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Workzone High Pressure Washer 2000W/2219PSI $129 @ ALDI


Providing serious domestic cleaning power around the home and garden. Also includes patio cleaner attachment, variable nozzle and turbo nozzle. 8m high pressure hose. Built-in 1 litre detergent tank. 3 YEAR WARRANTY

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  • can these strip paint from the car?

    • If you use turps instead of water, sure. But yes, it probably can if it finds an entry point (crack in the paint, missing chip etc) and your paint is well-worn

    • Not a chance unless it's already flaking. These are not even as powerful as a weak jetwash at your local carwash. You don't measure a pressure cleaner by power, you measure it by volume of output and pressure behind it.

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        Yeah listing the 2000W is a bit useless. Could be the most inefficient motor of all time for all we know. The PSI and stream size is the only thing that matters.

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          Thats what my doctor told me also:)

    • Anything will strip paint from a car if you turn the nozzle to 0 degree setting.

      For cleaning the car you turn it to fairly wide spray.
      If you actually want it to strip paint then it's not the best device for it.

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    Got one of these last time on sale, so not sure if the older model but was the same price. works a treat and still going strong used a couple times a week, dirtbikes, 4wd. Patio cleaner attatchment is wonderful also. For the price i simply threw my old karcher out.

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      Ditto. Happy with mine and have had it since April 2018, good pressure and with regular use (average once a fortnight) hasn't skipped a beat. 3 year warranty also a big plus for the price

    • Does the manual state the flow rate? :)

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        ALDI High pressure cleaner technical data

        Took this pic from the manual

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          Here's some info for everyone:

          Max flowrate = 7.5L/min (450L/h)

          Max pressure = 2100 PSI

          Nominal pressure = 1595 PSI

          Pump specification: Aluminium with safety valve, 3-piston pump (hardened stainless steel), metal wobbling disc

          • @shrugies: That's for previous model, not this one! Always something to be careful of with Aldi!

      • Current model specs
        Working flow rate 5.5L/min
        (Max Working flow rate 8L/min)

        Much lower flow rate than taking a shower with a WELS 3 Star 9L/m shower head!

    • Different model with different specs.

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    Too late i need it now :)

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      Try Bunnings. They often preemptively discount a comparable item when Aldi has an upcoming sale i.e. the Bunnings special occurs in the lead up to Aldi's sale.
      Can't see anything available yet on Bunnings website yet but I'd keep an eye out over the coming days.

      • Thanks Mate will do that

  • I am curious about where you saw this deal. It does not appear to be aldi website. Moreover aldi specials for 14th September are not there on their website yet. But, the image seems to be an online webpage.
    Can you please share the link

  • How much water does this output at 2000psi? like litres per minutre

      450 L/h or 7.5 L/min

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        is it the same? The image shows 2200W whereas the catalogue says 2000W

        • Good point, i missed that. This must have been the previous Aldi model.
          So if it is using less power then I would assume the flow rate would be slightly less, especially when the max pressure of the advertised one is 2219 psi and the one in the picture is less at around 2175 psi. Maybe is motor is now more efficient but I doubt it.
          I cant find the manual anywhere for this version.

          • @exidez: Different model - specs for current model

            Can never go by previous experiences with Aldi, as they source from different manufacturers - for different sales, adding their box & Aldi trademark Workzone™.

  • Does anyone know if the Meguiars Snow Cannon will work with this pressure washer or will I need any additional attachments?

    • also keen to know this, i tried a couple and it fitted but leaked everywhere, was from ali express so could be that or operator error!

      the premix soap bottle works okays but nothing compared to the snow cannons

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        Additional adapters are available separately;

        BOSCH – Fits Bosch New AQT – Ryobi RPW140-G, RPW150-G, RPW170-G & SC models – Black & Decker – AR Blue
        LAVOR – Fits Lavor – Clean Force (AutoBarn/AutoPro) – Workzone Electric (Aldi)

      • Did you ever buy one of these and use it with a snow cannon? Just wondering if the fitting worked as I'm sceptical that the Lavor fitting will work with this tbh. It looks wrong.

