpot.

But I have included the direct link in this post.

So instead of $299 you can get the same thing 13 gb (medium plan) 365 days for $205.60 instead of $299.90. Strangely enough $205.60 is exactly what I paid in early 2018 as well. I checked the T&Cs and the voucher you will get is valid until 31/01/2020 and only for recharges, meaning if you are due to expire before then you can hold it until your ready or since its a saving recharge a little early.

Kogan Link

40GB/month $315.20

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  • Can you pay for this with a gift card?

    • I assume if it's a dick smith gift card you can.

    • It's on the Kogan website and you can definitely pay with a kogan gift card with those. (kogan gift card doesn't work on smith's dick)

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  • Is anyone recently havinv degradation of call service?
    Yaed to be good and reliable and lately i can't even receive calls

    • I have noticed some symbols are coming through terribly as well.

    • Thought it was just me due to sim swapping,
      so I tried different phone, no bars, emergency calls only.
      usb modem, connects sometimes but very slow when it does.
      2 different active sims tried, still no luck.
      Thankfully I had a boost & catch sim.

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      Not just call service, I find data incredible slow, even in metro areas.
      Just counting the months till my yearly plan expires now…

      • Which metro areas? Sydney? I am planning to switch to Kogan from Telstra.

        • Mines South East Melbourne metro, but one of the comments below from the same area says they are happy with theirs so … shrugs

          • @bowtiehoon: We are in an area that receives really good service from Vodaf and Kogan, yet some others, like Optus, are pretty terrible. Hope Kogan doesn't get awful too as been with them for many years now. Perhaps ring them and see if they are making any tower improvements in your area.

    • Had no problems; Outer S/east Melb Metro areas.

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    Good Deal but Still I got Telstra Cheaper via https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/472394

    200$ | 200GB (150+50) Data | 365 Days

    • How did you get the +50GB?

      • Check the thread ( page 6 ) from that post.

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      Which has expired, so your post is pointless.

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        Yeah that went OOS so quick and never re-stock :(

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    turn off auto recharge and log in after expiry. someone mentioned this trick last week. they got the large annual plan for $99 or something

    • Can anyone still confirm this still works?

      • I hope it works when my plan expires. If not, I can just go mth to
        mth and shop for new plan.

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          FYI it's not looking good. Mine expired two days ago and still can't see any promo. Going to throw in the towel tomorrow. Was really looking forward to getting a deal.

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    Showing $205.60 on Kogan website for me?

    • Same a few months back also. I actually dropped back to the Small 365 day plan as use wifi mostly these days.

  • boost is better in terms of reception.

    Kogan is crap….

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      bold statement but zero accuracy; it all depends on your geographical location.

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        So true, I have gone from Kogan to Telstra and my reception at home is terrible. At work, telstra reception is better than Kogan. So it all depends on location.

    • For the little discount, I rather pay slighlty more for better reception and coverage. That is all. Everyone in this forum Kogan is really bad.


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    Few weeks ago we learnt our lesson about checking mobile coverage before leaving. Kogan coverage is good as long as you are in the metro area. Towns that we went to, such as Cobar and Bourke, have zero signal, both phone and mobile internet. Catch Connect works fine in those areas.

    So if you are with Kogan and plan to travel outside of metro regions, make sure that you check Kogan coverage map before leaving.

  • Not that hot anymore. When catch connect will put vouchers half price you get 12.5gb a month for $135 (even less with vouchers). I will be waiting for that deal when my kogan expires

  • I recevied one recently for $386.90 for 13GB for 2 years = $15.90/30 days instead of $16.90/30 days as per this. As my current plan is expiring soon.
    Which one should I go for? Do you think price will drop further in a year's time?

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      I was thinking this as well. But because they're always dropping their prices or increasing data, I'd stick with the 365 day plan.

  • How long does it take for it the voucher come after payment?

  • Hi guys
    can anyone advise me please
    I'm currently using the other mobile plan and want to swap to kogan
    unfortunately they are selling 205$ 365 day recharge (which i want ) only for current clients

    Will it work if I get the 2$ kogan sim card, transfer my current number and then get this 205$ recharge? Thanks in advance!

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      Will it work if I get the 2$ kogan sim card, transfer my current number and then get this 205$ recharge? Thanks in advance!

      You'd need to port out of Kogan for 30 days first before porting back in.

      There are better value deals around from Boost and Lebara though. But Catch is the best value when they're 50% off.

      • Do u accidentally know how often they cut 50% of those Catch plans or about Kogan plans specials?

        Both Boost and Lebara cost 300$. And I"m looking for something closer to 200$/365/8+Gb

        • No I don't sorry.

          And I"m looking for something closer to 200$/365/8+Gb

          Lebara is $200/360/200GB (averages to 16.7GB/month) if you stack?

          • @CVonC: sorry to annoy you, but can you please send me the link.. i just can't find it myself:(

            • @hefer: it's the link in my previous comment

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    Be warned, don't recharge early, my current Kogan Mobile prepaid ran up to about Dec 31. I logged into My Account, bought a 12 month medium recharge expecting it to be stacked in sequence onto the end date of my existing plan, you know like paying Medibank a year up front but instead it was added instantly, my remaining 7 days on my 2019 voucher was just obliterated. I managed to get the new "voucher" extended by 7 days after wrangling with the customer help number, and eventually figuring out which option would lead me to a real human, but this has to me the most clunky renewal process ever.

  • The flex plan looks pretty decent, its 12.50 a month and you get to use the 80gb of data across 365 days so you can use more data when your on holidays.