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[eBay Plus] Samsung Galaxy Dual Sim S10e $679.15 | S10 $798.15 | S10+ $933.30 Delivered (Grey Import) @ QD eBay


Exynos 9 9820 Models

$679.15 Samsung Galaxy S10e

$798.15 Samsung Galaxy S10

$933.30 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Snapdragon 855 Models

$747.15 Samsung Galaxy S10e

$976.65 Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Snapdragon 855 is a better chip than Exyonos 9 9820. Link to a review

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  • +1

    Yikes. Cheap cheap.

    • Yeah, I have the buyers remorse.
      That S10e is a steal, about $200 cheaper than the OnePlus 7 Pro.

      • For your $200 you received
        +0.9 inches in screen size
        +30Hz refresh rate (significant)
        QHD+ over FHD+
        No hole punch or notch, or anything, just a pop up camera which you can safely use significant amounts each day without much concern.
        Fast OS, with faster OS updates.
        You got a good deal, don't worry about it.

        And to top it all off, the OnePlus 7 standard is only $611, so if you want a bargain, go get that, it has an SD855 and a bigger battery and screen than the S10E. No headphone jack either though.

        • True.
          I see the OnePlus 7 as expensive/over-priced. But I guess $600 is not worst rip-off I've seen.
          To me it is a Midrange phone because it doesn't have a Removable Battery or Water Resistance.

          Having been a victim of both death by moisture and battery degradation, I see these as standard options for Luxury/Flagship phones. It's why I got the OnePlus 7 Pro instead.

          PS: Do you also use a 1+7p? And if so, is there any accessories you recommend?

          • -2

            @Kangal: Removable battery and water resistance? What year is it 2014 and the Galaxy S5 just came out? No phone - no phone, has a removable battery any more, if it does it's a $50 chuck away phone. The OnePlus 7 Pro is not designed to have the battery removed, if it is, you'll blow my mind show me how it's done and I'll believe you (not, un-gluing and unscrewing does not count). Battery degradation is a way of life now, just buy the most efficient chip and largest battery phone you can (SD855 and 4000mah will hopefully last 2.5-3 years before it's bad, and you can turn the screen resolution/refresh down as well).

            Water resistance? It's essentially waterproof, OnePlus themselves while they didn't pay for the certification, released a video where they dropped the phone into water, it was the OnePlus 7 Pro, but the OnePlus 7 will have the same protection, seals etc. I don't see it at $611 as a rip off, it's a bargain, cannot understand that comment at all, I'd go as far as to say it's the best phone for under $650 right now.

            Yes I have a 1+7 Pro, in terms of accessories I bought a tonne but I can't recommend them as none of them arrived and I'm going to submit PayPal claims against the sellers who never sent them. I bought a screen protector, several cases, don't get any thin metal cases, bluetooth earbuds are required I'd say if you want to listen to music.

            • @conza: No, I meant either/or.
              I'm fine with a 2019 flagship having a removable battery… this ensures longevity.
              But if I'm having the battery sealed, it should be waterproofed, as a compromise. This would also help to extend its longevity. Or it can be both waterproof and removable battery, not expected but welcomed, like the LG G5. If I'm paying extra for a product I expect it to either have extra features, or to last longer, and the ACL agrees on this idea. Basically, I am against Planned Obsolescence.

              I'm looking to get some dongles, ones that I can charge while using, and just leave them attached to headphones. I haven't seen any TWS earbuds that I like, since they are all in-ear, and I can't stand that discomfort. I might look to getting a Wireless Headphones in the future instead ($300 Bose QC35 or Sony XM3). But I will do without music for now I guess, which is kinda frustrating.

              • @Kangal: Ok great so the OnePlus 7 Pro is waterproof so since it has that and no removable battery, that sounds like you're on a winner, I dropped my S6 into a river and it died, the first generation without a removable battery, bought another one so I do understand the importance of water resistance / being water proof etc.

                Jabra Elite 65T is what I have, works perfectly, 20 hours total battery, 5 on the device and 15 more from the charger, which lasts a long time. I have QC35s, they're great, but wearing them while running or commuting they're actually less secure than good earbuds (in my opinion).

  • -1

    FYI - Tobydeals has the s10+ 512GB Snapdragon version for $1126.70 not long ago. It’s currently $1132.

    • You have to pay gst on Tobydeals, qd_au includes gst.

      • -1

        No u don’t. Phone arrived in 6 business days.

        • Whoever negged me - have you bought from Tobydeals? I have! And can confirm no GST and phone arrived in 6 business days. That’s my 1 and only experience from Tobydeals and wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.

  • +3

    Bought s10e for $670 last month and claimed gst. Great phone from great seller.