    • you will need an adapter as described here:
      or here from an Australian seller:

      Seach for adapters that are compatible with Lavor / Aldi Workzone

    • Did you ever buy one of these and use it with a snow cannon? Just wondering if the fitting worked as I'm sceptical that the Lavor fitting will work with this tbh. It looks wrong.

  • I don't have access to power where I wash my car :(.

    • looks like you may need to buy one of the aldi generators as well when they are back on sale :)

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      invest in one of these!3152!AU!-1

  • there was a Ryobi brand 2000W/1800PSI in the last catalogue came with floor cleaning tool and 5M hose that was $129 but it seems like the catalogue is no longer available

    hopefully they will do a better deal this time round

    • The specs are slightly better on this Aldi one. Although I am not sure if it is noticeable.

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    I prefer my $149 Gerni Classic 125.5 Titan from Bunnings.

    • That one is great value and still available at most Bunnings, saw plenty at my local on the weekend

    • After all the pressure washers were sold out at Aldi, I ended up getting this one. These were sold out everywhere in Bunnings as well except one where that had 5 left.

      • This Aldi model looks very similar to the Bunnings photo of the Gerni!
        For $20 more - is probably a better deal long term.

  • Come on bunnings, see what you will match it with.. hopefully something decent

  • Still trying to break our Workzone pressure cleaner from 2012… Trying my best, and have only replaced the hose inlet so far.

  • anyone know if it's compatible with this sort of thing;

  • Can anyone confirm if it has metal or plastic internals? For the price, i presume plastic?

    • ALDI High pressure cleaner technical data

      Took this pic from the manual. It mentions some of the material used

      • As usual with Aldi - Different model this time!
        Could be from different factory / manufacturer, with Aldi trademark Workzone™ added.

    • Posted above :) Metal pump

    • For this model - No description of construction (eg pump) in manual or box.

  • Awesome post..
    got my catalogue last night and interested if bunnies put up similar better product ..

  • Does anyone know if the output is a 20mm or 22mm?

  • Gents, have never owned a pressure cleaner and was eying this Aldi one off, for the same price and PSI there is the Gerni Classic 115.3 Pressure Washer - 1670 PSI at Bunnings, would there be much difference in the units, if not I'd prob lean towards the Gerni ?

    • PSI difference 2219 vs 1670 for the Gerni is massive.

      fwiw i'd go with the Aldi

      • This has Rated/operating pressure 1479PSI!
        Aldi list the maximum pressure of 2219PSI on the box (50% higher!) - which may be deceptive for comparison purposes.

  • ah, OK, I read the Aldi specs and went off working pressue assuming this was its medium power, where the Gerni stats only have the one measurment
    Working pressure: 10.2MPa (102bar, 1479psi)
    Maximum pressure: 15.3MPa (153bar, 2218.5psi)

  • Got one

  • Bought 1hr ago, still assembling all the plastic bits.

    These were being snapped up at quiet local store. Staff quickly replenished.

    • Which? 3 stores u went too all sold out.

      • Good morning WA! I'm in Brisbane.
        Went to that store because it generally has stock left long after other local stores sell out. But probably sold out at that store now.

  • +1

    Specs for this model from manual:
    (Different to previous model)

    Rated/operating pressure 10.2MPa / 1479PSI
    Max permissible pressure 15.3MPa / 2219PSI
    Working flow rate 5.5L/min
    Max Working flow rate 8L/min

    Hose length 4.5m (measured)
    Power Cord length 5m (measured)

    Power consumption 2000W
    Weight 9.5kg
    Protection IPX5
    Sound pressure 76dB
    Sound power level 92dB

    No details of construction (eg pump) in manual or box.

    • +1

      [Update] That was a defective unit!
      Next one has correct 8m hose👍

      • My one doesn't, 4.5m on mine. It's a great unit regardless, did a great job on my cars.

  • The high pressure washer is not allowed to be used by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory, or mental capacities of those who lack experience or knowledge.

    My first pressure washer…
    I better return it (in 59days)😉

  • +1

    Went to Aldi today - these flew off the shelf. I actually missed out despite lining up out the front so had to go to another store.

    Mine has the 8m hose picture ref Infidel your post had me worried!
    Model Number
    Box Contents

    • I don't want to see how long yours is😉

      Updated above. Was a defective unit. Next one is the full 8m👍
      Withdrew comments.

