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ASUS RT-AC68U Wireless-AC1900 Dual Band Gigabit Router - $167.20 (Click and Collect or $9 Delivery) @ Bing Lee eBay


The Asus RT-AC68U is an old but very well reviewed router. From what I've read, I think you'd struggle to find a better router at this price point.

For those that want something more powerful and 8 ethernet ports, the RT-AC88U is also available with the Bing Lee coupon (the Click and Collect price is just over $300). I decided the extra ~$130 wasn't worth it.

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  • +7

    great price for whoever don't want some diy and value lcal warranty.

    if interested in diy as well as saving some money, buy this https://www.amazon.com/T-Mobile-ASUS-Wireless-AC1900-Dual-Ba...

    and flash with Merlin firmware following this https://www.bayareatechpros.com/ac1900-to-ac68u/

    i did mine and nvr regret that.

    • Yes I got the same but Amazon US don't ship to Australia anymore… you could use delivery forwarders but after delivery cost and weak AUD$ does it worth it? I personally haven't used any forwarder company so not sure about cost…

      • +1

        bugga, didn't know amazon us won't ship to oz anymore. in that case yea better just go with ac68u local stock.

      • -1

        It says on Amazon:

        + $13.33 Shipping & Import Fees Deposit to Australia Details
        This item ships to Australia. Get it by Thursday, Sept. 5 Choose this date at checkout. Learn more

        • +4

          Thanks for your response but you won't be able finish the checkout (feel free to try yourself).

          Yes trying to learn more everyday, thanks for the encouragement though.

        • +1

          It won't work once you go to checkout. Amazon will not ship items sold by third parties (must be sold by and shipped by Amazon rather than simply being fulfilled by Amazon).

          • @Satirical: Would it work if you order this from Amazon US and use parcel-forwarding service via ShopMate?

            • @Scythic: Shopmate is expensive because they measure cubic weight:
              "The chargeable weight of your parcel will be based on the greater of its actual weight or cubic weight (charged in 500g increments)."

              So if you get the usually medium sized Amazon box, you're looking at $100 shipping alone. Try Shiptoit or Planet Express. But at that point, the price gap between new from Australia vs Amazon makes it frivolous to buy from Amazon.

    • Do you know if that firmware support mesh?

    • I have an AC86U. Can this be used as an extending node for better coverage via mesh?

      • +2

        yes mesh works for this router.

    • I should look into this,

      Do I still need a modem? For FTTN?

      • you need a modem, but i think most if not all nbn retailers would provide you one. mine does.

        • -5

          You don't need a modem for FTTN, the NTU acts as the modem. I have this router plugged directly into the NTU with no modem.

          • +3

            @sav11: I believe for FTTN you need a VDSL2 modem (normally an integrated modem router). For fttc or HFC the ISP provides an NBN box and optionally a router.

            • @muststop: Yeah sorry I was mixing up FTTN and FTTP

    • +2

      T-Mobile AC1900 I received (from an Amazon seller) was clearly a refurbished one. One of the antenna connector was bent (I did manage to push it back). Furthermore, the seller did not even bother reset the router properly. I could not login to the router with the default username and password at all (the wifi networks also had different names). I had to do a full reset.

      Then, there is the process to flash the firmware to use merlin. Also, officially merlin does NOT support T-Mobile AC1900. He clearly stated officially, don't ask him any question on how to get that modem to work.

      So, if you don't mind getting a second hand router and willing to do the manual firmware flash, then sure, you could do that. Also, we pretty much know these T-Mobile AC1900 routers are V1 so they do have the USB 3/Wifi interference issue.

      • +2

        With the current weak aud, 10% gst, refurb (that i knew although mine was quite new) and no longer shipping to oz (that i only knew after post the comment),i totally agree there is little value to go with tm-ac1900 anymore.

        just buy this Binglee one, good router i can recommend.

      • Could you please provide bit more info on the USB3/WiFi interference issue?
        I have been using the AC1900 T-Mobile with Merlin and it has been rock solid.

        BTW: sorry to hear you had bad experience with the refurbished one. I bought brand new

        I wish Amazon US starts shipping this item to Australia even via Amazon Aus

        • +2

          RT-AC68U revision A1 is known to have USB 3.0 interference issue in which that you will get reduced WiFi performance on 2.4 Ghz band if you actually run the USB 3 device in USB 3 mode. Basically, Asus didn't put shielding on the USB 3 chip/hub.

