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[VIC] adidas Ultraboost 4.0 Grey $82.50 @ adidas Outlet, DFO Essendon


Adidas Outlet at DFO Essendon (VIC) had these UB 4.0 Grey Men's on sale for $165 with additional 50% Off Store-wide (Incl UB) which became $82.50.

Absolute BARGAIN for Ultraboosts.

They also had other pairs varying in price from $165 to $180 before the discount, depending on colour.

I bought these at about 5:30pm tonight and they had about a dozen pairs left in this colour ranging from Size 7 to 12.

Don't know when this offer is valid until because I forgot to ask the staff but seeing as it's the weekend, it's worth while checking out if you're in the area.

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  • Brisbane Stores?

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      Not sure mate, sorry

    • just called and sale is on this weekend but place is super busy at the moment. Might be worth a visit after lunch when the morning crowd clears out…

    • Jindalee store has mens UB lace and laceless in size 10-13. I saw grey and green pairs. None for women's.

  • Nice find

  • Doesn't seem to have any Adidas outlet at the DFO in homebush, Sydney :/

    • The Adidas outlet is on Parramatta Road near the Nike factory outlet in Auburn (not far from Krispy Kreme)

      • Thanks will check it out tomorrow!

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          Went to the outlet in Lidcombe. Price and stock level was terrible. The core black ultraboost was selling at retail price $240 - def not worth the trip

    • I had the same deal for the Miami 4.0. This was at Fashion Spree at Orange Grove. Can give it a try today to see if they have same stock.

  • Nice!!!!!!

  • They look dirty already

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      Those "spots" on the boost are shadows ;)

  • anyone know if this is aus wide? i might have to make a 1hr trip in hopes of getting a pair

  • How these badboys topping my asics?

    • Asics and UB are neck and neck in comfort, Asics might be better for support if you're going top tier but UB are the better lookers

      • UB are better looking if you dont actually run

  • Do you know if they have any other colours available?

    • From memory, they had 2 pairs of Core Black, one Size 10 and one 11 (I'm Size 8 *sadface). 2 Pairs of the CBC Colourway, 2019 model in B/W and heaps of different styles of Pureboost.

  • There's an Adidas outlet in SA? I'm working all weekend tho damm

  • Is it UB 4.0 or UB 19, as evident from the recent adidas outlet sale ?
    Or two different shows ?

    • They had both UB 4.0 and UB 19 at this outlet.

  • What's the difference between ultraboost, ultraboost 4.0, ultraboost mid and ultraboost 19?

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      4.0 just refers to the 4th iteration of the Ultraboost model. Mid refers to Mid-Top and 19 means it's the 2019 model (which is substantially different from the models that came before, at least stylistically.

      • In terms of comfort are the 19s more comfortable?

        • I feel the 19 version has better arch support similar to my old ultraboost ST, so I would say 19 is more comfortable for me.

      • thanks for the reply.

        So are the original ultraboost now "out of date"? I got the half price deal recently.

        • The general consensus actually prefer the "Original" UB over the UB 19 due to styling. Regardless of how you put it, comfort doesn't go "out of date".

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    Nothing much left now. Staff member said there were people lining up at 10am when the store opened. Was at least a dozen people there at 10:30am.

    If you're a girl they have plenty left of decent colours.

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    I managed to grab a pair of Ultra Boosts in my size this morning. I was there about 10:15AM saw people walking out of boxes as I was walking in to the complex!

    Wasn't much left even when I got to the store, people were buying up multiple pairs. The staff did say that they'll be receiving stock throughout the week though, good luck.

  • Any updates on this? Is it still worth the drive tomorrow afternoon?

  • Can confirm sale is on COC Canberra , picked up a pair of size 12 laceless. Plenty of size 9 - 10s and a few 11, 12s left.

  • Any chance these can be ordered over the phone for interstate delivery?

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    For anyone still looking for this DFO Moorabbin is selling for $99, which I just bought this afternoon. They are having 40% off store wide fyi