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[NSW] Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb $98 (Normally $374) on 1/10


21st birthday for the bridge climb operators for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for one day only they are offering prices back to the original price when it first opened.
"On Tuesday, 1 October, BridgeClimb turns 21 and we want to celebrate this major milestone by saying thank you to everyone in Sydney who has supported us.
For one day only, we are throwing it back to our original 1998 ticket price of $98 and invite all of you to take up our special offer."

Tickets on sale 9am, 12th Sep.

Shows how much they are making lol.

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  • +62

    Wow. Regular price is $374. Thst is just insane

    • +28

      Adjusted for inflation it only should be $165 now!

      • +1

        you beat me to it haha, correct

      • +5

        Ever seen a Koala in a Harbour Bridge photo? No? That's right. They now pay a guy full-time to keep removing all the koalas off the bridge. He's called the Koala Whacker. That's why the price is more than the inflation price.

        Actually this is a joke I heard at a comedy night, credit to that comic but I can't remember his name. It's not my joke.

    • +2

      Wow, I went about seven years ago and it was only around $200 at the time.

      • +21

        It's a joke, even at $200.you are climbing some stairs and that's it. OK, incredible view but it's not like they have such high running or operating costs to justify the price. A family of five need to leave there $1500 for climbing stairs.

        • +8

          The long-term operator lost the contract recently and some new outfit has/will take over.

          They pay some massive annual fees to the State for the privilege.

          Can i be bothered Googling? Yes i can.

          • +7

            @DisabledUser256231: Indeed.

            Shout out to the NSW State Govt for riping off people at every transaction.

            • +5

              @mrsinistah: To be fair, it's only a rip off if you're forced to pay it.

              Keep in mind this is a business driven payment, where the private operators requested the government let them start this up, and offered to pay an enticing sum to the government to enable them to do it. Note the return was $17 million profit to the owners, and they paid $1.9m to the government as a pay off for that. Of course, when they see dollar signs like that they were willing to pay the government some money to let them do it. 10% cost!

              Also to be fair, this is the first time in 20 years, only after the new owners took over that they have offered a discount to us. I'm sure if the old owners were still in charge, this discount wouldn't be happening. As they were happy to keep charging the maximum they could, since they were still getting the business.

            • @mrsinistah:

              Shout out to the NSW State Govt for ripping off people at every transaction.

              Yep - that's my view - utter BS.

              Here's details of their usual pricing. No thank you very much.

        • +3

          And to boot, they don't let you take your own photos and charge you a decent amount for their ones from memory!

          • +5
            • +1

              @Samsungnote10: what next?? they will confiscate your glasses so you cant see, and then charge you $20 to rent them once you get up there

          • @aragornelessar: How much are the photos?

            • +6

              @Mahalo: $30-40 upwards from memory. This was about 10 years ago, so no idea if they've gone up since. They say it's for safety reasons that you can't bring your own camera up in case you drop it, so thats fair enough. But then charge you the ridiculous price to buy their photos felt like robbery.

              Funny thing is they let you take your own set of glasses, but specify no DVR glasses. Must've had a few people try and work around that rule!

              • +4

                @aragornelessar: Yeah, that stupid DVR glasses restriction is just unbelievable.

                There is zero additional risk from a person wearing DVR glasses vs a person wearing normal glasses.

                Just a way to gouge some additional cash from punters by forcing them to pay for photos.

          • +1

            @aragornelessar: 2 years ago they gave you the group photo for free, but seemed annoyed when you didn't purchase the individual photo.

    • It's an OzBargain!

    • It's a popular thing to do for high roller Asians and they're willing to whip out the cashola

      • +11

        Maybe there should be one price for Aussies and another for tourists - many countries do this.

    • +14

      Wow even a helicopter tour is cheaper @ $220PP - https://www.sydneyhelitours.com.au/sydney-harbour-heli-fligh... and I'm pretty sure costs more to operate a helicopter. Guess its a good thing the NSW Govt doesnt own the airspace, I'm sure they'd be charging us the air we breathe if they could :)

      • +5

        'm sure they'd be charging us the air we breathe if they could :)

        Not this government. They'd sell the air to a private company like those dogs at TransUrban and put a tax on the air.

      • +2

        Interesting example of free market pricing vs monopoly pricing.

        The helicopter tour operator is in a free market & has to price competitively, and charges $220.

        The bridge climb operator has a monopoly & rips off people by charging $374.

      • +1

        On a strict comparison basis, The Phantom says get to the chopper!

    • -1

      Supply and demand.

      If it was cheaper you'd have to book months in advance, with this high price you are able to book for the same week.

      Actually, if you look at this Saturday:

      • only 2 of the 16 slots are available for the Chinese guided tour
      • 6 of the 16 cheapest English climb
  • +1

    Do you atleast get to keep the jumpsuit

    • nope!

    • +32

      Yes, $98 for climbing a bridge built and maintained by the taxpayer should be considered theft. $374 should include a rape charge

  • -2

    I buy the tickets and can I book a date in the furture or when I buy, I have to book a date?

    Can't find that info anywhere

    • +7

      Thanks Sydney BridgeClimb Sale
      $98 tickets for 1st Oct
      On sale 9am, 12th Sep
      Contact us on 1300 90 80 57 or email us

      Tickets are only for 1st of October it seems. It's also listed in the title and description of this post.

  • +2

    $374 is the normal price? that's way overpriced IMO

    • +2

      An understatement, that's why I haven't gone yet.

  • -1

    Not defending the normal price - but I think they have to pay the government a lot of money to be able to use the bridge.

    • That’s correct, about $1.9M annually to the state government. Other costs would include insurance, operator costs etc..

