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TCL 43" 4K QUHD TV $459.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


Probably the best price I have seen for a branded 4K TV. Pretty good as a smaller TV in a smaller room

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    $411 delivered via appliance central (who I don't hear good stuff about at times :S)

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    TCL is branded? Yikes

    • Lol… Well it's a brand 😂😂… Compared to something like Aldi's UHD Aldi brand TV

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        Aldi's also is a brand - Brauhn. But both are considered low end generics perception-wise, let's be honest.

        • Bauhn

  • Be aware I've tried to have a TCL tv with dead pixels replaced and they have just gone quiet.

    • You could threaten that you'll take it back to the shop for a refund/ exchange as your contract is with the shop and not TCL, although the store will try to get you to deal with TCL directly, which is a failing of their legal obligations (but your options may depend on how many dead pixels it takes to constitute a "major" fault).

  • OP, any other tv's on special at costco?

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    For anyone interested in this TV

    I have this 43" TCL - https://www.tclelectronics.com.au/products/series-p-43-inch-...
    and paid $516 during an eBay 20% off sale. Don't know if they use the same panel though.

    I watch TV using headphones all the time and after 4 months it stopped detecting when the headphones had been removed, and so wouldn't play sound through the TV speakers. According to the repair man, the analogue headphone socket has a tiny micro-switch that tells the main-board when the analogue plug has been inserted or removed. The tech put in a new board and all good again, but I now just use the digital headphone socket in case the analogue port is its Achilles heel and prone to fail with me putting the headphone plug in and out several times a day.

    There was no issue with TCL support and it was repaired quickly; they changed the whole board and not just an attempt to repair the faulty socket.

    It has an excellent picture, decent sound and has lots of custom settings where you can tweak the picture and sound. It responds quickly to boot-up and remote control commands and I would still recommend it against the other mid to high end brands- 8/10.

  • General TCL interface is horrible.

    I'm thinking of junking my 43 in and then getting a proper branded TV

    Simple things like casting your phone does not work. When you connect to USB it does not show a preview of the episode

    • I'm putting this out here as a warning for anyone like me who bought a TCL. Unless you know that you can compromise completely with their clunky interface, Don't.. it's pretty average.

      Maybe they will get there in a few years my TV is pretty bad

      • Suppose different features matter to different people, my priority was picture quality per $.
        By the way, are you on version 386 of their software for the 43" TV's?

        • How do I check?
          I tried to upgrade and it said latest version in , I'll try again tonight.

          • @dealman:

            How do I check?

            I don't know if the menu interface is the same on all their 43" TV's; with mine I press on the remote control-
            Settings Menu > Support > Software update > Current version. It should list something like V8-S586T02-LF1V300 (the last 3 digits are the software version).
            If the last 4 digit's aren't V386, you need to update following these instructions-

            Software version 386 download location: https://www.dropbox.com/s/hm2mxtmvsp2fcac/update.zip?dl=0

            Get a blank, re-formatted USB stick and put the zip file on it, there's no need to unzip it.

            1) Turn the TV off (main power off).
            2) Insert the USB stick with the correct software (software must be provided by TCL).
            3) Press & hold the power button on the TV (not remote).
            4) Turn on main power to the TV (while keeping the power button pressed).
            5) After about 10 seconds you will see the upgrade notification on the TV, as soon as you see this, release the power button. The TV will now update. Do not disconnect or press any buttons, until you see the Google welcome page. The update is now done.
            6) Please try the Hard Reset procedure as well.

            Quick way to do a Hard Reset-
            Navigate to Settings Menu > Picture > Advanced settings > Contrast, then press 9735 to activate factory reset

            After doing a Factory Reset if it asks for a password the default one is 1234

            Please Note
            The TV's are very temperamental at recognising USB sticks/ update file in update mode, so you may have to try several different sticks before the TV updates itself.
            My new main board is still on software V300 because it won't recognise the very same USB stick that was successful in updating the old main board (go figure); I'll try a couple more sticks soon.

            I tried to upgrade and it said latest version in , I'll try again tonight

            Mine also says it's the latest version even though it isn't!

            Simple things like casting your phone does not work.

            Have you checked this setting is enabled?
            Navigate to Settings Menu > Support > Privacy policy, on the right side of the screen 4th check-box down it should say "Enable second screen application for mobile devices", make sure it's ticked.
            I've not used cast yet but would think this has something to do with it as FreeviewPlus doesn't work unless HbbTV is set to ON

            If it still doesn't work, the TCL Manual FAQ's do state this

            "9. External device cannot be recognized
            - Some external devices (e.g. webcam, smart phone, tablet, game handle, and external wireless adapter) may not be compatible with the TV and cannot be supported for certain functions (nScreen, wireless display, gesture control, face recognition, if any). Please try a similar device. If it does not work, contact your local dealer."

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