          In Asus' firmware (and Merlin's firmware), there is an option: Reducing USB 3.0 interference. Asus firmware had it set to enabled by default. Basically, it won't run USB 3 port at USB 3 speed when turned on. Some people reported if they use very well shielded USB 3 cable, they can get around the problem. Revision A2 onwards put in some sheilding on the USB 3 chip.

          However, when purchasing an actual RT-AC68U now, you want revision B1, C1 or later because Asus changed to a slightly faster CPU since B1 (to match Netgear R7000). T-Mobile AC1900 - my suggestion is if you can get it at ~$70AUD, you can consider. Buying one at ~$100AUD or above, I don't think it is worth it (unless you are a huge fan of AiMesh - which to be honest, isn't that good as a mesh solution).

    • +1


      Merlin unequivocally states he does NOT support the TM-AC1900, Asus is actively trying to break your ability to put their firmware on it.

      You should NOT buy one and expect to use it for merlins firmware. He doesn't want you to, asus don't want you to. No one will help you. It's a bad plan.

  • Will this work for nbn fttn?

    • FTTN requires a VDSL Modem. This is a router only, so you might either want to get the DSL version of this router or get one from your ISP.

      • I believe Bing Lee have the DSL-AC68U in the offer as well (the Modem+Router version). It's more expensive and you won't be able to flash the Merlin software.

        Personally I'd go for a separate modem.

        • ok i got the basic modem+router from TPG (TP-Link VR1600) for my fttn.
          are there any advantages of using that modem and this router?

          • @ChiMot: As a router, the Asus is going to offer better performance, more features and ability to configure using Merlin (depends if this is important to you or not).

            The VR1600 has a modem built in and supports VOIP.

            If you were going to use it as modem only then the VOIP wouldn't work.

            If you can't or don't want to use it as modem only, then you'd have two routers meaning an extra hop for anything connected to your Asus router.

            • +1

              @databass1888: i see. i dont use the VOIP feature but so far the tpg modem+router doesnt have any issue. i'll leave them as it is.

    • mine works with nbn (most router will work anyway imo), nbn will provide u a moderm.

  • Signing up to ABB and this is looking mighty sufficient for my needs. Anyone have this?

    • +1

      great machine, ordered two ac1900, two years ago from us amazon. asus has one of best router firmware..aimesh availale if you wish so some diy work.

    • Been using one flashed with merlin fw for years on cable and now HFC. Absolutely rock solid with a large amount of wired and wireless devices.

    • I have this with ABB.

    • Yes, recommend. I have had one awhile and it’s been great. Two story house and get signal in all rooms.

    • +1

      I have been having random issues with this router not being able to renew its dhcp Wan address every couple of weeks. The only resolution is a reboot.

      Anyone else has this issue?

      • -1

        No, I have two and are rock solid. Sounds like your nvram may be corrupt. Try factory reset and manually re-entering all details. Don't restore an old backup as that will restore any corruptions in the nvram

      • YES! this is a common issue on the FTTN, mine doesnt hold a stable connection at all there a few people with a similar issue over on the whirlpool forums.

        Works amazing as a router but a terrible modem, I boought a $20 modem and bridged it.

        • +1

          Lucky this doesn't have a modem then :)

  • I can recommend this router. I own one.
    This router has excellent support from a third party called Merlin which this site and the Whirlpool forum has mentioned many times before.
    If you need hardware VPN throughput look for an upgrade.

    • Would you have any recommendations if I want hardware VPN throughput?

      • +1

        I think Hardely Normal has just lost their exclusivity on the RT-AC86U, so look at that one as an option.

  • +2

    Not enough antenna to double as drone, pass.

  • I have this, paid the same price second hand, great modem/router for the NBN. Purchased for the excellent 5GHz range and for the ability of being able to use multiple devices at the same time without any slowdowns. E.g torrenting and able to use Netflix at the same time. (Which basic routers can’t do)

  • I am currently using Telstra Smart Modem™ Gen 2 + UniFi AP AC PRO on a Telstra HFC network.
    Is it worth switching the Smart Modem with this router? I turned off the Wifi on my router and I am only using the UniFi AP at the moment.

