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[PS4] 10% off PES 2020 $60.29 Delivered @ OzGameShop


I've been on the fence about picking up a new game due to the sheer amount of games I want this month but couldn't resist PES at this price. $18 cheaper than the next best price I could find.

The code runs for the next couple of days, can be used on any games other than pre-orders and sale items so happy shopping.

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    Is that code just for this game?

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      No. It's sitewide (excluding pre-orders, special offers, sale items and consoles).

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        What this guy said ^

      • Cool
        Pre order is what I was after. I forgot you can't use codes for those though.

        No yakuza collection $7 off for me.

  • Feels faster than the demo but passing and trapping the ball feels better.

    I haven't played a non computer game yet so not sure how this will translate to online games.

    At least they did better than last year where the demo was good and the main game wasn't.

    • There's a speed setting in the options I believe.

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        Online is set at default though.

        If I was to play a master league I'd definitely turn it down one

        • Ahh I get ya. I told myself I wouldn't buy another Konami game after the Kojima situation but after playing FIFA for a couple of years I'm back with my tail between my legs.

          • @Where's_That_Cake: I'm jealous you could enjoy Fifa
            I really could never stand it

            Well since Road to the world cup '98 anyway

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              @iamhurtin: It was the pay to win that finally killed my interest in it. I was always a PES fan first and foremost.

              • @Where's_That_Cake: What was your first kcet soccer game?

                Mine was Iss deluxe for snes I think

                • @iamhurtin: Same here, international superstar soccer. I have great memories of playing one of the Pro Evo's on ps1 where my friends banned me from using Brazil as I'd switch Roberto Carlos to a forward and score from anywhere.

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    Why would anyone buy FIFA over this? Fantastic game.

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      Asking questions like that will give you a headache

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    ozgameshop - 10% voucher code. 1 minute later price jack on products. Shame you can't stack your ozgameshop points with the code.

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