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Hungry Jack's Vouchers (Valid Until 25th November 2019)


HJ's voucher is back. Starting from 17th.I apologize in advance for low resolution image. I will upload better image today evening.


MOD: high resolution PDF updated, thanks to admello. Updated to Official Vouchers from Hungry Jacks.

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    haha potato quality pic

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      Shot with Hash Brown Pro Plus 11.

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        Hash Brown Phone is fine

        • Coupons accepted at my local HJ - finally they do SOMETHING right…

      • That PDF makes my computer lag. T_T

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          The vouchers available in the latest coupon sheet are:

          Bacon & Egg Muffin, Hash Brown and Small Coffee for $4.45 (was $3.95)
          2 Brekky Wraps for $6.95 (NEW)
          Chicken Royale Small Meal for $3.95
          10 Nuggets & Large Chips for $5.95
          2 Whopper Jrs and 2 Small Chips for $6.95 (increased from $5.95)
          2 Tendercrisp for $8.45
          2 Whoppers $8.45
          2 Bacon Deluxe $8.95 (increased from $8.75)
          2 Small Whopper Meals $12.95 (increased from $11.95)
          2 Small Tendercrisp Meals $12.95 (increased from $11.95)
          2 Hunger Tamers Meals (2 Bacon Deluxe, 2 BBQ Cheeseburgers, 6 Nuggets, 2 Medium Chips, 2 Medium Drinks) $19.95
          These vouchers been removed from the vouchers that expired 19 August 2019:

          Medium Battered Onion Rings for $2
          Belgian Choc Lava Cake for $3
          BBQ Cheeseburger, Small Chips & Small Drink for $3.75
          Whopper Junior Small Meal for $5
          2 Vegan Cheeseburgers for $9.95
          2 Avocado BLT Chicken Wraps for $9.95

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            @capslock janitor: On the other side:
            $2 large sundaes (App Only)
            $5 Whopper Junior Small Meal (App Only)
            2 Vegan Cheeseburgers for $9.95
            2 Avocado BLT Chicken Wraps for $9.95
            Medium Battered Onion Rings for $2
            BBQ Cheeseburger, Small Chips & Small Drink for $3.95 (+$0.20)

            Interesting how it's just as cheap for a Chicken Royale Meal now as a BBQ Cheeseburger.

            I'm assuming the app only offers you can only use once.

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        I can't see the page in the deal photo

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      R U OK?

      • Funny thing my local HJ used to plaster these on the windows come due.

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    I thought the paper vouchers were gone for good, thank goodness!

    • Me too. Figured it would all be through the app now.

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      They must've seen a strong dent in their revenue when they went to the crappy app only one time use deals!

      Good to see the vouchers are better at Hungry Jacks.

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        The app deals were so bad.

        "Shake to win"


        "$3.50 Chicken Royale! Winner!"

        They're $3.10 normally at my local store ffs.

        So many times I ended up going elsewhere instead of HJ's when they removed the vouchers.

        • +2

          Shake and Win every time:
          - BOGOF Oreo Storm
          - Free Sundae with Grill Masters
          - BBQ Cheeseburger and Small Shake $3 (local doesn't do shakes "would you like a soft drink instead")

          I'm confident that have dramatically decreased the chance of getting anything free, even removed them from the app.

          • +3

            @pennypincher98: I use the shake and win almost every single day, and I usually get a free large drink, free medium chips, or the $3 bacon deluxe or tendercrisps. I seem to have some good luck with it. I usually use it just before I start my shift, in the hope of getting a free drink to sip on during my shift. or a $3 burger to save me having to make something to eat before going to work. (I use the app just before i go to work, to decide whether to prep a meal or not.)

            • @nuttapillar: Ever since they added the $4 Whopper/$2 Rodeo Cheeseburger vouchers about a couple weeks ago, I've stopped getting any of the freebies. Have they removed them from the app?

              • @itsfree: nope, I got a free medium chips today. And still sometimes get the free drink.

            • +1

              @nuttapillar: yeah i have 4 phones so better odds.

            • @nuttapillar: I see the $19.95 2x Hunger Tamer deal on HJ app - does it mean it's now a Menu item?

              • @capslock janitor: I'm not sure. But I'm guessing it's just a deal you can get on your phone. There have been hunger tamers on the menu for years.

                • @nuttapillar: Oh… In the Hungry Offers section. I know tamers been there but do you know if I can go to counter and buy the 2x deal without showing paper voucher?

