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Garmin Forerunner 945 Running Watch $759.20 @ Rebel Sport


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    Looks like an amazing watch, but think the 935 I bought new from
    Ryda eBay last november for $358 is much better deal. Evolution of these devices is quite slow

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      Agreed. Love my 935 I got for similar price on black Friday. Does all I need and has a fabulous battery life. If 945 is as good it's a winner, but can't bring myself to spend this much on a watch.

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        I've had the 935 since launch in April 2017 and there is no compelling enough new features on the 945 to upgrade. Music and touch to pay are nice to haves but in reality I have my phone with me on all runs anyway.

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    Anyone here have the Forerunner 935/945 specifically for its battery life?
    Could my existing Forerunner 245 Music last over a marathon time and distance, say 4-4.5hrs? Asking ahead of the Sydney Marathon. :)
    I'm off on a run in a few minutes. :) Just appreciate that you can run… my best mate can barely move his neck and that's all…

    Mod: Removed promotion.

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      Both will easily last the 4-5hours. According to dcrainmaker, the 245 delivers a battery life of 24 hours in GPS mode, 6 hours GPS + Music, >24h in ultratrac mode. Compare this with the 945 which is listed as 36 hours GPS mode, > 60h in ultratrac mode, no mention of GPS + music (maybe ~9h if we base it on the battery life of the 245).

      Thanks for sharing the links, you're running for a good cause.

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