What Size TV Fits in Your Car?

With so many large screen TV bargains around i think it would helpful for the community to know what maximum boxed TV sizes would fit in each category of car. Especially for those of us without a ute or SUV and want to pick up one of the regular Aldi TV specials.

For example, what is the largest TV you could fit in a Yaris with seats down, Commodore in the back seat etc.

Please share your experiences/nightmares.


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    65" QLED, current model Subaru WRX STI.

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      65" QLEd Suburu Forester 2008. It only just fit.

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        Surprised, its bigger than MY STI, thought it be easy drop in and go.

        oh 2003 WRX wagon, 55" easy

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          There was a bit of room, I doubt a 75" would fit.

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    The limit isn't really the overall room, it's the vertical space required to keep the screen upright.

    • This, so the real limit with my Ranger is the height of the car park of the shop I'm picking it up from.

    • As to not lay the TV down do you mean? I thought that was just for old plasmas
      Edit - nevermind, saw your response below

  • you can always tie it to the roof

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    Wtf? Lol if it doesn't fit then you borrow someone else's or get delivery.

    Unless you come across someone with the same model car, this isn't helpful. Even then they've probably just ordered off ebay to include delivery

    • not the point real mean carry everything and in one trip

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    When I first read it, I thought OP wanted to put a TV in the car to watch it haha

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      I do. Preferably use the TV as my windshield, camera pointing to the road and have a picture in picture experience

    • I'm still pretty sure that's what he's asking …

      biggest problem would be the power pull from the car battery … that & watching TV too close can be bad, if you're in the back seat, I wouldn't recommend going bigger than 40" in the front, if it's on the same row, I'd opt for 24"

      If you had a van, you could go all out and strap a 65" to the back tail gate and rig up some backwards facing seats (but they're not particularly legal in AU

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      Pimp my ride

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    Also consider the weight for manually handling the tv box into the vehicle. Some of the large TVs are heavy.

    To get some tips, go to Ikea on a Saturday afternoon and watch people trying to load their purchases into their cars. Hilarious.

    • That's pretty much the point of my question. Instead of embarrassing yourself by trying to squeeze a huge TV that simply won't fit into your car, tell us what TV just squeezed in.

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        Or, if it's a question you really have to ask, factor in the 50$ delivery to get it to your door (often living room)

      • I haven't bought a new TV in ~6 years; had two different cars in that time.
        Just get it delivered, as you will most likely need installation anyway.

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          you will most likely need installation anyway

          Who would be dumb enough to pay for installation? Lol

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            @montorola: Think of wall mounted brackets and not just to put tv on tabletop.

            If a person was not very handy with tools I suggest paying to have it wall mounted.

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    07 VW Polo - 65 inch with the front head rests removed.. not super safe. If u got rear ended the tv would take your head off lol. Works tho

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      Think you're winning TARDIS on wheels prize here.

    • I did this last year with a dining room table in the back of my Mazda 3. Was kinda scary and dumb but it worked.

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        fun lesson to learn, if you're strapping things into the car, open the doors first or you have to go all "dukes of hazzard" to get into / out of the car

  • IF you want to risk it you can unpack it from the box as that reduces a lot of the bulk.

  • Pretty much 55" is the limit for transporting a TV properly in most hatches or wagons. The limiting factor is the height because you have to stand upright. Sedans are smaller again because it has to sit upright on the back seats.

    You might be able to fit a 65" in some very large, boxy SUVs or people movers due to additional height of the cabin. Large as in a Prado. A CX-5 or Rav4 isn't any larger than a Golf internally for these purposes.

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    65P8 into my forester. The box just fit in with the wheel arches.

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    55 inch in my corolla sedan. You can put the seats down.
    Can probably go a bit bigger if you take it out of the box.

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    Seriously, if you are making a decision on the size of a TV based on the ability to fit it in a car (once), as opposed to the size of the TV in the intended room, TV features, etc., you probably need to think again.

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    Bought a 55" click and collect and proudly thinking I'll have no problems fitting in my sedan against my gf's advice. Boy was I wrong.
    Had to cut quarter of the box and dump it in the bin to get the tv with the rest of the box fit in the back seats(Can't fold backseats).

    Came home to a death stare (I told you so face) from her. 😂

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      Read the whole story but still don't know what car

      • It was a sedan. That narrows it down :P

  • Tv's vary by brand, and the dimensions are usually n most manufacturer websites. I think Aldi, may have ad them before in their catalogue. Take a tape measure with you and measure the box. Fortunately the HN store had boxed stock on the floor, so I knew the 65in would fit.

    I have noticed Hisense boxes are thicker than other brands.

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    Mazda 3 Hatch, I could only JUST fit a 65" Samsung QLED in the back, with my drivers seat pushed all the way forward in an almost unsafe way.

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    I would have said 50" for any kind of car, I know it fits in the back of a sedan anyway, but it looks like others have managed much bigger!

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    What's the technical reason behind having to have the TV upright?

    Personal experience, I live close enough to good guys that I bought a 65" TV and walked home from the store with it. Saved myself $50, but the wife wasn't too impressed. It got pretty heavy by the end.

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      If you lie it flat the screen can vibrate/flex (and break) as the car goes over bumps.

