I Bought over 10k Furniture in West Elm and Haven't Received Them Yet and It's on Sale. Should I Return and Buy Them Again?

I bought the furniture on the 8th of August and it will be delivered on the 10th of Sept.
The total item is about 11.6k while I found today instore that they can do all these items 30% off( if you purchase more than 3k items there). Some of my items are under special offer.
I calculate the price, it will be around 2 thousand dollars difference.
So I ask the staff whether they can do price match there? They refused to do so because it is already 14 days after the order placed.
Then I asked, whether I can return these items when I received or you can cancel the delivery? I want to repurchase the same items today and 2000 dollars means a lot to me.

The staff went back and discuss with their "manager" and a young guy came to me said that, if I return these items, there will be a lot of work they need to process. The furniture will be needed to go back to Sydney warehouse. He is staring at me angrily like he will be the guy do the delivery. I said but I am willing to pay for the 200 dollar delivery to save 2000 dollars.

He then told me that he will discuss with his manager tomorrow and give me a call.

I want to ask you guys for suggestions and help. What will you do if this happens to you? I personally cannot refuse a $2000 bargain when items are not arrived and being used at all.

Catch up on this afternoon.

I call customer-service of west elm instead of waiting for a not coming call from the store. I have called the store this morning, they said the manager will be available another TOMORROW, which is exactly what they told me yesterday.

(1)Even it is not delivered yet if I cancel the order, I will be charged 20% of a restocking fee.
(2)The customer-service phone call representative has an even worse attitude.
(3)They(including the customer-service) keep focusing on how much the company has already being paid for the delivery man (ANC Delivery) and if I cancel the order they will be at loss. (20% off restocking fee???)
(4)They have this kinda sale 2 times annually.

Personal feelings:
(1) Through the spreadsheet, I cost 1.2k more, which sounds more acceptable than 2k, but still a big loss. I can use the money to buy an IPAD PRO and APPLE TV.
(2) I won't buy any stuff at their store if they are not 30% off.
(3) It is an unhappy process and unsuccessful process as expected.

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              @apsilon: I have noticed that the
              Tax Point Date 04-SEP-2019
              Tax Invoice Issue Date 04-SEP-2019

              There nothing on the receipt showing that I placed the order on 08/08.
              In fact, the money comes out the credit card on 04/09.

              That's why yesterday I went to their store, cause the email of the receipt on 04/09 notified me to check the price.

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                @James Wong: Tax Invoice Issue Date 04-SEP-2019, so you purchased the items on 04th Sep. Price match policy within 14 days. You should get the price difference. What am I missing here.

              • @James Wong: I'd be pretty annoyed too in your position mate.
                You said in your first post that the staff refused to price match because it is already 14 days after the order placed, but your saying here your invoiced only 4 days ago.
                They chose to charge you and invoice only now right before / during the sale, nearly a month after you made the choice.
                Call again, See if you can speak to another staff. Say you made a purchase 4/5 days ago and wish to cancel. You have proof of the transaction only occurring in the last week. Simply provide this and say that that's when you made the order. Stick to that being the date the order was made.

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                @James Wong: Block your credit card - reject the order.


    • Catch up of this afternoon has been updated in the original post FYI.

  • But what excuse can he use for refunding the items? What about credit card shopping protection?

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    Let me give you a scenario. You put a special order for RRP. The retailer then goes to their supplier, who then offers them a deal if they buy 10 more. They use your sale to supplement that extra $$$$, and put on a special as they've received the special pricing. RRP sales can lead to bargains for others. You've taken one for the team, thanks!

    Not saying it's wrong or right, but that scenario may have happened and now they're going to be selling the multi-buy special at a loss. If the above was the actual case, they should have waited until delivery to drop their pricing to avoid negative responses.

    I haven't looked at their terms and conditions, but if they allow 'change of mind' refunds, then it's on them. If it's outside their terms and conditions, then it's on you.

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      Well… it’s an Australia wide sale. Not just in one store.

