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iPhone 11 64GB $699, 11 Pro 64GB $1249, 11 Pro Max 256GB $1649 with 12 Mth $65 Telstra Plan 60GB (In-Store) @ The Good Guys


The Good Guys running special pre-order promotion on new iphone models till 19th Sep.

To be eligible to receive $500 off selected pre-order iPhone 11 handsets (Eligible Handsets) customers must:

  1. Pre-order an eligible iPhone 11 handset in store,
  2. bring their mobile number to Telstra and
  3. sign up to the $65 Plan per month with 60GB Data (40GB Standard + 20GB TGG BONUS) with
    minimum cost of $780 over 12 months from 14 September to 19th September 2019

Offer not in conjunction with any other offer and available in store only. Phone credit can’t be used on any other items in store. Handset must be pre-ordered the same day the connection is made. Please refer to store staff for further enquiries. See www.thegoodguys.com.au/telstra-mobile-and-broadband-plans for terms and conditions. #Available to port-in Telstra customers only who pre-order a iPhone 11 Pro 64GB Space Grey MWC22X/A, iPhone 11 Pro Max 256GB Gold MWHL2X/A or iPhone 11 64GB Black MWLT2X/A.. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $780. Offer ends 19/09/2019.

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      It could be that or:

      $65(per month) x 12 = $780
      iPhone 11 $1199 - $500 (TGG discount) = $699

      You pay $65 per month on your bill while the $699 is paid at the counter on the day you sign up the contract.

  • Can you get this promo and put the phone on a 24month interest free plan on go master card? Or is it tied up with the duration of the plan e.g 12mos?

    I have numbers on both optus and voda and at the time of posting, best offer from optus is 20% plan discount if I port my voda number.
    No luck in getting a discount from vodafone. YET.

    • Essentially you are getting $500 gift voucher which will be used to pay part of your phone. Rest can be paid using master card and can be converted to interest free.

      • How do you do interest free with master card?

        • Afterpay or similar ones..

        • On go mastercard finance, it has 5$/m fees if the card has a balance. Since i already have a 50 month payment plan and I’ll just be adding this on top of the current balance, no additional fees for me.

          I pay 60$ plan on optus, with 30gb data and some international calls which I have never used, 5$ difference between this and my current plan, and I only have to bear with it for 12mos. It’s still a 440$ gain on my end.

  • +2

    Any phone at JB Hi Fi worth over $999 on a $65 plan will get you $500 credit. So you would have to pay the difference when purchasing just got a iPhone XR difference was $649 which I paid out of savings and the $500 credit so only paying $65 a month for 12 months. Also switched to woolworths mobile that use telstra for 1 month then ported back to telstra and just sold my last iPhone for $460 so great new phone every year this way. Can't get a better offer anywhere else other than jb hi fi or the good guys same owner.

    • Isnt that the 24 months plan? This one is 12 months, huge difference

      • pretty sure it's 24 months. Not a great deal IMO

  • I am currently with Telstra but I have a data share sim that they don’t do anymore so if i port out to take up this deal I will lose my data share sim.


    • +1

      I have this same problem, I’m really torn on how to proceed. Having to replace the share sim with another service will cost a fair bit, and hotspotting is not as convenient :(

      • come to think of it, i think this will be a problem even if i don't port out. it looks like it won't be supported on a new plan :/

        • Yep basically options are to purchase a new device outright, or lose data share sim :(

  • Does "Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers" mean they can't get this deal? I'm on Telstra Pre-paid, so I would have to port to another carrier and then port back?

    • Affirmative.

    • Wouldn’t make sense if it said excludes telstra prepaid but you can still do it lol

      • Considering it comes after the "port-in customers only" sentence, its possible that the exclusion applies to the port-in condition, at least that's what I was thinking. It's kinda a given that customers in those exclusions would not be porting in.

  • -3


    jumping onto a sinking ship? What fun….

  • we are with ALdi Mobile, will Telstra consider us as a new customer?

