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Samsung Galaxy Note10+ 256GB $1189 (Was $1699), Galaxy Note10 256GB Single Sim $1049 (Was $1499) @ Samsung Education Store


Note 10 and Note 10+ hybrid sim at a new low as far as I can tell.

iPhone user going back to Android here. $1,900 for the new iPhone with 64GB storage in 2019 was motivation to head back! First Note for me!


Terms & Conditions

30% off the RRP on Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ commences at 9:00am (AEST) on 11 September 2019, and closes at 11:59pm (AEST) on 22 September 2019, unless withdrawn earlier. Prices are marked. Offers only available to eligible customers. Not available in conjunction with any other offer unless otherwise advised. Discounts are not transferable, exchangeable or redeemable for cash. Offers available while stocks last. These offers (including the offer period) may be modified in Samsung’s sole discretion. Offer subject to Samsung Enhanced Partnership Program Terms of Sale. Email [email protected] or call 1300 362 603 for questions regarding this offer.

Edit: Same price on Government Portal

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      • Bloody Hell.I bought it for $1359 from EDU store less than a month back.

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    These Sammy phones don't hold up the value quite well don't they?

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      they're basically trying to flood the market before the iphones come out

    • Honestly, idk why Samsung dropped the price even more?
      I never saw them drop below $1350 on ebay or on facebook for $1250 new?
      So what do they do?

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        A middle finger to Apple and other phone brands

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          a middle finger to those who will want to resell too..

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            @whoopdeedoo: Honestly that's the risk the resellers took when they purchase through these portals.
            Samsung even set a limit to how many you're allowed to buy from each category I think 5 phones max?
            It was never intended for profit resell purposes but nonetheless yes Samsung did put a middle finger to resellers

            I think it's great that they lower the prices. Labour cost and material cost may have increased but the technology is more or less reached a ceiling effect. Flagship "premium" phones shouldn't be $1000+ that's just greed

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              @omgilia: it shouldnt cost an extra $250 to get a useable amount of storage cough cough

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    Same price at government portal

    Happy to help someone out at cost price

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      Also happy to help out using Healthcare portal.

      • What's the healthcare portal? My wife is a registered nurse (NSW), would she have access to it?

        • Australian government portal using her health.nsw.gov.au email. If she doesn't have one, get her to fill in the form and sign off from her manager to get access to email

    • Are any other models on sale too or just the note 10

    • Does it include 5g?

    • Sent you a msg

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    Note 10 pretty impressed with the battery life.. Nearly two days of use before recharge. Qualcomm variant

      1. Note 10 normal not plus?
      2. SD855 imported version?
      3. In those 2 days, how long was it on Wi-Fi vs. 4G? Also what sort of usage?

      Asking because I too am very interested in importing a N9700 (the SD855 Note 10) since the Exynos battery drain is so trash

      • Very important.
        , thought my phone was a dud but when connect to wifi only lost 2% in 2 h, on 4g lose 40% in 2h

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      Pretty sure this the Exynos and not the Qualcomm variant

    • where did you pickup the qualcomm variant from?

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    I am another one moving from iPhone to Android (or in process of) after today Apple waste event and ugly iPhone there is no future of my buying another iPhone.
    Apple = Expensive + Ugly and now OS unstable as well.

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      Android user here and in no way attacking, curious about what you mean by the OS being unstable? Apple users love the OS for its 'pick up and use'-ability

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        I find iOS actually more complicated to use.

        The back button is in the top left which is a long reach for your thumb now that they have phablet phones. On Android it's on the bottom which is far easier to reach.

        To go to your settings, you have to go home then find the app, then scroll through menus until you find the right one. GPS is located under Privacy for some reason. On Android, you pull down your toggle menu from the notification screen, and let's say you want to go to bluetooth settings, you hold down the bluetooth toggle for a shortcut to the bluetooth settings menu. No need to navigate to the settings app. Though there is also a shortcut to go to the settings from the pull down menu.

        You can toggle a small number of things on iOS if you swipe up, but there is no shortcut to the wifi or bluetooth settings through there. You still have to go home, then find the settings app, then go through the menus until you find it.

        I just find this clunky. I'm not really getting what's so pickup and useable about it. The built in keyboard is especially balls. Particularly if you're on a smaller phone and not the plus sized one. The dot (period, full stop) is on a separate page.. wtf? No numbers row or even any long press for secondary function if you're on a smaller phone. You have to go to a separate page every time. Thankfully they let you change to a different keyboard now, but for the built in apps, it still defaults to the iOS keyboard. I've always found their built in keyboard utter trash and don't know how Apple users put up with it for so long.