    • But you made your point. Should sometimes care about others.

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        Nah don't listen to that guy, that was bull.

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        Don't listen - that person is talking nonsense.

        Simply return the items and get the money back or force them to give you that discount. You owe them absolutely nothing.

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      BTW, There is a change of mind return policy

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    2000 dollars means a lot to me since I am still a student.

    hahahaha pulling the poor student card after dropping $11.6k on furniture.

    Pull the other one.

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    $11,600 sale, and didn't negotiate down 1 cent, on furniture?!


    • I negotiated, otherwise it will be 3000-4000 saves. Now it will save me 2000

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          Instead of reading and comprehending the post you've seized an opportunity to criticise someone (incorrectly).
          So reading and comprehension are not your strong suit. And neither is courteousy.

          He clearly says in the text you quoted that it 'would have been' a saving of 3-4000.

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    Cancel the order.

    Buy from Ikea and save $8000.

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    This is ozbargain.
    You shouldn’t be asking if you should do this, you should be telling us how you got a sweet deal.

  • I would very much bring it to their attention that it is their fault that they do not have stock and that if they had delivered that you would have had to cop it. The fact that they save money by not holding stock is the reason THEY are in this predicament. Tell them there is 2 things they can do, refund $1800 or you will process a Visa reversal at a much cheaper cost than $200 and cancel your credit card so they cant re charge

    • Catch up of this afternoon has been updated in the original post FYI.

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    …young Asian guy came to me…

    Ah. They're deploying the young Asian guy. You're done. No chance. You're out. The fat lady has sung.

    Sung the summoning song. The young Asian guy has been summoned.

    Summoned. By the song. The one which the fat lady sings.

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      Asian guy vs. cashed up student with poor english named James Wong… sounds like a fair fight.

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        Round 1.

        Asian guy appears to be taking the defensive stance. He has his dominant leg forward ready to push back against a "I want a refund" jab.

        James Wong shows weakness as his weight appears to be toe heavy. He is eager to strike. Asian guy has done his due diligence, he sees the next move.

        "Price difference" uppercut. James Wong throws the first blow. Asian guy dodges.

        James Wong follows with a "buyer's remorse" round house. Asian guy still has room behind him. He uses it. James Wong loses his balance.

        Asian guy shuffles dominant foot rear. Perfect form. He throws left shoulder back, weight on the balls of the dominant foot, right elbow squared. Contact.

        James Wong takes a knock out with a mean, clean, nasty "I'll speak to the manager tomorrow" right hook.

        Winner by knock out - Asian guy.

  • What are the returns policies?

    The terms should be if the items are faulty or not as advertised or not suitable for purpose.

    I can't imagine the terms or the consumer regulations saying one can return because prices dropped 30%.

    • There is a change of mind return policy

    1362.73 1499.00 1274.15 1049.30
    1362.73 1499.00 1274.15 1049.30
    1090.00 1199.00 1019.15 839.30
    1999.09 2199.00 1869.15 1539.30
    817.27 899.00 764.15 629.30
    362.73 798.01 678.31 558.60
    SUBT 8093.01 6879.06 5665.11 DIFFERENCE 1213.95
    2353.64 2589.00 2589.00 2589.30
    217.27 477.99 477.99 558.59
    580.91 639.00 639.00 559.30
    445.41 489.95 489.95 349.95
    SUBT 4195.95 4195.95 4057.14 DIFFERENCE 138.81

    SUM 12288.96 10936.20(PAID ON 04/09) 9722.25 (THE PRICE ON 05/09)

    SO far I made my self a spreadsheet on the price difference. I phone them and they told me their manager is not available until tmr.
    I purposed that they can transfer the approximate amount to store credit on my name instead of refund me the real money.

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      I purposed that they can transfer the approximate amount to store credit on my name instead of refund me the real money.


      • If they treating me like they can stick their store cred up their f'n arse

    • Does return in 7 days attract any fees or it's free?

