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5x 30 LED Solar Powered Motion Sensor Outdoor Light US $25.99 (~AU $39.71) Delivered @ Tmart


It is like the previous post of US$34.99 5*30 LED Sensor Light. This products price down $ 9! Only $25.99. A product price averages less than $5.20. Anyone who bought this product before feels that the quality of the product is very good. I hope you can also like this product.

About This Item:
Here we are highly recommended this Solar Powered Panel Motion Sensor Outdoor Wall Lamp to you. It will be your best choice! It adopts low power consumption, long lifespan, anti-shock, environment friendly, soft colors and high illuminence etc. Made of high quality ABS material, it is durable in use. In addition, it is cost-effective and it can greatly reduce your electric charge. That is an environmentally friendly product. Please take action as soon as possible!

1. 2 sensors: light sensor and sensitive motion sensor, save energy
2. Solar powered, easy for installation
3. Auto identify day or night
4. Switch inside for saving power during shipment
5. Great useful lighting for your garden, yard, aisle, porch, patio, driveway etc.
6. Charge by free sunlight and light in dark when people near around 10ft close
7. Green power, green lighting
8. UV protects ABS body, never fade

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  • Anyone able to recommend a good battery solar light that offers decent lighting. Like the Arlo sensor light but not as expensive?

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      I bought a Sunforce from Costco when they had them on sale for $50. Bright and perfect for our backyard (5mx10m or so). Not sure if they still stock them though, but if you ebay/google "Sunforce Triple Head LED Solar Motion Activated Light Sensor 1500 Lumens", it seems to be the same model I picked up.

      • I know the one you are talking about and Bunnings has a model that looks exactly the same. I bought the Bunnings version and bought my dad the Costco one, and both work the same.

        Might be the same price or maybe $10 more.

        • Link to the bunnings one?

          • @ThemDealsThough: I can't seem to find the bunnings one! Perhaps they don't stock it any more. Plentyy on ebay for ~80-90+

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    got x5 30-LED two years ago, x2 broken and x3 still going, highly recommend

  • Are these the ones that are dimmed and turn bright when it detects motion?

    • Yes.

  • Cheaper here/delivered faster (4PCs):

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    I've got 50% success rate with these.

  • As recommended by Big Clive: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AMI_6KPOxmU

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    I bought about 20 of these. Most of them a have failed or fallen apart after 18 months.
    The solar panels often fall off and the leds fail.
    I think next time I'll buy something better.

    • I have the same experience.. I wil not buy this again

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      Best to put silicon around the solar panel, this will help prevent water from getting through. That’s what we did with ours and they’ve worked a treat.

      • I did the same to the remaining working ones after a couple failed. Or hot glue actually, as the crappy dab of glue between the solar/LED panels means they will come apart in the heat of the sun.

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    Bought before and after a couple months in full sun the plastic in front of solar panel degrades and battery stops charging.

  • Had one lasted for two years and is still OK.
    You need a suitable application for these. It was never really useful for me.

  • Bought the same from Kogan. 3 out of 8 didn't work.
    The remaining need to be under direct sun to charge. Don't charge in a shaded area.
    And even after charging the whole day they discharge after 2 to 3 hours.
    After a couple of months I contacted Kogan and they refunded the money.

  • I'm interested in these but reading what others have said the product seems like a hit or a miss? Some will be ok and others will fail. Worth buying at $40?

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