    ""CONDITIONS #Available to port-in and new Telstra customers only. Excludes Telstra Pre-Paid, Boost and Belong customers. Minimum cost $540. Offer not in conjunction with any other offer. In store offer only. <Bonus issued at Point of Sale.""

    doesnt mention ALDI Mobile..

  • The promo has ended. It only has $300 off promo available now.

    • Really? because i did my port in this morning and managed to snag this offer.

    • Still showing on the link

  • Thanks OP. quickly looked up the specs for the iphone11 and not a 5G handset. Holding pattern for me. Cheers

  • Only if they have the 11 Pro 256gb…

  • +2

    I’m going to port out and wait 24 hours
    Will let yous know how I go

  • +1

    Both of my accounts from optus and voda have been ported, both phones placed on a 24mos interest free on go mastercard.

  • Is this the same as the jb deal where you can port out to aldi or another provider for an hour and then port straight back in to get the deal?

    • Can you even do that with JB deal ? There’s so much conflicting information. Many say you have to port our for 30 days.

      • Seems like a lot of people are doing it based on what they are saying on other posts

      • i just ported out to vodafone yesterday, gonna go after work today and try and get the deal.

    • i just ported out to vodafone yesterday, gonna go after work today and try and get the deal.

      • Did this work for you?

        • +1

          still at work.
          gonna leave in about 15mins.

          • +1

            @Hirolol: I ported from Boost to aldi just over 24 hours ago. Went into the good guys today and they gave me the deal, when they passed me the phone they asked if I had previously been with Telstra, I said no, but they then asked again and I said I was previously with boost.
            My number has now ported over and they will confirm my store credit tomorrow for the iPhone.

            • +1

              @bargainzzzz: Worked for me
              They asked for my account number with telstra and I just said I didn’t know it so they just created a new account.

              It was successful though.
              Can’t wait till friday

      • What plan did you port too?

        • +1

          Cheap prepaid.
          I went Instore and the guy knew some tricks to help port me.
          He even checked his system to see if there were any problems with the port.

  • What is the process of porting out from Telstra (got the Pixel 2xl plan $59 around 22 months ago) ? Do I just buy a cheap sim port out and port onto this the next day ?

    • I tried with optus and after waiting all day it didnt work, they gave me some excuse saying the telstra issues are stopping it.
      went to vodafone and they did it within 30mins

  • +1

    Has anyone managed to get the $10 port in credit/discount applied like many in the JBHIFI deal have?

  • Is anyone going to try cancel the contract under the "cooling off" terms? That way you can get a discounted iPhone + use a cheaper plan

    • +1

      Cooling off only applies to sales people calling you to make the sale. Not if you approach Telstra.

  • The link still shows the deal. Does this mean I can still go get it?

    • Yes, back on until tomorrow.

  • Has anyone gone to a JB Hifi store and they don't have stock?

    What happens then? my closest store has no stock and they never pick up when I call.

    • +1

      I went to both JB and good guys near my place. With JB they don't do the order if they don't have any stock. However, good guys did my porting without the phone.
      All I have to do is wait till the phone arrived and that's it!

  • I’ll be popping into TGG shortly. My Telstra contract finished recently but the plan is still running.

    Can anyone recommend a carrier I can easily port to and then back to Telstra to get this deal?

    • kogan

  • Has anyone successfully transferred off the $65 plan to the $45 JB plan and/or had the $10 discount applied?

    • +1

      Why not just stay on the plan you signed up for like most people?

      • Was previously on a $40 plan with 5GB of data. Don’t need 60GB nor to spend the extra money. Signed up to the plan to get the $500 off a phone. Salesperson said the plan could be changed when I signed up for it, so hoping to exercise that promise and save a few dollarydoos.

  • Can I claim TRS on this deal?

  • So the terms and conditions now say you can use the $500 discount on any iPhone. Thinking about getting an iPhone 8 plus, anyone know of any good deals that I can get tgg to price beat?

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