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    Just stick to your guns. If they have a change of mind return policy then they will agree to a price match. You might have to negotiate with them and pay a small fee but they will cave. You just need not to take no for an answer and be persistent. You don’t need to be aggressive just assertive.

    • Catch up of this afternoon has been updated in the original post FYI.

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    Which credit card did you use? Mine has a price match/guarantee policy. You might want to give that a go.

    • hi I‘m using a oversee credit card so this is the first time I think it’s necessary for me to apply for Australia credit card

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    Pay me $500 and give me all the details, I'll get them to price-match it for you.

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    Should I contact ACCC? or this will cost me more than 1k dollars.

    Why would ACCC get involved? West Elm isn't breaking the contract in any way. You're attempting to (which I would attempt too) have the contract changed to reflect the recent price adjustment.

    The original contract is still valid so you're not owed anything.

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      I was just going to say.

      Kinda shows the 'entitled' world we live in now.

  • Please delete - Tshow was 1min ahead of me haha

  • Yeah for $2000 I'd give it a decent crack if their policy allows for it. Good luck OP.

  • Even it is not delivered yet if I cancel the order, I will be charged 20% of a restocking fee.

    This is reasonable for a change of mind.

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    Not sure if u paid it already but I guess U coulda paid by credit card with price guarantee thing to get the difference?
    Not sure why people are angry coz he is a student with money . Even if he was super rich , does it matter. It does in poor people’s minds ;)

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      Not sure why people are angry coz he is a student with money . Even if he was super rich , does it matter. It does in poor people’s minds ;)

      There's no need for op to mention he's a student, since he's not a typical student . Only mentioned gain sympathy votes.

      Mentioning that you're a student implies you are poor, to emphasis on how important the money is.

  • Did you purchase with a credit card? If you did your card may have purchase protection. Check your PDS

    Nvm, the person above me queried it xD

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    I don't believe them when they say they've paid the deliveryman already. It's not on a truck yet - it's not getting delivered til the 10th! Cancel that order immediately, do a chargeback on your credit card and email West Elm head office about their attitude. You are within your rights to cancel the order, just go for it.

  • The restocking fee could, be fair.
    Not knowing exactly what your order was and not knowing what they had to go through to get it in stock, it's hard to say what they should charge there as 'restock fee' .
    Since it took so long, they may have shipped it direct from China just for you, or they may have made it for you as custom order. Could be both of these.
    Made to order for you then shipped from China for you , and then you turn around and cancel couple of days before delivery. Then 20% restocking fee seems fair.

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    If they are not willing to refund your money for items that haven’t been delivered yet I’d be contacting your bank and requesting a chargeback

  • When is the delivery due ie when do you have to pay the bill?

    How did you pay? / Planning to pay? by any chance you have a price protection insurance on your credit card and you can claim the difference under the policy? (I may be wrong about this)

    note: heard a lot of crap service review about west elm

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    Mate, save yourself $9,000 and get some cheap and cheerful furniture at Fantastic furniture

    • Hop on Gumtree. Though he probably lives in a 2 storey

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    Did you by any chance pay with a credit/debit card that offers price protection?

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    if you continue to be a pushover people will walk all over you. i’m referring to your original post as well as dealership story. be assertive, you aren’t doing anything illegal here.

    good luck.

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    Too bad mate. You bought at the wrong time

    Ppl these days are too entitled

    Glad I don't own a business in Australia. I would hate to deal with the OP and his entitled attitude.

    • I'd hate your business too with all being said. Delivered and out of terms is understandable, but not even delivered etc, just refund the difference or whatever portion.

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      I disagree.

      Furniture hasn't been delivered, they're holding his money and its now cheaper.
      It would be border line if it was already delivered.

      Seems reasonable to me to ask for price match considering how much the total is and he's still waiting for the product.

      What message does this send to potential customers?

      Whatever you do don't buy from us unless we have a sale because we're price gouging you most of the time.

  • Lately anything over $500 I am typically more tempted to use the 28 degrees MC for some sweet sweet price protection.