    • So you paid gst on top of the price on delivery with qd_au?

      • +5

        No, i messaged him and got the invoice with gst. Claimed it with no issues

        Also these come with a case inside the box.

    • How are you claiming GST on gray import stock?

      • +1

        You need to pay GST when you import things.

        • But the item location is NSW.

  • +6

    Warranty not covered by Samsung, but by the seller.

    • I replaced an S7 with QD before and the experience was quick and easy.

  • Which model is better? Exynos or Snapdragon?

    • -1

      Snapdragon hands down but no 5G all the phones will come out with 5G next year with Optus and Telstra coming online I dont see a good resale value on these now.

      • Thanks, do you know if there is a Snapdragon S10 standard version? I can't seem to find one.

      • +1

        The resale value on both will be low next year anyway. It's not even worth it taking into consideration.
        Snapdragon is the much better device and the one to chose if you have an option.

    • +2

      That depends what you want to use your phone for.

      It is not that the Exynos-based models don’t have any competitive advantage. They are better than their Snapdragon counterpart when it comes to faster software updates, offering dual SIM support, unlockable bootloader and more.

      In terms of gaming, the Exynos model came out the winner. In the gaming-oriented GFXBench, the Snapdragon variant was almost 20 fps lower than the Exynos 8920 variant. However, both the chipsets were below the 60 fps mark with the Snapdragon variant at 38 fps and the other one at 56 fps.

      • +1

        Dual SIM support is not CPU dependent. This seller sells both S10e dual SIM versions.

        Exynos model does not come out the winner in gaming. Snapdragon is the winner in most games. GFXBench, the Exynos model might win some tests, but it is a benchmark software.

        Snapdragon has better battery life and a little bit more stable/consistent performance. Image processing is also slightly different. Bootloader unlock - yes Exynos is much safer option. Some people think the HK version of Snapdragon 855 version might have unlockable Bootloader, but no confirmation so far.

        Snapdragon version costs more because overall, people think the Snapdragon version is a bit faster.

        Speed test between the two versions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts6DWsktKxY

      • Doesn't really look like a reputable source

  • +1

    Damn almost $70 more for the SD 855 version for the S10e

  • -2

    Snapdragon hands down but no 5G all the phones will come out with 5G next year with Optus and Telstra coming online I dont see a good resale value on these now.

    • +7

      What's the point of a 5g phone when there isn't a proper network to use it on?

    • +1

      Yeah I think it's a fair concern, sort of, I've bought a phone for the next three years that's 4G, but at the same time, it makes calls, and its internet speed is similar to high NBN, what do I want 5G for? The network stuff does pose a great challenge, and if you have a 2 year old phone already like I did, I'll just wait for 5G, not the end of the world, don't worry about it.

  • +2

    I've mentioned this previously. Most my phones were purchased through this seller. Can definitely recommend.

    • Do you know anything about warranty?

      • Covered by the seller mail to Regents Park, NSW.

    • Were all your phones purchased through this seller factory sealed when you received them?

  • +4

    I had very bad experience with warranty claim from this seller. Sent my phone and after four months to chase up and numerous call to HK they sent me back brick with the "water damage" excuse.

  • They had the Snapdragon 855 version of the S10 Plus for $1099 but they put it up for the sale to $1149. Last time they had the sale they were $934 now only they Eyxnos version is $934.

  • +1

    Hey OP, link for S10 with Snapdragon please? Cannot seem to find. Thanks

  • +1

    Not sure why everyone is so fussed with snapdragon or exynos. After April update the battery life became almost equal, and in standby exynos is far better.

    • +1

      And you don't have a phone that is optimised to work in America when you don't live there.

      • +2

        This is the Hong Kong international Snapdragon version. GPU and CPU performance is way better also.

      • Yep and faster updates!

    • +3

      My exynos s10e had really crap battery life in the beginning but it seems like the update I received in the last few days have fixed it. Still have 45% battery after 4 hours SOT and 11 hours of use.

      • Yea same. Almost doubled for me. No issues otherwise.

    • +1

      Battery life difference wasn't that big between the two. The main reason is probably due to various reports showing Snapdragon one has slightly better performance (i.e. Anandtech). Speed test between the two versions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ts6DWsktKxY

      Also, there is the GPU argument, in which some people think Snapdragon has a better GPU for gaming. Then, there is the image processing (photo) being different. Again, it depends on what colour science you prefer and whether that extra bit of sharpness (when you zoom in) really matters (you could argue Snapdragon over-sharpen image perhaps).

