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[NSW] Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb $98 (Normally $374) on 1/10


21st birthday for the bridge climb operators for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and for one day only they are offering prices back to the original price when it first opened.
"On Tuesday, 1 October, BridgeClimb turns 21 and we want to celebrate this major milestone by saying thank you to everyone in Sydney who has supported us.
For one day only, we are throwing it back to our original 1998 ticket price of $98 and invite all of you to take up our special offer."

Tickets on sale 9am, 12th Sep.

Shows how much they are making lol.

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    Well, I got my tickets!

    How bizarre. First I made the mistake of starting the process on my mobile phone, as that was the only thing I could access at 9AM. I'm still in the queue as I type this, about 30% in. I then started a new browser window on a computer which had me start at the beginning of the queue around 9:30AM.

    Then I read the post above by Pacolito about 10 minutes ago. What the heck, see what happens so I started a new window in Chrome, and it showed me a list of available times after clicking on the By $98 Ticket button. Fluffed around and eventually got to the screen that I could order! Well, kicked me out probably because I was fluffing around, then I tried again. This time it took me back to the queue but not before briefly flashing up the order screen, so I tried it again and this time the options were fewer, but I think I managed to get a booking.

    Received e-mail confirmation as well.

    If you're keen, give it a go!

    • Can anyone book for me…. I have tried all the options still can not book, I am after 4 adult 1 kid, after 6 pm.

      • You'd need to give your credit card details, not sure that is a good idea…

    • Same but took screenshots on that page and then live chatted the operators on the page and they manually booked my two tickets..

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    After giving up in the queue, I opened a new browser session & used the "Book Now" quick select drop down box on the home page to select 2 tickets on 1st Oct, and successfully booked & paid. So weird.

    • which session you selected.

    • exact same scenario for me

  • 14 ticket maximum is ridiculous. Should be 4 or maybe 8 at the absolute maximum.

    Been in the que since just before 9. Line currently paused and has been for about half an hour now.

    • I think the "queue" is a sort of gatekeeper. I used Chrome and you literally skip the queue.

      • I'm using chrome too on 2 different computers.

        • If it takes you to the queue, start again. Not sure if you might need to clear your cache.

  • Thanks! it took 12 tries, finally got tickets, my other Q window still says 'The Line is Paused'. Been on since 8:50am…

  • I managed to book tickets but I haven't received an email confirmation yet…has anyone else got a confirmation email?

    • +1

      I got it in my Junk mail.

      • Me too

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    Ok so I have been able to get the tickets.

    The process I followed was this:

    Go to bridgeclimb.com page and click on "Buy Now" and then before it goes to https://bridgeclimb.queue-it.net in a new Tab stop it from your Browser as it first tries to go to the payment page on https://secure.bridgeclimb.com/bridgeclimb/book/climbs/ and that Redirects it to Queueit page. Here you can select date, time, and no of people climbing. If you don't see Time select other dates first and then select 1st of October and then it will load the time.

    Also, I first tried Paypal Option which gave me "Object error" issues. The third time I paid directly via Amex.


    • which time slot you selected?

      • There were many time slots available. I selected 8PM

        • would you be able to book for me pls

          • @kgan: Do you want to give this a try first. Just load it from a new browser.

    • I used the same method and successfully booked 3 tix. Thx.

      • I was able to do it thanks :D

    • worked! thanks heaps…PLENTY OF TIMES AVAILABLE!!!

  • Lines is Paused….phewwwww

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    finally got it…

    click BUY NOW, and then quickly press ESC as soon as you see the green [HOW MANY PEOPLE ARE CLIMBING] to stop it from proceeding to the queue it page.

    this only seems to work when the queueit page is NOT when the line is paused.

    what a stupid process…

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    Use this link and press ESC before the page finishes loading -


    You can select time/number of people climbing once on the page.

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    Booked a ticket without queueing - you need to stop the page loading before it directs you to the queue. Then select October 1st. You may need to load the dates a few times by selecting a different date then go back to 1/10 to get the time you want.

    My other tab is still showing I’m in the queue for at least one hour. I booked my ticket on iPhone Safari.

  • They are out of tickets. What an absolute rubbish system and promotion.

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    If anyone is looking for tickets, I have three tickets for 02:35PM.

    • Is it for the full climb or express ?

      • Full climb.

    • Hi ravendr, do you still have these tickets ? If you do I will buy from you.

