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100k-150k Qantas FF Points @ Citi VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card, $5K Spend in 90 Days; $49 First Year Fee


Looks like Citi are offering a decent deal on their Signature QFF VISA card again.

This deal offers:

100,000 QFF points with a $5,000 minimum spend in the first 90 days. Reduced annual fee of $49 in the first year; and

50,000 QFF points upon paying the $444 annual fee for the second year (annual fees, particularly of that magnitude, are not to my tastes but each to their own).

Card also provides travel insurance, and two lounge passes p.a. via Priority Pass.

Again, that $444 annual fee in the second year is a whopper. But happily there is no obligation to stick around for the second year, so deliberate thoroughly on how badly you want those additional 50,000 QFF points.

I posit that this deal is superior to the previously posted deal on account of the reduced annual fee in the first year. But perhaps comparable to this earlier deal.

Earn Rates

1.00 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Airlines, Hotels and Restaurants)
0.75 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (Major Supermarkets, Petrol Stations, retailers)
0.50 Qantas Point per $ Domestic Spend (All Other)
1.00 Qantas Point per $ International Spend

With the economy slowing down and abounding speculation of an imminent recession, there's never been a better time to accumulate personal debt. Onwards!

Those who do not have a Qantas Frequent Flyer account can get free membership from one of the free membership deals here.

NOTE: The random referral system is for a different card - Citi Rewards Platinum. Please don't use the referral link if you're applying for the card in this deal, which is the Citi VISA Signature Qantas Credit Card.

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    • Just want to added that I also applied for the ANZ deal the day before that and still nothing from them.

  • After getting rejected twice from the past deals. This time Citi approved my Signature card. A week before I got declined for ANZ card, I thought this would affect the credit and may get rejected, took the shot and got approved. Thanks OP.

  • +2

    Just got my 100k points. Arrived in the same statement period that I made the qualifying $5000 purchase

    • Same here. Just got the 100k banked into my Qantas acc. Pretty quick considering they mentioned that it may take up to 8 weeks in their T/Cs. Kudos to Citibank.

  • How have you all registered for the priority pass membership? I tried using the link they provided but it doesnt seem to be working…

  • Is there a way to transfer the priority pass lounge passes? I don't have any use for them

    • Nope.

      I even tried to used my wife's card to pay at the cafe at Sydney airport and got refused. They validate the name on boarding pass with the name on the pp card.

  • Not sure if this have been covered in the vast comments, but spoke to Citibank online and they confirmed it for me. For existing card holders from last promotion, you are able to close your current Citibank Qantas cc and reapply for this promo without any waiting period.

    me: To explain my situation, I currently hold this exact card with Citibank. I would like to know if I close my current account, would I be eligible for this current promotion that Citibank is offering of upto 150,000 bonus points if I where to sign up again?
    Citibank: Yes, this is open for new and existing clients of Citibank. This will be a new account/card which will be subject for credit review and approval.
    me: ok great
    Citibank: Once you have submitted the application online, please allow 5-7 business days to be processed.
    me: Some other financial institutions have a 1 year waiting period to be eligible for new promotions. I couldn't find any information about this in your t&c's, so I would assume there is no waiting period from when an account is closed to be eligible for new promotions
    Citibank: That's correct. We do not have that waiting period the moment you closed/cancelled an account with us.

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      Not sure if this have been covered in the vast comments, but spoke to Citibank online and they confirmed it for me. For existing card holders from last promotion, you are able to close your current Citibank Qantas cc and reapply for this promo without any waiting period.

      See my comment above. Got my 2nd Citibank Qantas Signature this year. The card arrived just before Xmas. Quite impress with Citibank suddenly quick approval process.

    • The phone operator I spoke to said theres a waiting period of 3-6months - in other words that operator had no clue.

  • How do you know if you're in the right credit card programme?

    I triple checked to make sure I was applying for the qantas one, added my frequent flyer number during process but noticed the email said I'm approved for the Citi Rewards Signature Credit Card no mention of qantas.

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      Call them.

    • Email and also the welcome pack they going to send after approval will be standard for Signature - ie won't mentioned anything about Qantas.
      Either call them or log into your account and check

    • +1

      Thanks guys, I ended up calling them and all good. As timbh mentioned the documentation won't mention qantas anywhere but they confirmed I was in that programme and eligible for the bonus points. Sounds like they've had a lot of enquiries about it, the call centre staff member knew was I was questioning straight away.

