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WD-40 300g Low Odour Muti Use Product $5.99 @ ALDI


300 gram low odour WD-40 $5.99 at Aldi.

Can't find other stores selling the low odour product so can't compare the price

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    Nomatter how cheap it gets, don't use WD40

    Use Inox. Far superior and Australian made too. WD40 is junk.

    • How much is that?

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      Agreed, Inox is a far better product, been using it for years. Doesn't dry and gum up, doesn't stink and as you stated, Australian made. Yes it is more expensive but worth the extra.

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      Yes, Inox doesn't seem to attack plastics too. Superior to WD40. For longer lasting applications, use Lanox, made by the same company that makes Inox. Lanox is based on sheep lanolin.

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        I use Inox for most general day to day applications.

        For purposes where there is exposure to salt water, or for long term storage of something metal, I use lanox since it does better against corrosion.

        All my guns and knives have a thin coating of Inox. I wouldn't trust WD40 for any of them.

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        I use Lanox on tools and machinery to keep the rust off. Works really well but you do end up smelling like you've been intimate with a sheep if you aim your squirts poorly.

      • Lanox is based on sheep lanolin.

        Don't take modified LSD with it then, contraindications are heavy.

    • WD40 and CRC do the job of busting nuts just fine mister.

    • WD40 is the best stuff. The Inox is junk.

    • But Inox seems to be a lubricant, wd40 is not lubricating whatsoever..

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    Low Odour

    Why would you want that?

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      Exactly, love the smell of WD40. A woman could drive a room full of engineers wild by putting a dab of it behind each ear.

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      I say we need more asbestos odour

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        An up-vote for WD-40 is an up-vote for anarchy!

  • I know a bit off topic but any suggestions on what to use on squeaking inside doors almost every door in the house does this but something that does not make a mess.

    • Grease mate

    • Hammer

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      Inox MX3. Use the included extension tube, spray very lightly into the hinge joints and swing the door a few times. Wipe off any excess. Inox is clear so doesn't stain.


      • This. Every internal door hinge of mine has been sprayed with Inox, and it makes a huge difference.

        I wish I knew about Inox when I was a teenager. It would have made sneaking back into the house so much easier late at night.

    • WD40 dry PTFE or any grease. Ask anyone at bunnings if you're not sure, they'll generally have some idea.

      • I have WD40 dry PTFE and only use it for external hinges. I find Inox does way better for internal hinges where I do not need to worry about dirt/dust.

        • Inox is also twice the price of wd40 if i get wd40 from aldi.

      • I asked first words was wd40 i have used wd40 at home as well at work and personally cant fault the stuff and does come in handy with lots of other stuff around home.

        • WD40 is the brand, the dry PTFE is a specific product in their lineup…

          • @ATangk: So the Aldi stuff above is different and not ptfe,I been looking into the inox and I believe it's clear which is ideal for Internal door hinges,but is almost twice the price people say wd40 is not a lubricant but it advertises as one and I have used it at work and does wonders. Also it does many things but does inox do same.

            • @bwatt72: Its not a lubricant. Using gear oil or something like that would be much much better than WD40, that stuff wont last long used as a lubricant.

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      You can use wd40.

      Just spray it on, swing the door.

      … Repeat every 2 months.

      At end of year, remove door, clean hinges of the black 4mm thick gunk combination of old wd40 and dust (dump in kerosene), reapply door, reapply wd40.

      Repeat 👍

      Or use a decent oil, reapply every year or so as required.

      Choices 🤔

    • graphite powder

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    Not sure if people don’t know but WD40 is not a lubricant.

    • Oil in Kerosene so there is some lube mixed in.

      • Just make sure don't lube the wrong thing.

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      Works for the wife's toys.

      Jokes of course - we're not married yet.

  • Came looking for African witch doctor tools… left disappointed.

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