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Scoot O/W Berlin / Athens from Perth $309, Gold Coast $329, Sydney $339, Melbourne $339 @ Flyscoot.com


Sale Period:

PER: (GMT+8) 0600hr 11 Sep 2019 (Wed) – 2359hr 17 Sep 2019 (Tue)
MEL/OOL/SYD: (GMT +10) 0800hr 11 Sep 2019 (Wed) – 0159hr 18 Sep 2019 (Wed)

Travel Period: 10 Jan 2020 to 15 Jun 2020

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    For what it's worth it doesn't appear to be a "one way price low, return price high" deal, it looks like price is same in both directions. Via Changi. Great prices!

  • What's the price including bags and food?

    • -2

      Plus ~$145 each way (SGD $137.04 for me when selecting GC to Athens) edit: no cabin baggage, that's another $110 for cabin baggage

      • So it's just $290 (return) for food? I would sneak in a few sandwiches, chips and fruit…

        • $290 return for food and 20kg of checked baggage

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        no cabin baggage, that's another $110

        10kg Cabin Baggage is included!
        Cabin baggage allowance is 10kg (maximum 2 pieces including a laptop/handbag) in Economy shown during booking

        Costs for GC - Athens ($1 less on return):
        $106 to "Add another cabin bag" (same cost as 20kg bag!) - much cheaper to include in baggage!
        Bag $106/134/166 etc (20/25/30kg)

        Food eg $17 for Nasi Lemak
        But with long stopover in Singapore - may do without, or take snacks. I'll eat in Singapore Airport & take advantage of OzBargain Deals there - staff canteen, etc.

        On my chosen flights 0900-0905/11:30-0740…
        Stopovers: 1520-0235 & 0335-1015!

        So $725 ($329/$396) GC - Athens return for 4 weeks in mid May - June, for this traveller who regularly who only takes 7kg cabin luggage & full pockets👍

        • Athens average max / min / rain:
          April 20° / 12° 3 days
          May 25° / 16° 2 days
          June 29° / 20° 1 day

        • Agh… 40 hours of stopover on trip has dampened my enthusiasm.
          18h40m stopover on return & 11h15m to Athens.

        • +1

          Whoops. Apologies for poor reading of their site, it wasn't super clear to me

          • @DisabledUser50310: 😊
            Don't worry - I made a few mistakes in comments about flight times & long stopovers (now corrected).

            I thought it was strange to charge (& so much) for small carry-on. That would be a new low!

            Reluctantly negged your comment to draw attention to your (accidental) mistake with carry-on.

            It might put off a frugal traveller like me (just back from $1 each way flights GC-Adelaide - no extra fees!)😉

            10kg is generous compared with my usual Jetstar with 7kg (carry-on weighted both ways last month!). Have only travelled with carry-on (day pack & another small bag) for years. There's always another few kg in my jacket pockets! Wear multiple layers of heaviest clothes & take off in flight… (I've taken a tent & camping gear to Japan for many weeks in 10kg carry-on.)

            And summer in Greece is pretty pleasant🌞
            A great time for travelling light - taking a few light clothes & buying some there to bring home😊

            Happy travels!

  • amazing price from perth

    • Quoted price only applies on 3 days at the end of January. And no return flights.

  • What about the return leg? Looks like its over 450 for it without bag or food

  • Grabbed this, thanks. Noticed that only the return trip was reduced for me though. Probably just the dates I'm travelling

    • After selecting dates, next screen shows prices. Click Show Whole Month to see other available prices.

      On some dates the cheaper fare is available on the return flight.

  • +1

    Deals at Singapore Airport between flights:
    Free 2.5hr Tours for Transit Passengers @ Changi Airport
    Must arrive 1hr before for Registration at T2 or T3
    Flight Departure Time must be 2.5hr after tour
    Can't leave tour as group is processed through immigration. you can choose to remain on board the tour bus which will make a stop at Jewel Changi Airport after Terminal 3

    Heritage Tour 0900 / 1000 / 1230 / 1430 / 1600

    City Sights Tour 1800 / 1930

    Scoot flights arrive / depart from T1 from 22/10/19
    Must not go to through immigration, but transit to T2 or T3.

    Eat at Changi Airport (Singapore) Staff Canteen from SGD4

    Unfortunately these TR Code Scoot flights don't qualify for $1 hotel as aren't SQ Code Shared flights.

  • Be warned: 40hr stopovers in Singapore on return flights I looked at.
    Look out for (2 days) in flight times!

    eg Athens - Gold Coast 11:30-0740 (2 days), 37h10m with 18h40m stopover on 18h30m flights!!
    Gold Coast to Athens 0900-0905 with 11h15m stopover.

  • why is the travel period different than this date?
    PER: (GMT+8) 0600hr 11 Sep 2019 (Wed) – 2359hr 17 Sep 2019 (Tue)

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