      The disappointment is that while Exynos 9820 is capable of [email protected] and [email protected], neither is enabled for S10 series - okay, 8K needs a better camera sensor, but [email protected] probably is left out due to Snapdragon one not able to support it? Likewise Snapdragon 855's QC3/QC4 aren't supported, you only get QC2, Samsung AFC and it seems the 25W USB-PD is now supported.

      • Oh okay, I don't run benchmarks on my phone so I wouldn't know about the performance. I guess some people like running benchmarks on their phones?

        • That speed test video basically run through a selection of real apps and games. Snapdragon is slightly faster.

          Basically, given S10 costs more than a lot of other Android flagship phones, people might want to get the slightly faster one. Honestly, dunno why Exynos is a bit slower overall, despite having clearly better single core performance.

          • @netsurfer: Oh okay, I don't open and close apps all the time as part of my day to day use, so makes sense I don't notice a thing, it's significantly faster than the 3xl I came from.

            I guess if all you do is open and switch apps against a timer then for sure you would want the fastest.

  • No Samsung pay here with this right?

    • I think it works but will not be the Australian version so you will have foreign ads and loyalty cards

    • it has samsung pay

    • +2

      Google Pay works and is a better option to use in Australia anyhow.

  • will it have inbuilt call recording since it is not exynos?

    • -3

      That would be illegal to use here

  • Can the 2 sims be active at once? Or u need to switch?

    • They can be in standby at the same time

      • So u can recieve calls on each sim simultaneously at a time without switching?

        • Yes they are dual standby so both Sims are on at the same time.

          When you are on a call the second sim is disabled but when you set up dual Sim the phone will ask if you want to forward calls between Sims so if someone calls Sim A while you are using Sim B the call will be forwarded to Sim B.

          • @spaceflight: Thats wonderful news. Will it let you know which call is coming from which sim?

            • +1

              @Ozvalue: Yes it does, you can choose from different icons for each sim.

              You will also have 2 dial buttons on the dial pad to make a call on the sim you want.

  • They hold their value well, you’d have to be nuts to buy a Samsung on release.

    • +5


      They hold their value well

      Why would you

      have to be nuts to buy a Samsung on release


  • Does the Hong Kong international Snapdragon version come with Dual SIM?

    Will the HK Snapdragon version work in the USA with CDMA providers Verizon and Sprint ?

  • -1

    In two years time we will have 7 cameras on the back of phones.

  • how come i can't apply the discount code for the snapdragon s10e? the price says $879

    • +1

      Also having trouble applying the code for an s10+

      Update: just released ebay plus is required for this code

      • +1

        Free trial available for 30 days.

  • +1

    Is the release of the Note 10 this Thurs 22.8.19 likely to drive down the price of the S10 series?

    • +1

      maybe a little, but i cant imagine them getting too much cheaper for a flaghship. $798 for an s10 seems good. i mean google want $799 for their budget pixel 3a XL which has a smaller screen compared to the s10

  • +1

    Also, the S10+ vs the OnePlus 7 Pro…??

    Seems like they're both around $1000 through eBay Plus.

  • Do people pay for the extra warranty with these imports? PayPal buyer protection seems to give you 6 months.

    It's like an extra $250 for the warranty through the seller… worth it?

    • No way

      • That's my inclination also, but what do you do if it has a problem in 6+ months?

        Most stuff would cost more than $250 to fix, right? Is it just about playing the odds and, if so, are those heavily in favour of never having issues?

  • Last year I bought an S9 plus grey import and every time I turn it on I see the AT&T logo.
    Later I found out that it means this phone was bought through AT&T then unlocked, which I think is why I cant receive any update (still on 8.0 oreo and laggy).
    Can someone that has bought from this seller please confirm for me if this is the same case for these S10?

    • I even know they can remove the AT&T start up which then you'd never know the origin of the phone

    • No this is the Hong Kong international version unlocked you will get more updates dont buy from USA only Hong Kong. Hong Kong is getting 5G in 2020 next year so you will get the 5G versions then.

  • Where is the s10+ snapdragon for $976? The link goes to a bunch for $1100+

    • Its $976 once you apply promo code "PANTHER" with your ebay plus account.

  • S10e not available?

  • Snapdragon is gone they must of either sold out or pulled it offline!

    • S10+ Snapdragon still available, yeah?

      How likely are we to see the same or a better deal on these again in the not too distant?

      Given the Note 10 is coming out I would have thought there'd be a sale on other units, but maybe not.

      Close to pulling the trigger before midnight…

  • +1

    Ordered my s10+ Snapdragon on Tuesday and got it today! Pretty impressed so far though body wise it's very similar to my Note 8. Main reason for upgrade was battery life so hopefully I get much more out of this.

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