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OzBargain Exclusive - Extra $20 Off Esatto Whitegoods Sale @ Appliances Online


Hi all,

Appliances Online is having a sale on Esatto appliances and the OzBargain community gets an extra $20 off our sale prices.

While the entire Esatto range is on sale here and is eligible for a bonus 1 year warranty free of charge, I wanted to pick out IMO some of the better Esatto deals:

And exclusively for OzBargainers, get an extra $20 off all eligible Esatto products.
Simply enter the following code at the checkout page:


And you'll get an extra $20 off the price.

This sale and the OzB-exclusive coupon ends on Wednesday midnight, so get in before stocks run out.

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  • You're joking haha literally bought a washing machine about 11 minutes ago :///

    • +1

      Ring 'em up, cancel the order and re-order! :D

      • +1

        I just made it before the cutoff for next day delivery otherwise i would have! Effectively paid $20 to be able to wash my clothes one day earlier which is probably for the best haha.

  • thanks, was just looking at the rangehoods. Sale placed :)

    • Same situation. Are you having it installed or doing it on your own? These guys charge 180 for installation, worth it? Dunno if the local guys do any cheaper.

      • +2

        Rangehoods aren't terribly difficult to install; but you need to be a little handy and an extra pair of hands.

        They're typically fixed via a few screws onto the wall or cabinet, and are simply plugged into a mains power point. So no electrician needed.
        Ventilation needs to be lined up but this is usually done with a flexible ducting so quite easy.

        Only thing to consider is the shape and size to make sure it replaces the existing one easily enough; but you need to do that research beforehand.

        • Thanks. Placed an order for EFH60W.

          • @hashtagbargain: No worries mate - though i just reread your question and realised i didn't actually answer it at all! haha Good luck with the install if you plan on DIYing!

            • +1

              @Lawagetas: You answered the questions I didn’t know I had :) cheers!

              Ps. I’m only a little worried about doing the connection to the chimney. Fingers crossed.

  • What happened to the Esatto 7kg Heat Pump Dryer EHPD7 that was on your site yesterday? Can't seem to find it now.

    • I had this, loved it and raved about it to my family and friends. 6 months in it died out of nowhere, after 3 weeks in the shop they couldn't repair it and had to have it replaced with a different brand. YMMV.

    • That was probably my bad, I bought the 'last one' on ebay 😅

  • need a new oven and cooktop, too bad that one is ceramic.

  • What are people's thoughts about the convection microwave? Worth it over a conventional?

    • I personally think convectional are best

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