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          Not sure all of this works for newer iPhones but works on iPhone 8 down.

          The back button on IOS is a swipe from the left of the screen in. Forward to what was before is right of screen in. (this works from any point of the screen)

          On the newer XR/XS phones up. Swipe the bottom left/right to toggle between apps.

          To toggle the Bluetooth, swipe up from the bottom and then press and hold the bluetooth icon/then press and hold again. Then press 'bluetooth settings'

          For the keyboard, you can change the keyboard to gboard, grammarly and few others. Although, the UI tends to stay the same, so i get your point of the numbers.

          Hope that helps.

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            @checkingthisout: Alright, my iPad is iOS 12.4.1. I'm going to try this.

            The back button on IOS is a swipe from the left of the screen in.

            This is still a long stretch if you're swiping from the left edge. A button on the bottom is not only closer, but faster than a swipe.

            On the newer XR/XS phones up. Swipe the bottom left/right to toggle between apps.

            I'm aware of this. They added these gestures to the iPad also with newer OS updates. If you swipe beyond half way up the screen, it is Home. If you swipe less than half way up, it is task manager. This requires precision that my computer illiterate mother (who has inherited all my Apple devices) will not possess. It will frustrate her. I can get used to it, but will still prefer buttons which are simply and require no precision.

            To toggle the Bluetooth, swipe up from the bottom and then press and hold the bluetooth icon. Then press 'bluetooth settings'

            This does not happen for me. If you hold down the Bluetooth icon, it just enlarges the 4 item submenu it is part of: Aeroplane Mode, AirDrop, Wifi and Bluetooth. It does not link to Bluetooth settings. You can toggle them on and off, but you can't go to the Bluetooth settings menu to pair new devices for example. To do that, you still have to locate the settings app on your home screen. There's no other shortcut to the settings menu like you get with Android which I find more robust.

            • @lostn: With the Bluetooth try holding down the bluetooth icon again in the 4 item submenu, it works for me on iPhone 7 running iOS 13. Might be different on iPadOS.

              • @checkingthisout: Just tried it. No go on my iPad.

                It is not using iPad OS. It is just iOS 12. I am not going to update. I also hate how forceful they are with updates. They download in the background and the install screen is forced onto you. If you cancel it will keep coming back until you accept it. I have tried hacks with VPN and an xml file that tricks the server into thinking it's already updated. It doesn't work, or doesn't work anymore.

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                  @lostn: iPadOS is definitely worth it, it's a different evolution made for iPad and adds features that were needed from the beginning such as better file management.


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                    @checkingthisout: I understand that iPadOS will be more robust and versatile. But my mum won't understand it and won't be able to handle change. It would lead to more "tech support" which is annoying enough as it is. If I'm to give it to her some day, I have to keep it simple, which means not updating to something that changes the way things are done.

                    There's already too many different gestures to remember based on how many fingers you use and what direction you swipe. They added a bunch of new ones in iPad OS.

            • @lostn: I switched to gestures on my p30 pro (swiping from the edge or bottom of the screen etc) and I dont want to go back to pressing button on the bottom of the screen! And I never owned an apple phone till now. Just love the gestures more than buttons.

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                @John Doh: cool.

                I like buttons because you only press them once, and don't need to drag your finger. Just seems quicker and more second nature to me. There's less opportunity for error.

                • @lostn: Trust me, I was using buttons since the xperia 10. Gestures feel way better. Of course from what I have read, huawei has implemented gestures better than sammy. The only problem i see is fast forwarding youtube videos at the beginning of the video, as trying to swipe to make the video fast forward makes the phone think its a gesture. I would never ever want to go back to buttons again. :)

                  • @John Doh: I'll accept that they feel better to you.

                    They don't feel better to me (I am not new to gestures), and won't for my mum, which is important because she'll need my help every time she doesn't understand what she's doing because she didn't do it correctly. She's already doing that. It's only going to get worse.

                    I would give her an old simple dumb phone with no touch screen if I could but those are only 2G compatible and won't even get reception now. Also she needs a good camera so they're out.

                    If Huawei have ditched buttons and gone gesture exclusive, then I will never own a Huawei phone which is a shame. I liked the zoom of the P30.

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      Long time Android user here too and I 100% agree with the 'expensive' aspect, but Apple has the most fluid OS and chipsets and that's a fact.

      • No it's not a fact at all.

        I use the OnePlus 7 Pro and it's faster and more "fluid" than the iPhone in every way.

        The iPhones are still very fast and smooth phones but the best Androids are just as good if not better.