    • Hi ravendr,

      I am new to this and not sure how PM you as it wont allow me.

      Do you still have the 2.35pm that you dont need ? If you dont need them, I am interested in getting from you.

  • -1

    I also have 2 tickets for the morning session (7 - 7.30am) that were booked erroneously (I was receiving errors but it looks like the booking went through, and I ended up making a second booking). Please PM me if interested.

  • I booked 3 tickets. Paid and got the invoice. I was quite sure i picked the full climb but invoice say its Express. What to do now? I already sent a message to them about it. No reply yet.

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    BOOKED! PLENTY OF TICKETS LEFT, use metalporns method:

    Go to bridgeclimb.com page and click on "Buy Now" and then before it goes to https://bridgeclimb.queue-it.net in a new Tab stop it from your Browser as it first tries to go to the payment page on https://secure.bridgeclimb.com/bridgeclimb/book/climbs/ and that Redirects it to Queueit page. Here you can select date, time, and no of people climbing. If you don't see Time select other dates first and then select 1st of October and then it will load the time.

    • ^ this method works.
      I just tried it.
      ( I didn't buy a ticket though. There are still lots of morning slots available).

  • Are we sure tickets bought through the hack will be honoured? $98 is not a small sum to risk.

    • My credit card is charged and booking confirmation sent to my email. I can’t see why they wouldn’t.

      • Because "12:22 PM - UPDATE: ALL TICKETS SOLD OUT" but tickets are still available via the hack.

    • +1

      if you get email confirmation then you're all good, otherwise sue them

      • +1

        Or call bikies

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    Our $98 tickets for October 1 have sold out. Please subscribe above, due to such high demand we are working on another offer just for people like you who have been in the queue"

  • +1

    Below slots are left now (as of 12:47pm AEST):

    Normal climb

    Express climb

    • At 13:00 AEST, I only see these are available:

      21st Birthday Express Day Climb

      21st Birthday BridgeClimb Day Climb

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        The booking form is so broken.

        • I was sure i picked normal Full climb
          It didnt even say Express. When i paid, the invoice shown it to be Express. And judging by the times. Seems like everyone bought Express..

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    • Until you use the hack, then these tickets become available:

      EXPRESS Day - 10:30, 12, 12:30, 1
      DAY - 1
      NIGHT - 8pm

      See how these vary from those reported half an hour ago?

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    Complete waste of time, I should have checked OzBargain earlier re hack. Entered useless virtual line at 9am and had taken five virtual steps by midday. Knew tickets would be gone, just curious whether line would progress or remain paused for eternity. Stuff your birthday offer, marketing fail.

  • If anyone has 1, 2 or 3 spares during the day please PM me. Would like to get them for my parents.

    • Likewise if anyone has 2 spare tickets for anytime after 6pm please PM me.

    • Same here. I'm looking for just 1 spare will do. Anytime will do. Many thanks

      • Hi I have one spare ticket but, pm me if anyone is interested.
        It is for 28th Oct. PM me.

        • Is it still available? can you message me pls? as I can't start the conversation thanks

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    Managed to get 2 tix, but selected the full climb confirmation say its Express………sigh

    • This happened to me too. I tried calling but no response..

      • +1

        I chat them online, they cannot help on this, whole day has been booked out, no room to move us, 100% sure I selected full climb. Let me know if they could resolve this for you, otherwise we have to enjoy city views on a lower arch and Bridge architecture around. My one is on 17:40, not sure what a night express walk will be like tho…

        • +1

          I tried chatting with them online and there was a wait. Was at work so couldn't wait for them. Auto message advised me to leave a message which i did but doubt they would respond
          I was hoping for them to respond quicker to sort it out before end of the day. Like what you said once its booked its difficult to move people
          Mines at 10:40am.

          Express option is still decent. You would still reach the very top of the arch for a group photo. The only differences its quicker, less steps taken. But the ascend and descend is via the lower arch. We can't bring our phones anyway so doesn't really matter as long we reach to the very top!

          • @itonez: Mate, for further enjoyment I am gonna learn some bridge architecture from now, lol

    • I didn't even know what was available after my first order attempt failed, but when I got the confirmation it was the Express. I'm happy with it, just hope our kids are ok.

    • +1

      This also happened to me. What can we do now? This is so unfair..

