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30% off Sitewide @ BWS


Greetings everyone, I noticed this comment by Kah today on the 25% off Wine in any 6 bundle deal which noted that you can get 30% off wine products, however I noted that it actually works sitewide.

Seems like an awesome deal on some beers which are the same prices as elsewhere.

Add your product to the cart and go to the checkout and add the coupon "30OFFWINE" and it'll deduct 30% from your total order.

Full credit must go to Kah for the find!

As always, enjoy :)

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  • +3

    Time to stock up!. Cheers doweyy - what a cracker deal. Use WISH GC for further 5% Off. Purchased 6 x Whisky's for $234 - 35% discount all up

  • Thanks, just bought 2 cartons of beer and the discount applied.

  • Also works with discounted johnnie walker blue. Thank you

  • Ah I see

    Only once per account.
    Make sure you decide on e everything you want the first time heh

  • Great. Thanks OP. 3X 150 LASHES for $111. Cheering

  • Grabbed 2 blue labels, cheers!

  • Got a case of White Rabbit Dark Ale for $58! Happy days

  • Thanks jd for 65 bucks hell yeah

  • Very nice find OP!

  • Cc and dry carton $53. Never got it this cheap before. Happy days

  • Yamazaki for sale?

  • Nice find dude! Stocked up for a few months

  • Wow!! im officially going to be bankrupt after this!

  • Cheers got two case of premium beers for $110

  • Don’t see anywhere to enter code

    • It's on the check out page just before payment.

  • Cheers, just bought a carton of Matso's for $70.

    • +1


  • +2

    OP wins OzB today!!

  • Think mine just got refused, says my order is ready to pick up but is out of stock and refunded…

    • +1

      May have just been out of stock?

  • Awesome deal, cheers doweyy!

  • Gold label for $53! Blue label for $140, wow.

  • Cheers OP, stocked up.

    Though the order confirmation email included: "Heads up, your order has been randomly selected for a security check & may be delayed. You will receive a text message shortly when your order is ready."

    Not sure if actually a coincidence…

    • I did one order and my partner did another, mine went through fine but his also got the security check message.
      I've already got the ready to pick up text he hasn't received anything yet.

      • that's normal BWS ordering message. I get it on occasions.

      • Well I just got the "Ready when you are!" email, so I guess mine went through fine. Good luck.

  • +2

    PayPal option for payment not working

    • I made it.

  • thanks, op. grabbed these:
    Hennessy vsop x 1
    Skyy vodka x 1
    Johnnie Walker blk lbl x 1

  • -2

    Oh man - now this loophole will be ruined :(

  • Grab 2 cartons of coopers pale ale and 1 JW blue. believe it is a technical error.

    • Got email. Ready to pick up.

      Grab your keys, we've picked and packed your order and it's now ready for you to Pick Up in-store. Oh, and please make sure you've got your ID ready. We'll need to take a look and record your details.

  • Carton of Colonial IPA, Pirate Life IPA and BentSpoke Crankshaft IPA for $200.20.

    Let's see if it gets honoured.

    • +1

      Got the pickup confirmation. Great deal!

  • Ordered my whiskys. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 'Thanks for placing an order with BWS - just a quick heads up, your order has been randomly selected for a security check & may be delayed. You will receive a text message shortly when your order is ready.' Dammit

  • Even with the 30% coupon, my local Dan Murphys is cheaper on the items I usually buy, is this the case for anyone else?

  • Thanks OP, got hoegaarden and some blue gin.

  • +1

    Guys Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin at $60 is a nobrainer. Best deal of the year so far :D

  • +3

    Awesome I have a rewards offer spend $60 and get 4800 points.

    • Dinner is on you this week!

    • Yeah, bought 2 case of Heineken for $64, plus 4800 point, lucky I keep the offer unused, today is the last day to use it. $40 for 48 bottles, my summer sorted.

      • Summer!?