        • You can't buy OnePlus direct, they don't offer walk in support in capital cities, or easy repairs/replacements, they don't have a warranty close to Apple (even though at times it's not perfect with Apple). That's the price you get though it's $800-900 instead of $1600+. So worth it for some people.

          In terms of performance, the A series processors from Apple are the best. The iPad Pro is insane. It shows a double multi core performance test on geekbench (it's a synthetic benchmark) http://browser.geekbench.com/ios-benchmarks

          Everything has a price and Samsung honestly is pretty decent when considering price/performance/warranty.

        • I use the OnePlus 7 Pro and it's faster and more "fluid" than the iPhone in every way.

          Faster than which iPhone, exactly? There's still several generations available from Apple themselves, at this point.

          The current gen iPhone that was just announced has a measurably superior chipset. The chipset is categorically the deciding factor in how a phone will perform. You can't just keep adding RAM to a phone and point to that as the speed factor - that's not what RAM does. The A12 Bionic absolutely smacked the Snapdragon 855 - what do you think the A13 Bionic is gonna do?

          The iPhones are still very fast and smooth phones but the best Androids are just as good if not better.

          This is just your misguided opinion. No need to state it as fact.

          • @ThithLord: And still uses lightning? 7.5w wireless charging. Apple are the new Nokia.

            • @BewareOfThe Dog: I like lightning. Is your issue with accessories? Is it the transfer speeds? Are you plugging your phone into your pc often to transfer data?

              I've got no qualms if Apple eventually changes to USB-C, I just can't understand why people keep bringing this up.

              You've ignored everything else I've said and focused on a minor detail.

      • +1

        Most of the flagship androids give the same experience. Gone are the days where android OS were laggy. Ofcourse, as the phone ages and newer apps role out androids become laggy, but so do apples.

    • I got iPhone 8 as work phone and I was shocked when I found out it cost my work $950.
      I hate it so much I don't even use it. It's so clunky to use, screen quality is something from 5 years ago, the list goes on. God knows how they can sell it for nearly $1k. I wouldn't even pay $500 for it.

    • +4

      I have been a Apple and Samsung users for years, also later become an app developer for both platforms (currently using Samsung s10 and iPhone 8, preowned samsung s3, s5, s7,s9. iPhone 4, 5s, 6s)

      In terms of usability, at least for me, there’s no doubt that iOS is so much simpler to use than android. For short cuts I would believe latest iOS 12 and Android 9 are pretty close, both can do most common settings by 1 slide gesture and 1 button.

      Some common issues on Android

      • file structure, eg taking photos from various apps can have totally different locations on where the files are stored

      • memory management are much worst than iOS, the memory garage collector is run randomly and it is easily find so many apps that are not programmed well to take so much memory and battery usage at the background (Android 8 has tried to improve this a bit by not allowing app to live long, but still not come close to iOS)

      • yes it true that android flagship processor are very fast these days (eg snapdragon 845), however software and hardware optimization on android are usually bad because no phone manufacturer owns the OS and each of them try to heavily customize to fit their own style. Compare to iOS, as apple take full control of os and hardware their hardware utilisation are so much more efficient, this is easily finding that android apps are more likely to crash than iOS (just in general)

      • android phones are not OS future proof, even for big ones like Samsung and Huawei, you rarely see any flagship phones able to upgrade more than 2 OS versions. Eg. Samsung S6 will not be able to upgrade to android 9 by any chance. While in iOS, 6 years phone can still upgrade to latest iOS 12

      To be fair, there are also some issues to iOS
      - over price for sure

      • many must have features in today’s phone are still missing (eg fast wireless charging, under screen fingerprint sensor, NFC pairing, type C port etc)

      • less customization (not like Android where you can set your own launch screen and widgets)

      • pretty inconvenient when using windows machine for connection

      Below is one of my recent personal experience:
      Recently my mum bought a new Huawei Mate 20 pro, she wants to transfer some of her photos received from Whatsapp to her computer
      When she plug the phone to the windows PC, it is charging but not recognised as a "drive"
      She called me and I tried to do a Team Viewer quick support to control her phone
      unfortunately team viewer doesnt works on her phone as it seems one extension plug in was missing
      I then spend nearly 2 hours on the phone just to guide her how to slide down and open the Notification Center
      click on the USB connection type and change to "charging and file transfer"
      It's a totally real pain for a non-tech user (like my mum) to use most of the features in Android

      Thus, I would suggest for people that just want something to be workable on day 1
      and do not want to spend time in exploring features, or even "rooting devices"
      just go with iPhone and you will never get wrong!

