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[Android] $0: Extreme Climber (was $4.89) @ Google Play


1k reviews with 5 star rating. Free for 2 more days. Enjoy

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Mack Wilkinson
Mack Wilkinson

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  • I'll be climbing on board this one, thanks!

  • +1

    Crashes a lot. Hmmm.

  • Actually a good game, but as Robc mentioned, it often crashes (usually in the middle of playing a level). Too frustrating to play because of that.

  • Anyone else old enough to remember "Alpiner" on the Apple IIe? "Onward and upward!"

    • +1

      On the TI99/4A.

      • Yep thanks for the correction. The TI was my first computer. The IIe was my second. If I'm making a silly statement like that it's clear I need more sleep.

        • We're old.

  • +3

    Two out of four comments here say crashes a lot, yet this game has almost 1500 5* ratings and no 4->1 star ratings at all. Even though there's a 1* rating on the front page


    • Wonder if it's Malware or hidden adware with paid reviews behind it….

      • It might be, since it appears to have been pulled from the store.

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