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      Careful, OP might steal your identity.

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    maybe next time wait for a sale, it seems like you knew they had sales twice a year and you didnt wait and now you want it at that price. Should of waited mate you cant blame the furniture company. start a riot in their chatswood store and let us know how you go.

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    When i was a student, all my furnitures were:

    • second hand
    • from A-Mart
    • from Ikea

    I think all up they cost me <$2k during my uni days.

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      a-mart was great fun, i had a dining table with chairs that disintegrated under people …
      ikea was alright, but very cheap
      fantastic was bar far the best of the bunch for build quality (they even included glue for the wood lugs)

  • Would the 28 degrees price protection have helped?

    • It would. Did that several years ago.

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    I saw this happen in a bedding store.

    The customer asked the manager what she should do.

    The manager said to the customer "Normally after you purchase a bed, you stop looking at prices of beds. I advise you to stop looking at beds".

    She turned around and walked out.

  • try officeworks for a price match

  • Well if you look at resellablity. It's a depreciating asset so it will be worth sweet f all in a year or 2. Best not to get hang up on what ifs. Learn for next time :)

  • A bit unsure here. You're unlucky.

    Put it this way, if the store had a price rise the next day, would you go back and pay the difference within the next 2 weeks?

    Surely it has to work both ways?

  • We bought a pair of sofa from A-mart, the lady we bought the sofa from specifically said that if the price drop before delivery they will match it.

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    … call them and ask them to refund you the difference. West Elm is an upmarket brick and mortar, this is a non-issue.

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    I used to work at a similar furniture store not long ago, this is my experience:

    Sometimes the suppliers (even if it's West Elm imported themselves) offer cheaper sale prices to the store (West Elm) for sale periods, which means that West Elm store could have also gotten a discount for the furniture they bought and would be reluctant to sell it to you for cheaper because they themselves bought it at a more expensive price.

    At the furniture store I worked at, it depended on the items that you bought if we could price match or not. If something suddenly goes on clearance because head office says so, sometimes we wouldn't be able to price match because the new price is actually lower than the price we bought it for.

    That being said, if you make enough fuss there's a pretty good chance of getting anything back, depends on the circumstances.

    Unfortunately for you, a lot of the time we weren't allowed to no matter how angry the customer.

  • +10

    I believe you may have attacked this from the wrong angle. From reading your posts, you know that you can get a refund (with some fee) from them according to their terms and conditions, and it sounds like you have asked them if it's possible, and how?
    (You're asking them to do something for you)

    Rather than attacking it that way, I would have said that I am really pleased with their sale, that I am going to refund the items I'd purchased, and buy them again as It'll save me ~$2000. I'd let them know that I'm willing to save them the effort of cancelling/restocking/reshipping etc. if they'd like the chance to. Any sane manager would jump on the opportunity.
    (You're now offering to do something for them)

    So you see, the end result is the same, it's all about the way it's presented.

    P.S. My mother (pensioner) once required a replacement card from the bank (everyday savings account) and they insisted on $20-$40 (I can't remember, but she couldn't afford it), and that they couldn't wave the fee. I told the lady we'd like to close the account and open a new one, but were just trying to save them some paperwork (and time). She immediately had a chat with the manager and it was sorted.

    I get that some people are unhappy about OP being entitled to a refund - It's the store's policy, and it's better for them to process a refund and a new purchase than just a refund.

    The same kind of crap when cashing a cheque at said bank, they want a fee if you're not customer (even though they charge the other person a fee for issuing the cheque). I usually tell them just open me an account and we'll close it once you've cashed it - they seem to find a way around the fee.

    • Exactly. Learn the system, play the game and always win ;) Good manners and education brings on winners

    • Mate, your comment deserves to be in the OzB Hacks of Fame!!

  • +1

    Is the “restocking fee” anywhere in writing?

    You need to know if they refund you they don’t have to take your new order.