                  • @capslock janitor: I'm pretty sure only if it's showing up in the vouchers section of the app on your phone.

      • +6

        I was previously going like 5 times a week but now have only been 1 time in 2 weeks. That's like a 90% decrease.

        • +5

          Your body probably thanks you for it*

          *Depending on what you are instead

        • +1

          I used to order big on the weekends after work, take vouchers away…. I went to maccas lol

        • I've totally stopped goin HJs that's cent %

      • anyway of know how much of a dent?

      • +1

        A mate who a manager at HJ i was told 25% loss revenus and 50% at some store.

        • wow, considering the fact that most of the items (in my option are overpriced) using the paper coupons are the only thing keeping the business afloat. using the app is really a bad idea.

          • @godofpizza: Most people that go to HJ dont use the coupons. So its the normal/drunk customers thats keeping it afloat.

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      I'm sure they were, I had a really awkward encounter with a staff member then a manager because I went on the site on my phone, it has a link that says "vouchers" so I download it, and the page implied that all the best deals were on the app but you could still claim the "2x Whoppers for $8" or whatever the deal was.

      They then hounded me saying no to vouchers, can't use that, get the app, etc. I get the app and theres no deals on there.

      • Same.

      • Same here. Then you get put on the spot and have to cave in for the full price meals on the boards.

        Hurts man! Lol

        • +9

          Haha nah I bailed, the manager gave me so much attitude I wasn't spending my money there. I left feedback instead. Not that I want to take personal credit for the vouchers coming back ;)

        • +1

          Hell no… I just said thanks but no thanks and walked away!

          If there's no agreement on price, there's no obligation to buy.
          Don't cave in thinking you're obligated.

    • I was thee this morning and they said only accepting app deals.

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    Did you use a nokia 7610?

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    I guess their hand was forced, but Wow that's quite some price rise…

    • +5

      Smart, keep raising the price and people will stop asking for them, then they get what they wanted.

    • +18

      Everyone wants higher wages, higher rent, higher rates… but keep product prices the same?

      • +21


        • lol - gave you a thumbs up too :D

      • +2

        who's asking for higher rent and rates????????????

        • +1

          The property owners want higher rent and the government want higher rates.

          • @Schmiddler: that's pretty far from "Everyone"… i'd say it's statistically closer to "no one"

      • +1

        I pay higher rent and higher rates so I can't afford HJ if it goes up in price

      • But wages haven't gone up…. actually they've gone down because they haven't kept up with inflation.
        Ever since the Liberal Government came in to power. Funny that.

        • lol, agree. BTW, both parties are two sides of the same coin. That's why even a corporate like HJ's is getting f'ed. lol

  • Yesterday they didn’t accept my voucher

    • +7

      That's because there is no current voucher sheet until this one goes live on the 17th.

      • +1

        Ok thanks.

  • +23

    Was this voucher produced in Minecraft?

    • More like minesweeper.

    • +70

      Cool story


      Their burgers aren’t flame grilled on a flame grill like the ad, they're broiled

      • +28

        Thanks for making sense out of the gibberish posted above.

      • It really should be two sentences, or replace the comma with an en dash or colon. But that's certainly a big improvement!

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    My local HJ said they no longer accept these. Now I have to find another one that does :(

    • +15

      That’s because they temporarily paused the vouchers to promote the app. They should accept these in 5 days.

  • +21

    Thanks OP.
    Looks like they've jacked the prices up though. Seeing less and less value from these vouchers tbh.

    • Price has gone up but is still cheap compared to any other takeaway.

  • +3


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      Maybe not with this picture

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      No. This phone is definitely not fine

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      $444 fine for you, for using phone while driving!

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    Price rise

    • +4

      They will all accept them again in 5 days.

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    Anything on the other side of the sheet?

  • +4

    No offence . But I think the photo is unusable.

  • +7

    Another better quality picture pls , this taken in 2 Whopper pixels :D

  • +6

    That was a quick change of heart! Behold, the power of the OzBargainers!

    • +3


      • Gerry harvey approved "professionals"

        • Careful .. Gerry might go on SkyTv and try prodding Allan Jones to come after youse …

  • Local has a notice on front door saying they don't accept paper vouchers anymore, any chance stores can now opt out?

    • +3

      Check if the notice is still on the front door in 5 days time. My guess is that it will be removed shortly.

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