      They do make a hefty profit annually.

      • The old contract was $1.9M, the new one is probably significantly higher it was a proven business model when RMS asked for tenders.

    • 10% of the profit as a licencing fee isn't great, and this was something they volunteered to do upfront to get the licence. It wasn't a fee introduced by the government, but they initiated a proposal and of course paid a fee to the government for the right to operate exclusively.

    • The old owners paid $2m a year to the government and made $17m a year in profits.

      It was a total ripoff. The owners had a monopoly and gouged people as much as they were able to.

  • -3

    No deal. There is other places you can go which have better scenery and it free.

  • Hmm. I wonder if they will charge extra for their 'special' options like sunrise and sunset.

    • +1

      doesn't look like it

    • $374 is the sunset price. There are cheaper options but still ridiculous. I've done it three times with different family so I had the Earlybird deal

      • +7

        You have morenthan 1 family?

        • No they were just random families I tagged along with

    • Based on the normal weekday events, there isn't a sunrise option on a weekday and there is only one option (3:45pm kick off) for a sunset option.

      I'm thinking I will give the night option a go - should I get lucky.

      On the plus side, it looks like it's not possible to book on that day - in advance. This means all tickets are likely to be onsale as part of the birthday special.

  • I did this once when I received Red Ballon gift cards at 50% off. Been waiting for that to happen again..
    You get to take home a blue hat

  • +1

    I remember when it was $98 at time and even that is a rip off

  • I can walk the bridge for free.

  • +21

    I actually climbed it illegally one night in '83, with a mate after Bowie concert. We got to top, had a herbal and got arrested by security guards.
    Fine was only a $100 trespass fine, then climbed to $2000 attepmt suicide charge, now a $20000 and imprisonment for tampering witha national structure.
    Looks like $100 was cheap, and the best view of sydney at night.

    • +8

      That $2000 attempted suicide charge would have been depressing.

      • -2

        Just to dig it in further… am i evil that i laughed?

    • What route did you take up the bridge?

      • I think route down would be more relevant after than fine

    • Upvote for "ilegally". didn't read the rest

  • +1
    • +7

      That climb is a whole other Story ;)

    • +2

      Warning: Sydney Bridge not the same as Brisbane Bridge

  • -1

    Can anyone tell me why someone wants to climb the bridge? I don't understand

    • +5

      So they can pretend they are one of those protestors but without the police operation and jail time

    • +1

      For fun

  • +15

    I've talked to a lot of Sydneysiders who strangely don't know about the Pylon Lookout of the Bridge. Now of course it's not the same "experience", but very similar views for a fraction of the cost. If you haven't been it's a must - besides you'll get to look across at the suckers who've paid $300+ for a similar privilege.

    • Yes that's true, it does have similar views but just not from the bridge and without the tour guide commentary
      Just note that entering the look out accepts payment using card only, they don't accept cash.

      • the card is to verify the identity of the people who are going there.
        it's a security check.
        post-September 11 U.S.A. has the same forced payment methods now too, e.g. Statue of Liberty in 2004 (it re-opened 3-years after being shut, but with forced credit-card payments to access the small island park)

    • +2


      This seems like a significantly better value experience.

    • Thanks!

  • When I did the climb almost 10 years ago it was half that normal price.

  • +1

    great we can have an ozbargain climbing day out.

  • +5

    and they're a terrible employer to work for too. They don't guarantee any hours and expect you to drop everything for them if they need you.

    • +2

      But you'd get to climb the bridge for free everyday. That's worth $374.

    • expect you to drop everything for them

      You wouldn't want to drop anything while on top of the bridge!

  • Hi

    • Hello

  • Tbh for $400 I would rather do a one hour of pilot training and request the route to be over Sydney.

    • You might arouse suspicion doing this!

      • +2

        I've done it before, handful of times. Way better value than climbing the bridge.

  • Why should there be this monopoly? Sure another opperator could offer climbs from the other side,
    The guides could all meet in the middle and fight it out "Anchorman" style

  • +2

    Yeh nah, bit too expensive for a tinder date

  • +2

    $98, but what type of climb is it?
    BridgeClimb 3.5 hours
    BridgeClimb Express 2.25 hours
    BridgeClimb Sampler 1.5 hours

    • Wonder what the difference is…
      Proper climb and descent vs quick way down via express vs sample of a couple of stairways but no view?

    • +1

      BridgeClimb Express express super ripoff sampler

      A brochure

      $99 + $5 delivery fee

  • +1

    Still a complete ripoff. 5x the price of the pylon, which is easier to access and has almost as good a view.


  • +6

    please don't try to jump off the bridge.

    Hey, U R OK?

    • yea we good, r u dyslexic?

  • +3

    Bad Gateway … not a good look for a climb

  • +1


    ^ site is down. looks to be OzBargained!

  • Crashed the bridge (gateway)!

  • there's a q too argh!

    • "—-
      Limited tickets available until sold out.
      Therefore there is a maximum purchase of 14 tickets per booking.

  • I wonder if tickets are transferable.

    If so, expect to see these tickets show up on eBay, Gumtree or even OzB .

    I want to buy a couple of tickets, but I don't know if I can go just yet (due to work).

    • It's not transferable :(

      • It is

        • well i read it on T&C's, unless they don't check names

    • Yeah they are, the FAQ says:

      "Can I transfer or sell my ticket to another person?
      The climb is incredible, why would you want to give your ticket away to someone else? You can’t resell the ticket but if you can’t come and are sending someone else in your place, please let us know in advance who the lucky person is."

  • Ozbargained

  • 40 min wait in the queue :(

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