      • My son recently bought a 55" TV and we put it on it's side in the back of my Honda CRV. The retailer never said anything about not transporting on its side. That was the only way to fit it and it was resting on the tops of the fronts seats, driving I was ok but my son as passenger was a bit cramped. Not so comfy but we got it home (30mins later) safely. They put so much styrene packing I can't see how it would be able to move to break the screen.

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        Over my 5 years selling tv's at JB I have never once had a screen come back cracked.. the only Tv's you shouldn't ever lie down are the OLEDs as they have the indicator on the box if it has been lied down it turns red and voids warrany

        • Wow, that's serious re OLED

        • So OLEDs must all come with their stands/legs already attached out of the box? Otherwise how does anyone attach the stands to the screen post-unboxing?

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            @THICKnSLOW: You use your jedi powers to levitate the tv so you can attach the stand. duh. How else?

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            @THICKnSLOW: Well you build the stand as it's packed at the top of the box take it out and clip/ secure it on to the stand.. But from memory the indicator is only really important for the stores receiving stock and also once the customer has it and if it's damaged and the indicator is red well no warranty son.

            • @solidussnake: My LG B8 instruction manual had me unpacking the TV and laying it down in a specific way using the box/styrofoam to attach the base.

    • Have you ever seen trucks that move glass?

      It's for the same reason.

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        Significantly worse than, cause the TV glass is WAAAY thinner than Window/Door Glass!

        • Yeah, but it has OLED. It makes everything better.

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      Do you live in Artarmon. I saw a guy doing this exact thing very recently!

      I laughed!

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    Bought a Sony 50" TV and it ~just fit in my flatmate's 2007 Yaris. I was lucky the 55" was out of stock or I would've had to pay for delivery.

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    55" in a MY17 Kia Rio. Wider that the vehicle :)

    No passengers. No headrests, quite unsafe.

    Would not be able to do a 65" imo

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    46" Panasonic Plasma in boz squeezed in across the back seat of a 2005 Magna.
    Had to force the corner through the doorway and had to shove the door closed!

    Anything larger will need an SUV or Ute as the vertical height will be the limiting factor unless you're prepared to risk it transporting flat!
    Which many people apparently are going by this thread!

    • yeah i took my chances. Angled the TV as far "upright" as possible, and tried to spread the load out that was pressing against the TV. (not on the center of the screen obviously)

  • Roof bars = Any size tv I want up to 80kg. I thought only plasma tvs HAD to be upright, regular oled/led/lcd tv tech was fine? Just slow down over speed humps?

    My current was transported that way and still works 4 years later, itching for an upgrade but can't justify the cost.

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    Nissan Micra - 55 inch tv. Dropped the back seats and scooted the front ones forward. Laid it down flat like people say you shouldn't and took the route home that doesn't have speedbumps. Box was 145cm long. Had to leave my partner and child behind and come back for them later. If I did it again I'd disable the airbag though, I was a bit close to the steering wheel.

    That Micra was the most unexpectedly good car I've ever had for moving stuff. I've also used it to bring home an armchair as well as several 2.5m lengths of 2x4. Each time, boot fully closed.

  • 60” tv in my 2011 Corolla hatchback easily.

  • Ford mondeo wagon. Fits a French door fridge with the seats down and the boot closed, pretty sure it would take any size of TV

  • 100 series cruiser could just fit a 55" LG on the floor in the rear seat area upright. purchased from hardly normal and the guy handing the tv over watched it go in the car as he was skeptical it would fit upright and mentioned if he was to see it being laid down for transport it would void warranty, i don't know if he was for real or not, as it fitted i didn't have to worry about his comment. when i bought 75" tvs i just paid for delivery to save the hassle.

  • 65" LG OLED comfortably fitted laid flat in Jeep Grand Cherokee with vack seats down flat. Lots of towels/blankets for padding and support.

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    Just buy some stuff from Ikea at the same time, rent their cheap van and pick up tv on the way home.

  • I vote delivery, time cost vs money etc.

  • For anyone who can't fit it in your car, you can order a maxi taxi if it's reasonably close to home. $20-$30

    • Did this to pick my tv up.

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    32” in a shopping trolley pushing home

  • 65" Skoda wagon. Super snug but it went!

  • took 55" in suzuki swift. Had to remove head supports.

    Boy , never try same stunt again.

    • The back seat of swift could be pushed all the way down, why remove head support?

  • I got lucky recently, I found a cheap 65" LG OLED TV, and since the store was in Perth City, they offered free delivery. It was a nightmare to set it up alone though, it is so thin and I felt like I could easily break it while setting it up.

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    Did it yesterday! LG 65 and 55 OLED 2019 on top of each other (55 inch out of the box 'gently' placed it with styrofoam support) - 2015 Mazda 6 GT with second row chairs fold down.

  • Back before flatscreens I bought a 28" CRT and had to take it out of the box to fit it into the rear seat of my Falcon. Used the box folded up as bracing against the back of the front seats.

    • 46 inch didn't fit in a Falcon. The same TV fitted in a 3 door Toyota Echo

  • 65inch standing upright in honda hrv 2018. Those magic seats come in handy!

  • Renault trafic LWB….

  • 65" fit into Mitsubishi Outlander with rear seats folded down. It took the whole space.

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