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Oral-B Pro 100 Crossaction Electric Toothbrush - Black $35 (Usually $70) @ BigW


Got good reviews and has travel case, I managed to price match at chemist warehouse for an extra 10% off bringing it down to $31.50

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  • Recommended by 9/10 dentists. Nice Post OP

  • Could anyone confirm if this can be charged with the same charger as the normal Oral B Vitality toothbrushs.

    • I use my Vitality one for a 3000. I assume all the same?

      • Pretty sure theyre all the same. I have the pro something thousand from years back and when i lost the charger i got a cheapy from woolies when it was on special and it charges just like the original charger.

  • are these any better than the vitality ones?
    I find the vitality ones - you have to keep it charged all the time after every brush
    if charge is even a little sub-maximal - the brushing power feels weak and it doesnt feel clean

    • better design. :)

    • I saw this review on oral b website from someone:

      Bought at Woolworths ‘half price’ at $35. No different to cheapest in range Vitality but double the price. Same pre historic NiCd battery, no indicator for low battery nor charging. No justification for naming as part of ‘pro’ series, when in fact bottom of range. Just in a shiny box, way over packaged with unrecyclable (in Aus) polystyrene and loads of cardboard. Flimsy plastic case completely unnecessary.

      No, I do not recommend this product.

      Not sure how accurate but seems to indicate not much better than vitality

      • Agreed. Would not go near it

      • This was the crucial info I was looking for. NiCd battery just doesn’t last. I have the white vitality that they are mentioning here which I use for travel only after I bought the Li Ion powered 9000 series.

      • Not double the price on special though.

        I've had both, currently use the crossaction one, and it is a step up from the vitality albeit not a massive one. That said the vitality is still pretty good.

        One difference, the design of the vitality means toothpaste gets caught in the little grooves on the back of it and its hard to get out. Also water/toothpaste runs down (even if you wipe it) and builds up on the charging base which I found annoying. The black crossaction has a different design and doesn't do that.

      • Exactly

      • Fml if only I read this before I bought one. But meh it looks better than the povo vitality which has died in the ass anyway. Got it price beat for $33 at chemist warehouse

    • I couldn't find any specs on this one, but I know the vitality only has "2d" clean, while the 1000 pro models and above have "3d" clean, basically a pulse action in addition to the oscillating motion. The higher models also have more oscillations compared to the vitality. I got a 4000 and the difference compared with my old vitality is significant.


      The 100pro could be a rebranded 500 model.

  • With price match at Chemist Warehouse, do I just show them the link to the Big W page?

    • How else would you otherwise?

      • Right. I thought they might need the actual catalogue it’s from. It’ll be my first price match at CW.

        • Take a snapshot of bigw website showing in stock. Because by the time CW pick up your price beat claim it might already be expired.

        • when I did it, i showed them a photo of the BIG W deal. they asked when it was taken, then they rang a store i chose to see if they had stock and what the price was. then they gave it to me for $33. good luck!

    • Just price matched at Chemist Warehouse for $33. Showed them my phone

  • Bought one of these 2 weeks ago.

    I share it with the wife. Haven't charged it since, used daily.
    It cleans so much better then the Vitality one.
    As others have mentioned the Vitality battery is pathetic.

    But word of warning is that the Kogan one is sonic power, versus oscillating.
    Sonic power (on the Kogan model), at its highest power setting takes getting used to.
    And the feeling it creates on (in) your teeth is not for everyone.

  • Perfect timing, my last one stopped working after 2 years of service :D

  • Is this better than the oral b 1000 ?

  • I've been using Oral B electrics for years - my recommendation is to only buy the Lithium Ion based ones.
    The NiMH ones are nowhere near as good.

    • Can you advise which is the cheapest/best value li-ion model option?

      • Looks like the cheapest one is the Oral B Pro 2000. Boy, they don't make it easy to find out what battery technology is in their various toothbrushes though.

      • I could be wrong, but I think you need to go to the 'thousand' models - maybe the 4000 version (https://www.oralb.com.au/en-au/products/oral-b-smart-4-4000-...) may be the cheapest at $99 at the shavershop or amazon. I definitely agree that the lithium ones are better (charge lasts longer) but that's only an issue if you take it travelling for a week. If it's normally kept on the charging stand then it probably doesn't matter. If you decide that NiMH is good enough then I'd personally pay $48 for the 700 model on Amazon though (https://www.amazon.com.au/gp/product/B06XQY6PFZ/) as that provides a charge indicator.

