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LEGO 42083 Technic Bugatti Chiron $383.99 Delivered @ Myer eBay


LEGO 42083 Technic Bugatti Chiron $383.99 delivered from 10am today with the 20% of Myer eBay store. Appears to be the cheapest price ever for local stock.

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    Still too fugly IMHO

  • They have quite a lot of lego already discounted and have a few in my cart. But I am tipping that before 10am there will be the price hike to remove the existing discounts. One can hope for the double dipping but I am not holding my breath.

    • Well stuff me … it worked. Although I didnt buy this set thanks for the heads up Op

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    I guess that price is in line with the actual car.

  • Says the $479 is already 20 %off ….so you are hoping for 40% off RRP ?

    Doesn't seem to say off already discounted prices ?

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      36% off as it's 20% off the already 20% off price, and yes usually with these Myer sales I will purchase a few things already on sale for stacked discount.

      • Yep, just tested and got the extra 20% off.

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    annnnnnnnddd it works!!!! got it! thanks!

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      Yep, yay for 8:00 WST before I need to be working :)

  • Worked perfectly. Combined with Shopback disc as well.

  • Thanks, stacked with original 20% store discount and got the new Modular for $200 + the red TIE interceptor for around ~$70.

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    Great deal! My heart says get it but brain says no.
    Prob won’t get it, looks good but I shudder at the thought of how many Technic pins there are..

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    Looks like its gone now :( Just missed out.

  • +1

    Damn, wasn't planning on buying Lego today :(
    Grabbed that modular with the double stacked 20% off, ta!

  • Lots of themes doubled stacked and 3 stacked for some . Nothing worthy though for a 10 am strike but most best prices in Aust now :)

  • too much money, i brought the Porsche instead.

  • Copypasta comment. Amazon pricematch?? They are lagging!

    Crawler Crane ($102.39)
    Anakin's Podracer ($28.79 for orders over $49)

  • Out of stock, some one must stocked up for a later profit.

    • 1427 clicks

      Or maybe a third of those clicks made the purchase and it’s simply sold out.
      Something something about snoozing and losing.

    • Nah, if you look at purchase history, max per purchase was 3.

      But the coupon would allow you to buy up to 5, and repeat that 3 times.

      I'm sure people are planning to flog a few, but it's not all bought by a few drastic individuals like you're thinking.


  • Anything with $50 profit the Gumtree and FB folks get over excited :)

  • dang

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