Cheapest option that can sync iTunes and use Youtube

I have a passed down Iphone 5 which I literally only use it for listening to my Itunes music (outdoor exercise, during flight, etc), and watch a bit of youtube before I go to sleep (so i can plug and charge my other devices). Its battery pretty much dead now as the phone die at 70% battery.

My other devices are a Samsung S9 and an Ipad

So any suggestions on what is the cheapest/ worthy option that i can get that does the same job? An old Iphone? An alternative/ upgrade on current Ipad + wireless headset? Maybe replace the battery somewhere and prolong the current Iphone?


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    iTunes songs that you buy can be (mostly) downloaded & copied DRM-protection-free. (I say mostly because some older songs are protected.)

    If you have enough free space on your Samsung S9, then you could copy over the iTunes songs and listen to them with some music player app. You can't play them using Google Play or iTunes, but there's other options.

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    I use an app called Tiny Player on my iPhone that I use at the gym. It's a music player app that you can add songs to without iTunes

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    You might find a cheap iPhone 5 battery case?

    You may find it hard to track down since the form factor of the phone is so old.


    Just go to one of those phone repair centres.
    Should cost about $50 to get the battery replaced. That would be your cheapest option.

    If you try to replace the iPhone with something on gumtree, you're not going to get something as good/better or working for that price.