        • +1

          Not a big drinker, so should last me 6 months. The beer best before March 2020 anyway.

  • and one stupid question.

    Where should I apply the promo code?

    I am one click away to confirm :(

    • below the order details in the middle section

      • Below my order detail is

        Pick up from

        Bill to

        Who will pick up 😥

        I am going to buy box of 24 beer. Is it because of that?

        • complete that section and click confirm it will take you to the middle section where you can apply the code

        • It is in one of the last windows… Just before payment

  • Uh oh, someone going to be in trouble..

    Gave it a try for some great deals! Fireball 700ml for $35 each.

  • WooHoo!

  • stone and wood for $53 thanks!

  • Any good wines already discounted?

  • 2 cases of 150 Lashes and 2 bottles of Stonyfell shiraz for $92.40. Cheers OP.

    • Just picked up the order in store.

    • 300 lashes for you

  • +7

    Long time lurker. My first post.
    You made me join just so that I can say "thank you".

  • i tried this and the coupon works but it doesnt adjust the final price? am i doing something wrong?

    • +5

      You should know it better than the rest of us, but you are still asking us questions ;)

      • i dont shop via the website regularly haha
        staff discounts dont work as well there ;)

        • +1

          team member discounts do apply on the bws website

          • @athna: Yep.

            Both staff and Pinnacle discount get applied.

            • @Sweaty-penguin: doesnt work as well for me?
              i get the standard discount, but not the extra discounts when i shop in store
              for example, i want to get a bottle of rum for 28.80. it discounts to 27.27, but if i do it in store its 24.80 (approx).

              • +2

                @Mishchap: lol at getting on OzB to discuss maximising work perks.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Ordered 6 bottles of wine

  • 24 pack of premixed JD here I come!

  • Nice find A case of Sierra Nevada for $63. Thanks for sharing

  • +1

    Thanks OP ordered a heap of Beer and Wine.

  • It says this coupon has been used the maximum number of times

    • Ordered just before this comment got posted and my order went through! Thanks OP

  • +4

    Coopers Sparkling for $42/slab… I have to go back a few years to remember paying that price.

  • Oops, coupon code "30OFFWINE" has expired.

    • Looks like they caught on

  • aww expired. took too long getting stuff :(

    i imagine they're going to be very busy cancelling/refunding hundreds of orders :p

    • Already picked my order up. No cancellation here.

  • Damn.. expired already?

  • +2

    The IT guy must not work on Sunday?

    • +5

      He’s busy checking OB! Must’ve spotted this deal and hit the panic button.

  • Missed out, showing coupon expired

  • Reports as coupon expired at checkout

  • mine says code now expired

  • Says code has expired now, was working a minute ago 😑

  • Code is expired now :(

  • Goddamn, I chucked a six-pack in the cart to test it and the coupon worked so I hunted down some more to add - barely two minutes later, coupon expired. That'll teach me to get greedy.

  • Hm…cant' apply code on Johnnie Walker Blue Label Scotch Whisky 700mL "Oops, coupon code "30OFFWINE" has expired."

  • Coupon code expired I’m getting :(

  • So sad… expired code…

  • +5


  • coupon no longer valid

  • Damn. Missed out. Was loading up the cart for my 40th coming up. Oh well

  • expired now :(

  • Thank you OP!

  • +1

    If you receive a confirmation text get on your bike and pick it up immediately - I have a feeling they'll be busy refunding come Monday.

    • -1

      I certainly hope not. I didn't really "need" more booze this weekend and I'm deep into a Netflix binge session right now. No way I'm putting pants on and going outside. Tho I will be interested in whether they try something shady before tomorrow…

      • Why the negs?

        The visual of this guy in a drunken stupor, pantsless on his ass stupefyingly watching TV in the middle of the day, is very well done good fellow, one up-vote from me.

  • +5

    Must have scraped through by the skin of my (mod: edited), thanks op, saved $55

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