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    I think Apple is doing the eco-environmental friendly well. They are recycling the iPhone for 3 years already!

    • +3

      and there's no doubt that they'd been "top notch" since the past 3 yrs as well!!

    • I think they've just run out of innovation.

      Like Samsung, they were on a sort of Intel tick-tock cycle where one of them is a redesign, and the following year (the S model) is just a refinement of the same body and design. It meant as long as you're not on the S cycle, you always get the model with new redesigns, and not just the previous model with a faster processor, improved camera and some minor update.

      Looks like the refinement phase is two years now instead of one. Which means if you're on a two year upgrade cycle, you are going to cycle between new design and iteration, instead of always being on the new design.

  • can anyone send me a screen shot of this? I would like to make a claim.


    • +2

      PM sent with screenshot :)

      • thank you so much!

      • Pls can you send me a screenshot as well thanks

      • Would you be able to send this to me aswell? Sorry to be a pain!

      • Can you please sent me a screenshot as well. Thank you very much

      • Can you please send me a screenshot for 10+ 5G? :)

        Would love love to claim back from 28Degrees!

        • Just read through 28Degrees T&Cs and dont think the Samsung EPP Price is covered:

          Price Protection does not cover a lower price:

          due to price matching,
          that is conditional on cash payment,
          offered as part of a special deal involving other items or benefits,

          that is wholesale, direct from importers, duty free, for commercial quantities or trade buyers,

          due to corporate discounts, non-public or club membership discounts, or group offers,

          due to inclusion of cash back offers (whether cash, vouchers or otherwise),
          due to pricing error or mispriced item,
          where the item is not in stock and immediately available (e.g. no backorders or rain checks),

          on marketplace, daily deal or auction websites, except a 'buy it now' price of an Australian retailer's online store within one of these websites,

          at any other Australian retailer's 'closing down', 'going out of business', or similar sale.

      • @sloshie can you PM me the screenshot as well please?
        256 and 512 note 10 plus if you could!

    • +1

      Wow. This will be my first try at claiming a price drop using the Citibank Signature card.

      Not in my wildest imagination did I expect the $1349 of the Note 10+ with the EDU discount to drop to $1289 in less than a month?


      • Doesn't the price difference have to exceed $75 for Citibank price protection?

        • My mistake. $1349 to $1189…

          • @khangu: Oops my mistake for not reading the title. As you were.

      • Good luck. I think they only allow catalogs for price protection. Screen shots aren’t valid

        • Haven't looked into it in any detail yet, but hoping for the best. Will update their response.

      • Didn't realise the Signature card had price protection?

        • I believe it's 60 days between purchase and pricedrop. It's not a huge amount of time, so I had always assumed I'd never get to try it out… but Samsung did something I'd never expect. Price dropping their flagship before release, and again a month after release albeit to a select group of people…

  • +1

    Also, don't forget you get the bonus wireless pack for free!

    • I thought you can't

    • How to get that?

    • +1

      Can you please provide more information on this bonus?

      • https://imgur.com/a/Y64tJ3U

        Seems like no one else is getting?

        • Did you use any coupon or you just add them to the cart?

          • @monpemon: Very strange… I'm using the EPP store? Is it different from the edu?

            And I didn't add it to cart it adds automatically

        • I added both in the cart, but not getting the wireless pack free. How did you get it? Are you on edu store?

        • mine says 79 bucks man

    • how?

    • how do you claim that?

    • Please enlighten us!

      • It's on the EPP portal. I'd assume all EPP offers applied equally to education store but apparently not.

    • I’m with Westpac as well and didn’t manage to get that deal. Would be great if there was some more details provided on how you did this.

    • that is definitely only for your westpac group .. tried it with my NBN epp and can confirm that i don't have the offer for the battery pack ..

  • +1

    Thank you OP!!!! Finally sorted a gift to my missus!

    • How did you get it ?

      • what do you mean?

        • +22

          He meant to ask How did he get the missus

  • +5

    $2500 for 512gb iPhone 11 Pro Max lol. All that extra $$$ for an extra wide angle camera is insane.

    • Tbf they did drop the prices across the board. It's the tanking dollar that's the biggest grief right now.

    • +1

      Might as well buy a good lens for a DSLR. 👌

    • Wait till Trump's new tariffs begin in December..

    • That's no more expensive than the 512GB XS Max from last year.

  • Hmmmm Note 10 or S10+. Decisions…..

    • +1

      I m going to sell my S10+ and get the Note 10+. Prefers the larger screen.

      • Interesting, any particular reasons why mate?

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