  • This is my take. Unless there is a price guarantee then really just move on. It happens all the time. The day you purchase the item or order the item there is a sale. This week you missed out on a 30% sale. Then there's a EOFY sale at 50%off. That's why unless you really need that furniture urgently look for sales periods. Gee Nick Scali for example have sales all the time, but at different %. You managed to get a discount at time of purchasing.

    Nick Scali we had to wait 13weeks for our sofa. They just don't have stock. If you don't want to wait go to store that has immediate stock. You'll probably find a lot of stores won't have stock. Even if they are made here there is likely to be a wait for it to be made.


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    I would find an executive/state level manager
    Advise them you’re a valued customer who has spent over $10k
    Explain you are well within the store’s policy for return and reorder
    Make them aware of this thread and amount of traffic/exposure about the issue
    Explain it’s in West elm’s best interest to find a favourable outcome for you

    • +1

      Explain it’s in West elm’s best interest

      Yes or else they will lose all his Chinese buddies' biz too

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    If you bought via credit card (gold or better) there is usually a price protection clause in the insurance it provides (again, normally within 7 days of the transaction, but some might give you a month). If the price difference of the item you bought is "advertised in print media" more than $75 less than what you paid, the credit card will refund you the difference.

    • I wonder if you read the forum much. Anyway. OP appears to be using overseas credit card and i doubt they have this option.

  • +1

    TBH the store should just refund the difference for you based on goodwill. Not like you're spending $100, you're making a $10k purchase.

    Then again, Tesla, lol.

    Someone wong though as west elm is overpriced.

    • Is it normally to go back in a store after the fact of a contract and ask for the seller to take back their item because the day after you purchased it there was a sale. That is just plain bad luck to me as a buyer. Only way forward is credit card price protection or if the seller has price protection. The amount that OP was meant to save is irrelevant here. IMO. And why should there be good will from the seller. They sold the item on good will and discount at the time, and the buyer was ok with that and agreed. There is usually a 3 day cooling off period. Come on ppl. If its a chain store the stores themselves may not even know there would be a sale the next day until head office tells them. Sometime the marketing people send out emails to customers before staff know.

      If buyer is not completely happy. Pay the restock fee and do it that way. However once you go down that path its bad karma. Next thing OP will be posting is that he has faulty item and having difficulty with getting it fixed. Or item is delayed and seller saying not going to arrive for a further 4 weeks. Just move on.

      • invoiced date was 3 days before his query

  • +1

    Cancel the order. Don't talk about price difference now or other mumbo, just cancel the order because its been over a month and not yet delivered. Do not feel bad, it's business, they have massive margins, they're making money so don't try to be Mr nice guy. As you can see by fluffing around they are taking every opportunity to extract more money from you. Cancel, buy again if you want or walk away from it altogether and avoid the sour taste.

  • Does your credit card have buyer's protection?
    Have a look the policy, might cover it.

  • +1

    Seriously OP. You were happy to purchase at the price you did, so be happy with your purchase and live your life. Don't get hung up over this otherwise every time you look at the you'll just be cranky!

    • Haha, please don't listen to this guy for big decisions. Small ones, completely agree. $2k is a fair chunk of money for most people.
      Another example is like if 2 identical houses were built side by side one day and one went on sale for 5mil. Person decides to buy and places the deposit of 5%. In the meantime before signing over the other identical house drops to 4 mil due to "Crazy sales" and Person has option to buy. Yes you lose your 5% deposit of 250k but better of 750k. Would you not get hung up?
      Not to mention if he is Chinese, the chances are his wife/partner or relative he lives with Will badger him for days on end. Happy wife, happy life ;)

  • I can imagine the cost of goods if every body who didn’t negotiate the first time correctly returned them.

    Obviously OP great negotiations left a lot of meat on the bone .

    Thank god from my experience a very low % has returned goods due to a higher % code/discount in play :)

  • Does your CC have Price Protection?

  • Thanks for posting your experience.
    I won't be buying from them.

  • Price adjustments are granted within 14 days of purchase.

    Sounds liked you missed out on this one,

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