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20% off Myer Storewide @ eBay (Maximum $500 Discount, up to 3 Transactions)


Another awesome deal from ebay starting at 10am on Thursday!

  • Min spend: NA
  • Max disc: $500 per txn
  • Txn limit: 3 per person
  • Item limit: 10 per tnx
  • Exclusions: Gift Cards (184609)

Full T&Cs - https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/pmystore/

Don't forget to stack with the 1% cashback on the ShopBack App

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  • +30

    well they still have 2 days to remove some popular items from ebay store :)

    • +1

      Do you reckon they remove all the items that have, say, 10+ people actively watching them?

      • +3

        No.. just make stock unavailable or jack the price

    • +4

      And they still have 2 days to price jack.

  • Waiting for the jbl xtreme 2 under $200. It was a great price before but not anymore.

  • +1

    PInMyStore. There corrected.

    • +2

      Not sure I want to pee in your store.
      Or do you mean they're going to pricejack and thus, taking the piss?

      • +1

        Not entirely unrelated, but I once literally saw someone poop in the Perth city Myer store, in the cosmetics section.

        • Were they able to polish it up & make it presentable & smell nice?

        • +1

          Sales assistant: "Trying to match a specific colour, ma'am?"

  • Tried looking for fridges but couldn’t get through to sub categories.

    Do they have any?

  • +3

    Was wondering why the code wasn't working, then I decided to read the original post

  • +6

    Explains why the item I’ve been watching has gone up in price :(

    • +2

      I'm pretty sure Kogan got a huge fine from the ACCC for doing something like that. If you have evidence they just jacked the price up then you should lodge a complaint.

  • No well priced coffee machines

  • +1

    Hopefully they drop the price of the smart grinder pro - keen to get one for circa $160

  • Sony x85 65" for $1832.5 could be good. Might pull the trigger.

  • +1

    Their new sale is supposed to start end of this week as well. Fingers crossed it makes it to the eBay store.

  • +1

    Is click and collect available?

  • +6

    20% off @ Bing Lee eBay will follow shortly after Myer 20% off ends.

  • +2

    Myers My Jack's Store.

  • Woohoo! I'm going to buy something from Myer eBay even though I dont need it!

  • I havent been on here for a while. Are the ebay sales still accompanied by massive price jacking and removing popular items?

    • Seems to be the norm.

  • +2

    so many upvotes. wheres the bargain?

  • +2

    Don't want to sound lazy, but has anyone found a bargain?

    • Won't know until tomorrow…

  • +1

    Keen for a Dyson V10 Absolute or V8 Absolute if they're still around

    • +3

      It starts at 10. Did you not read the OP? ☹️

      • +5

        There's always one, every time.

        • +1

          Two this time, but the other guy caught himself in time

  • +1

    Bonds on sale already at Myers' eBay store :)

    • +1

      Thanks for heads up

      • No stock in Sydney for click & collect :(

  • -1

    Code not working for item I selected to buy today OPS… too early

  • +1

    "Doesn't post to regional NSW"… Story of my life.

  • Bought a kettle. Thanks OP!

  • Lame - they had webers yesterday Family 3100
    Would of been a great price 20% off

  • Bought that milk frother I've had my eye on for months - thanks OP!

  • +1

    Bought a Vitamix Blending Cup since they're perpetually at $39.95, a little discount of 20% to make it $31 and free shipping via eBay Plus generated account sounds like a mildly reasonable deal.

  • Any search links because its almost impossible to filter their store on a phone :/

  • Cheers op got a kettle.

  • +2

    Lego Bugatti Chiron down from $599 to $383. Got one! Seriously could not resist.

  • After a Weber Family BBQ but the postage is a killer.

  • Anyone know is the shoe sizing on eBay in AU or US?

  • Ordered the dyson v8 animal at 10:53am. Order has just been cancelled. No explanation yet.

  • Thanks bought myself some kettles

  • +1

    I once bought some Tiles (the key finder thingies) from Myer via eBay with a similar 20% off coupon. I ended up getting them cheaper from Amazon shortly thereafter, so I returned them to Myer before opening. But, both the emailed Myer invoice, and the refunded amount did NOT reflect the 20% discount, so I was given back an extra 20%. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    I think eBay is eating this 20%.

  • Why does it show "out of stock" for up to 20km from nominated address for my item when it comes up on the search page and lets me select a size for "click & collect" but fine for postage -add $8… what rort…

    • Heaps of places do this. I refuse to buy the item on principle.

  • Looking at a rice cooker, its suddenly about $20 more here than it is everywhere else.

  • Anyone had issues with receiving items? Almost a week later haven't heard anything and every item on their ebay store states 'This seller is currently away, and isn't processing orders at this time. You can add this item to your watch list to purchase later. '

    • All 3 orders of mine ordered on Wed were completed within 3 business days.

      Order #1 ready to pick up on the next day (Thu)
      Order #2 delivered Mon
      Order #3 1 ready to pick up on Mon

      On Fri, I called the online order help desk enquiring about whether Order#3 could be ready for pickup on Fri along with Order #1. They said no, because they overcommitted with stock and had to stock transfer from other stores.

      So try calling Myer to check on yours.

      • Thanks I'll do that