    • +1

      The Asus is far for customisable, but if you're happy with the Gen 2 then stick with it - the WiFi range and speeds are right up there with much more expensive routers.

    • +1

      Do you have a home phone? If so, you will need to keep the Telstra smart modem gen 2 as it runs out of the voip port. If you don't have home phone line you can swap it out, not sure how much better it will be. I have telstra hfc too, and bought this Asus router to run as a dedicated VPN behind the telstra router. I originally wanted to use the Asus as the primary router and run the telstra smart gen 2 behind it just to keep the home phone working and switch the WiFi off on it. But I had all sorts of issues with the phone. Could make calls out, but couldn't receive calls. Or vice versa (can't remember). Messed around for ages trying to get it to work but no luck. Now I have 2 wireless networks. One for VPN and one without and it works well enough.

  • User friendly router. Works well with optus 4g modem for those who cant get nbn atm.

    But if you want lots of customization, go for ubiquiti setup.

    • Which optus modem do you use with it? Please provide model no. if you can

  • When will AX9100 on sale

  • A bit of a noob in this area. Would it work with HFC nbn?

    • Yes it will. Great improvement to the free routers provided by RSP.

      • Thanks. Bought !!

        • I bought this for HFC which is being installed next week. Can't wait to get first-world internet access again.

  • I bought the RT-AX88U on sale

  • Be noted this Router uses Broadcom WiFi chipsets. LEDE is not well supported so far.

  • I personally experience a 15% slower sync with this modem on my (terrible) FTTN connection, on latest firmware and prior firmwares. Straight swap between this and the default issued abb modem changes my results from 22mbit to 25mbit.


    • For me my sync is about 75000 and I’m on the 50/20.. lucky me, I suppose.

      But there is a setting to lower the SNR margin (less stability) for a faster sync rate!

    • +2

      Am I missing something? This deal isn't a modem..

      • My bad, I have the DSL-AC68U, same look and same model number, didn’t see the RT.
        On the plus side, you can buy the DSL version for around the same price as this deal.
        Personally buying second hand modem/routers would be no difference compared to buying new just make sure it wasn’t involved in an electrical surge

      • Oops good call, sorry about that, thought this was the DSL-AC68U!

  • Bought RT-AC87U… Wish I could Mesh it with this =[

    • I have an ac68u and placed it front of a nova mw3 3 outlet kit. Fantastic improvement in coverage and almost half the cost. The mesh may not have all the bells but I get all my features from the Asus.

  • do i need a modem if i have HFC?

    • +2

      HFC needs a router as NBN/ISP provides you a little black box which is the "modem". If you use a home phone, then you'll need to stick with the voip router/modem your ISP gives you.


      • Or get an adapter if you want to keep your old phone or buy a voip phone.

        • That works? I heard some ISPs like Telstra simply won't allow you to use a VOIP ATA like Cisco SPA112?

          • @dfg555: Not true. Just that you cannot use their device for other VoIP services

            • @neonlight: You can get root access to the Telstra modem, make a few config changes via ssh, then you can use their device for other VoIP services - https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/hack_technicolor_advanced

              • @howdydood: Yes but how do you hide yourself so that Telstra not knowing you have hacked their router? Also you won't get updates that way

                • @neonlight: @neonlight6 Telstra don't care if you've hacked the router, you are allowed to BYOD after all, they just may not give you support if you need it on that router. And TBH if you're clever enough to hack the router then you're not going to need Telstra's help anyway ;)

                  You wouldn't want Telstra to download a new Firmware and wipe your "hacked" firmware, so one of the steps in the guide disables this remote update capability. When updated firmware is available, you can manually download and install it after it's been tested and proven to work allowing you to keep the mods you've done.

                  I've hacked my TG799 and can access the GUI and VOIP while in bridged mode so I can automatically monitor the sync speeds via a script and access non Telstra Voip providers. Im also running a bunch of add-on scripts on the RT-AC68U (running Merlin) that improve QoS, automatically strip ads for every device connected to the Asus, bandwidth/speed test/ping time monitoring etc.

