Is AWS Lightsail Best and Cheapest Hosting for a Wordpress Site?

AWS have USD 3.5 hosting plan for wordpress. Obviously you can scale up for more. But for a starting website, is that the best pricing you can get?

My current hosting, keeps giving error of bandwith exceeded and starting to get annoying. I figured i might as well move to someone dedicated for wordpress.

Any thoughts?


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    Digital Ocean

    Do you know Linux? how to install PHP, SQL, Apache/Node? How to manually manage the server?

    If not try Zuver

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    Curious, what is wordpress?

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    keeps giving error of bandwith exceeded

    Then your problem is not with WordPress, the hosting platform, software optimisation or scalability. Just upgrade to a plan that comes with more monthly data or migrate to another hosting provider that gives more data. Zuver / VentraIP have cPanel based shared hosting with unlimited bandwidth, which should be easy to migrate your existing site over (assuming it's also on a similar cPanel setup).

    AWS have USD 3.5 hosting plan for wordpress

    They don't have hosting plan for WordPress. Lightsail comes with just SSH access, which then you need to figure out how to install the web server / database, secure the system, install WordPress, migrate data, figure out how to do backup, update regularly, etc. Probably not a good idea if you have no prior server experience.


      I'm on a ozbargain plan from back in the day. I only pay like $30-$35 per year. its a business plan. Supports 3-4 small wordpress website.


    Just sign up for the full AWS, and launch your wordpress on EC2 machine. You'll get 1 year of free tier use and then it will cost ~8$ per month. AWS is far superior to whatever else you have mentioned, not even comparable in terms of reliability.


      For AWS Free Tier:

      15 GB of bandwidth out aggregated across all AWS services

      which is not much at all, consider OP's problem is running out of bandwidth. AWS's egress cost can add up very quickly (11.4c/GB outbound in Sydney).

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      I'm going to suggest not going this.
      If you (profanity) something up, maybe you don't stay patched or your aws credentials get stolen, hackers are thing to fire up huge instances and start mining, giving you a 100k Amazon bill.

      Or maybe there's a bug in your site and it downloads/uploads at full speed 24/7, or maxes out your EBS IO (which you pay for).

      I'd go with linode or vultr or digital ocean for a site like this instead.


        I would agree that full AWS requires proper setup and billing controls in place - aka with great power comes great responsibility:)


    Actually my bandwitch issue was some bot triggering 75GB of data. Hosting company help me identify the issue.

    Now i don't have any bandwitch left for rest of month. i can't really upgrade as i am on really good business plan (ozbargain deal from 5-6 years ago for 75% special for life of plan).

    Any suggestion?


    I'm running a handful of sites on AWS Lightsail. Personally it's easier for me to run everything from Route 53 (Certain email domains forwarded to Office365), an EC2 instance (VoIP Server) and Lightsail with the one company. I'm currently running the Plesk Hosting Stack on the $80USD option. I recently migrated from 8 wordpress instances under lightsail to the Plesk stack for easier management and keeping all plugins and patches up to date as well as one-click SSL for all domains. If it's just 1-2 sites, stick with AWS Lightsail and in either the Sydney or Singapore region for quick response times for you AU users. Backups are easily managed through plugins so if anything happens, again another one-click restore to a new wordpress instance.


      Thanks. Is plesk like cPanel?


        Yep! and it's way cheaper than cPanel. Plesk is free on AWS for 3-4 accounts in Plesk. You can also upgrade to a higher version for a few dollars per month.


          I see. To clarify, if i have 2-3 wordpress sites on AWS lightsail, I can use Plesk desk to manage them.

          On side note, do you know how to have multiple sites on single lightsail? I have few tiny info type sites. Currently i just pay $30 per year for hosting. Got really good ozbargain deal years back.

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