        • Agree with this - Harvey Norman has it for sale for $99, you can get a price match and 5-10% discount from Chemist Warehouse if you show them the page.

      • I reckon the pro 2 2000 (I got this one). The difference between the models is quite small. Usually an extra brushing mode or a travel case. For this toothbrush I paid €30 in the Netherlands while on half price - so in Oz that’s about $50. Anything over $60 for it I think it’s a rip off.


        They recommend the pro 2 2500. Basically almost the same model with an extra travel case. I think the normal mode and the sensitive (slower) mode are sufficient.

        The pressure sensor is a gimmick imo - if you are brushing so hard you set off the light that’s already way too hard.

    • Ditto, would not go near a NiMH model no matter how cheap.

    • In what ways, please?

    • I had a vitality for 2 years or so for $20 pretty good still going strong. Just lacking a bit of battery life now but cheap so can't complain

  • Ebay and Priceline $42 so somehow false 50% off !

  • Replacement brush head seem to cost a lot as well. got it frm WW in the last half price sale.
    was searching for replacement brush head and most of the listings says, suits all type Oral-B electric toothbrush except crossaction

  • How are these compare to Phillips Sonicare toothbrush?

  • I'm looking for an electric toothbrush but I don't know what's the difference between the cheap one and the expensive one. I don't mind spending up to 100$ if it performs significantly better. Also there are some oral b electric toothbrush that is powered by AA battery to avoid weaken battery over the time? is that any good?

    • From what I found, the best value for money is the oral b 1000 pro. It's the most basic model which has the additional pulse action that the basic 100 pro and vitality models don't have. Also, I've got the AA battery one, it's useful for travelling, but it's not great - I found it to be roughly on par with basic vitality model, weaker if the batteries have been sitting around for a while.

    • This site explains it quite well. https://www.electricteeth.co.uk/oral-b-cleaning-modes-explai...

      Basically most models are the same and they have different model numbers e.g. 2000 or 3000 based on the one or two extra functions usually quite gimmicky - like the motor strength or brushing duration (“sensitive”, “whitening mode” etc.). Some are even just different colours plus a travel case. Everything else stays the same. Don’t get sucked into getting the top of the range model because the motor is the same. You probably don’t need a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush but it’s up to you.

      I got the pro 2 2000 when it was 50% off here in the Netherlands (€30). That has two modes (normal and a slower “sensitive” mode) which is enough for me. Sorry for repeating myself here (from above). It’s also got a lithium ion battery as opposed to a nickel cadmium battery which lose charge over time.

  • The base model with the same motor as the Oral-B 9000 is the 5000. I got the 7000 on sale for $80 or so.

    Sonicare, same deal $77-85 on sale. I just bought a X3 on sale for $46 with cashback.

    It's your teeth, worth spending a few extra bucks.

  • Thought I saw this in Woolies couple weeks back at half price. Not sure if it's the exact same model though

  • Cool it has laser beams coming out of the head.

    I guess it's like a crossaction toothbrush lightsaber.

  • Just picked it up. Wish I didn't. There is absolutely no point in buying this over the cheaper vitality one. It's just got a nicer grip and a timer.

    Everything else is the same. Dunno how they justify the $70 price. What a joke!

    • I thought that but on use and this is observational it's definitely got a better motor in it. Sounds different and also the vibration is much more on the head than the whole brush like the vitality. Also toothpaste doesn't run down your arm like the vitality stays mostly on the head. Plus i think it's a more focussed clean. Add the travel case and winner for mine.

      • Totally agree having owned the vitality also. Sure it’s not worth $70, but at $30 definitely worth getting over the vitality in my opinion, the smoother motor was the first thing I noticed too and not having water and toothpaste run down the base is a nice change.

  • +1 vote

    I think the 700 model is better value at $50.

    Purchased my original 700 about 5 years ago. From memory it was about $30 after cashback (thanks OZB).

    The battery is dying. Needs to be charged after every use otherwise it doesn't feel strong.

    Just bought another one for $50, same 700 model but in the 'Black' edition, I'm a sucker lol.

  • Next model up, with lithium batteries is worth paying extra for. They last 2 weeks on one recharge.

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