      • ;) haha!
        Does make me wonder what model it is based on though - I want to find out what pump it has and what foam lace to buy!

        • +2

          Likely to be a generic unit, rebadged with Aldi's Workzone™ trademark.

          Once bought pajamas - 1 long leg & 1 short! I'm always getting the defective short ones😉

          • @the INFIDEL: Have you used it yet and can you report on it's actual performance?

            • +1

              @Villainous: Not yet. Needed to check / repair garden hoses & fix leaking tap before I start. And doing a bit of research.

              As I haven't used a pressure washer before, it's hard to give a report - not knowing what to look for or compare to.

              Will give an opinion after using on driveway (patio cleaner attachment) & concrete tile roof (turbo nozzle).

              • @the INFIDEL: Hey, that's not a concrete tile roof in that article. It's a terracotta roof, that stuff they're using is basically a fungicide. This little pressure cleaner is not going to clean your roof well, not even decently tbh. I've got a roof restoration business and can promise you it's not good enough for this kind of work. I'm loving using it on my cars though, it does a great job.

                • @Where's_That_Cake: Yes - knew they are different tiles.
                  Just going to do a test area without treatment to see if there is an improvement.

                  Neighbour did it on his concrete roof using similar cheap machine with amazing results. Watched him & got advice.

                  Have enough paths to clean to justify it.

                  I wait for good rain to clean my car😉 Long time since it was washed!

                  • @the INFIDEL: You could save yourself a lot of time by hiring a better machine instead. Those machines would take days to wash a roof whereas a good machine can do it in a little over an hour for a 200m² roof.

                    • @Where's_That_Cake: Will be doing a little at a time, in cool of day. Time is never a factor. I've got plenty of time.
                      Not even sure I want to do the job as I never look at roof - will reassess after small test clean.
                      Thanks for the advice.

  • +1

    Yes these were selling fast - like others I queued with the oldies - thankfully they had a whole pallet load so got one. Underwhelmed that they have no info at all on the pump in them.

    Is anyone able to shed light on the difference between the 'rated/working' pressures and water flow vs the max ones? And what I mean by that is I'd have thought they'd have been the same levels i.e it works NORMALLY at the max levels as the unit doesn't seem to have any power adjustment on it.

    Seems somewhat misleading at best.

    PS. Found this:

    Based on the Aldi specs it seems the machine's overall ability is pretty so-so 1479PSI = 102BAR x 5.5L/min = 561 /600 = 0.935 CLEANING EFFECT rating

    Thats pretty crappy as for example even the $109 Ryobi from Bunnings has a rating of 1.11 (calculated from the RATED specs from it's manual). So I have a feeling this washer will be getting returned as it doesn't appear very good at all….perhaps only if you want a bunch of gear for a low price but it seems mediocre specs.

    • Are you dissapointed from use or specs only?

      • Specs only. I've actually still got the 210cc petrol washer they sold a few months back - that'll be returned this week as it was overkill for my needs.

        My disappointment is that Aldi hid a lot of the specs for the electric one - as stated on paper the Ryobi one is actually better value (IMHO) - anyway we'll see how we go, tad dry now to worry about too much of any washing as I'm on tank water. :-)

        • +1

          Thanks. I ended up passing on the Aldi pressure washer. 5.5L/min and unknown motor construction/reliability just wasn't going to cut it.

          I re-thought my needs and ended up going with the Gerni 100.5
          7.3L/min (comparible up to the 125.5 then needing to go up to the 130.x @ $299 to really see a difference
          Compact. Fits behind my workbench so doesn't take up more room in the garage
          Metal motor and all the accessories i need

          Catch had them for $88 so i walked into Supercheap and got them to beat it

          With the money i saved i'll upgrade to a steel 10m hose and some brass quick connect fittings, maybe a higher quality foam cannon from ebay if the included one isn't great.

          I'm happy

  • Any reports from actual use? Was this a major flop or were they worth the hype and price?

  • +1

    Missed out on the Aldi deal so got the $149 Gerni Classic 125.5 Titan from Bunnings instead.

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