      • Not sure why this has happened to us all, if they could solve this for you, let me know :) Otherwise I think we have to stay positive, like @itonez said, $98 for express still decent, you still reach the top and enjoy a view with Bridge architecture all around you, full climb is good but it stop for way to long at different parts of the bridge and also a longer prep work. And this won't be my last climb anyway.

        • I called BridgeClimb and was offered to book any day or night session within the first week of October for the Full Bridge Climb. I decided to change it to 6th Oct. So glad I now have better tickets on a more convenient day and that it worked out in the end.

  • Back in the 80's and early 90's I use to ring the Sydney Harbour Bridge Authority to ask permission for access to the top of the Bridge to take photographs of Naval ships entering and leaving Sydney Harbour from Garden Island Naval Base. It was never a problem, no safety gear or guide ropes. Come and collect the gate key and away I would go unescorted. Did that at least five times during that period and many of my co-workers also had unlimited access. I would never pay the exorbitant fees they are charging now.

  • The website says the below: Will it be included in the birthday special ticket as well ? Any idea.

    "Your ticket inclusions: Both Climbs include a BridgeClimb cap, a Certificate of Achievement, Climb Group Photo, and a free pass to The Pylon Lookout."

  • Well, that was as s**t an experience as I was thinking it would be.

    I forgot to read this thread & only kept one window open on the queue. The queue time lengthened & lengnthened & then the queue paused & then it went to Bad Gateway.

    Hope the profiteering fatcats behind BridgeClimb Sydney have a real bad day, forever!!

  • Anyone get 8pm session express or 7pm full bridge climb?
    I got one of each because 2 couldn’t get through.
    Anyone wanting to swap so other half can go up together pls

  • Great post thanks, called at 0900 and only waited for about 20 mins.

  • +2

    Update, I finally got through at lunch and explained what a disaster the whole thing was. They took my details and just rang me with the same offer for any day in October. Now have a weekend climb booked in for the family late October. I’m guessing anyone who left their details on the site will get a call. Fingers crossed.

    • Same thing happened to me! I got a call and a text from Bridgeclimb saying that I could book any day in October for up to 4 people for $98.

  • I definitely booked the normal climb (2 tickets), but received the confirmation for the express one!! Damn it!

  • Anyone who got 5:00pm ish booking wants to swap a full climb slot starts from 12:55pm?

    • I was worried it would be too hot on a sunny day around midday to 1PM… Picked after 3:30 instead.

  • Hey all! I have two Full Bridge climb tickets for 5.25pm and two Full Bridge climb tickets for 6.25pm. I was hoping to get tickets for around 3.15–4.45pm, but in the mess, I was only able to nab these. If anyone has two Full Bridge climb tickets for 3.15–4.45pm, and would like to swap them for 5.25pm or 6.25pm, I'd be happy to do that. We can call them and get the names and emails associated with the booking changed pretty easily, I think. Feel free to PM me.

    • +1

      Missed out on the sale. Be keen to buy them if you are selling.

      • Not selling, but keen to exchange these for a climb starting 3.15–4.45pm.

      • I have one ticket on 28th OCT at 4.30PM, if you want PM me.

  • Woohoo. I got a call from them. My booking got messed up and I got moved to a better time on the 2nd.

    Good job Bridgeclimb.

  • I got called too and offered to book any day or night period in October! I did try to check out twice when the sale started - selected the tickets I wanted but payment couldn't go through at the time. Stoked I got even better tickets than what I originally wanted!

    Props to this company - they dealt with this very well!

    • Cool! Did they offer you pretty much any time you want? Like, could you do a twilight climb if you wanted?

      • any day and time EXCEPT twilight

        • Haha. Thanks!

  • +1

    Free chocolate before and after the climb today. Thanks to Darrell Lea. Preview of the new favour Harbour Fireworks.

  • +1

    Quite enjoyed our experience today, our guide Hannah was terrific. Got a bit tiring as we made the final ascent to the flagpoles, but the stretched out pace was rather forgiving.

    It's hard to say if I would recommend it. at $100 or $200, it's a go. At $400 it's harder to justify. Having said that, it was quite an operation, with the staff, maintenance, cleaning, logistics etc, etc.

    Thanks O.P. for the deal. The hassle to order in the beginning is a distant memory, but if not for some tips by fellow OzBargainers, could've missed out altogether despite doing what was asked of us!

    • Couldn’t agree more, was a great experience and the actual price is reasonable once you factor in all the logistics