  • This is tempting. My Netgear Nighthawk R7000P keeps dropping it's internet connection ALL the time. Seems like it's a common problem with the router. Can't find any fixes for it. Does this have a good range through walls?

    • +1

      flash the R7000 with DDWRT firmware.

      Keep in mind, drop outs dont necessary mean that its a modem fault. It could be caused by WiFi interference.

      You need to confirm if its the Wifi dropping out, or the Internet connection.

      1. Change the Wifi channel in the router, try channels 1,5,11
      2. Do a ping test "ping google.com -t" with a computer plugged in to the ethernet port and a computer connected by wifi and then see which one drops out. This will tell you if its the Internet or the Wifi.
      3. Default the modem and then test step 2 again
      4. If its the Internet connection, contact the ISP. If its the Wifi then google fix wifi issues.
      5. All else fails, flash with DDWRT firmware. Takes about 5minutes.
      • Thanks Frazel! I'll give it a go with the other firmware. Definitely wifi dropping out because other devices connected to my actual modem are fine.


  • Free delivery with eBay plus

  • I bought this router on sale for $170, 6 years ago, has served me well.

  • This router is amazing, after upgrading to 9dbi high gain antennas I get full WiFi connection from one side of the house to the other be it upstairs or downstairs.

  • This deal is great however for those interested there is a ‘used’ but looks like new condition DSL-AC68U, same as this router but has an ADSL/VDSL modem, I have this and it’s a great unit. It’s going for $160 shipped. Have a look on eBay, or if interested, I can send a link on request..

    • This router is popular due to the ability to run custom firmware. Merlin firmware is one of them. I don't think DSL-AC68U is suitable for custom firmware. It is technically possible to hack it to make it run like RT-AC68U, but you will lose ADSL/VDSL modem feature.

    • I managed to get a used AC68 Modem/Router for $67 posted and it's still doing fine. Definitely good to have a look at used ones.

  • Any recommendations for a cheap modem to use with this router for a fttn connection?

    • +1

      You can't go past the Telstra TG799vac (Telstra Gateway Max)- it's a rebadged Technicolor modem on ebay for around $30. You can reload a different firmware if you're keen to access VPN and VOIP setups that you can select. Or simply put it in bridge mode. Fast sync speeds, very reliable. Here is a guide to load the different firmware https://whirlpool.net.au/wiki/hack_technicolor

  • I've had the modem version (not router) of this model for over 4 years now and it's still running great

    I've used it on iinet adsl2+, and now Aussie Broadband HFC 100/40.

    Max download speeds I get is around 11MB per second (95.5 Mbit = 11.9375 MB).

    Downloading a 50gb game (eg. Final Fantasy) on steam is quick.

  • Oh what a pill. Just bought a Netgear R7000P for $261, this would have been way more viable.

  • I have one of these, the model is about 6 years old now. The wifi is a bit flaky to be honest and I'm looking at moving the wifi function off when wifi6 comes out. OK router though.

    Haven't been researching newer models but I'd be a bit concerned if no improvements had been made in the space in that time.

    • Can confirm flakiness. Mine only lasted two years. Using a basic modem-router for the foreseeable future. Nothing's really grabbed me in terms of a replacement.

  • I’ve had mine for a few years and never an issue - buuut if I was buying a router right now wouldn’t you go for wifi6?

    • If money was no object, yes.

      • Also none of my wireless clients support WiFi 6 yet so no harm in waiting until there are more affordable options and the technology has been better tested.

  • I have this router and it's great, the UI is super easy to use and the WiFi range is great (I'm in a double story and it reaches the whole house with max range or worst case 4/5 bars). My favourite feature is the 'AiProtection'
    They have released about 3 firmware updates since I bought it (May 19) so it's nice to see that they are looking after their products.

    I paid just under $200 for mine.

  • Would this be good to hook up 4g sim dongle

    • Yes, connect to the USB port

    • Throughput is not great using the 4G dongle. Better off buying a Rooter compatible router instead (e.g. Tplink Archer C7) https://www.ofmodemsandmen.com/

      • Should a GL.inet GL-MT300N-V2 be fine?

  • Just followed up, they are sourcing these units from some regional stores due to high demand of units from this ebay sale. So could be a delay of about another week or so before they begin to ship.

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