  • If you cancel the card after you receive the points, and before the 1 year is up, can you avoid the annual fee?

    • never had a credit card before?
      annual fee is charged on the first statement. occasionally the system can not charge it, but that's where it hits you 99.9% of the time.

      • Thanks for the reply. $49 isn't too bad compared to some of the other cards.

        • +1

          $49 is good. The Virgin Flyer is better, it's $60something fee first year, but you get a 129$ voucher that you can sell for $100+ so you make a profit on that already before you take into account the bonus points ;)

  • Applied last night, didnt ask for any proof of income docs.
    Got the approval email/text this morning.

    Brings my total credit limit accross all my cards to $37,000. Totally expected to get rejected for this, especially as i only just made the minimum income

  • I got rejected for this in October. When do you think I'd be able to try reapplying?

    • Just contact them and ask. For Coles Mastercard, it is six months.

  • If you cancel this, do you lose the Priority Pass or does it keep going until the end of the 1 year period?

    • Pretty sure your Priority Pass membership continues until the card expires (which is until the end of the year).

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      I have cancelled my Citi card few days ago, and Priority Pass is expired now.

      • i'm sure i read somewhere that you have to present your citi card as well as the priority pass when using it. can't find it now though

        • I just showed my digital Priority Pass and Boarding Pass. They did not even ask me to show my Citi Card.

        • If that ever were a rule, it isn't now (and I don't think it ever was).

    • When I signed up for the priority pass it said that any additional visits or guest visits would be charged to your Citibank card. Seemed like it is linked but not 100% sure.

      • Cheers

        Anyone had any experience using the money for cafe visits at Sydney airport ? Helps you get some free food at an otherwise overpriced place IMO

        • Yes, you get AUD 36 worth of food or drink on using your Priority Pass. If your bill is more than that, you pay extra by cash/card.

          • @dc1: Great will bring to airport next time I'm there

        • Does this count as a visit or is it a complementary thing? If it’s complementary, is there a limit on how many times you can claim the free food?

          • @alteclan: Unfortunately, it counts as a visit (out of 2 complementary visits).

            • @dc1: thanks. do you need to show both the cc and priority card to claim visit? Would priority card only be enough?

              • @alteclan: Ignore, had a look at your previous reply

              • @alteclan: I would recommend you to carry both, your Credit Card and Priority Pass. Just in case, if some Lounge insists on showing your CC.

    • No, any Priority Pass issued in conjunction with a credit card will be cancelled at the same time as the credit card, as the two are linked.

      • That's helpful thanks, is there anything written in the T&C's? I couldn't find anything

  • This is now called the Citi Premier Qantas Credit Card.

    My application got rejected back in September.
    Just reapplied and got provisional approval with a ridiculous credit limit.

  • I got approved last week (Wednesday) - any idea how long it normally takes to get the card? Have a couple of big payments that ideally would need to drop on it in the next day or so. Otherwise is there any other way of finding out the expiry/cvc?

    • +1

      For those playing at home, it came yesterday.

      One slightly annoying thing that I didn't realise - while it works on Samsung Pay, it doesn't work on Google Pay :(.

  • I had an issue with Citi's website, didnt give me an application no, nothing, couldnt complete the application so I made a second one. The second application got rejected immediately because your not allowed to apply for the same product within 3-6 months of the first application. I didnt know this because their website 'application status' checker said the application was pending. I called their credit card department and was told I needed to call the general department and got transferred, the general department said my query was about credit and transferred me back to the same girl in credit. They could have apologized and allowed my second application to be re-opened? This is the first business that has gone above and beyond ensuring that they dont want my business - Good luck if you want this product, just beware their support is the worst Ive ever experienced and that you will be signing up for a flakey website and clueless phone/email support.

  • Got declined for this despite having an income well above the required minimum, and a flawless credit history at all 3 reporting agencies.


    Still, good deal for those who managed to get approved.

  • I've just received my QF bonus points several days ago - one day after statement day. Thumb up to Citibank for fastest time to credit the points.

    Going to close the account soon. Thank you Citibank, hope to see you again in similar deals in future :)

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