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$45.91 off $250, $91.83 off $500 AUD @ eBay UK (e.g. Wish Card, eBay Gift Card & Others)


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD.

You can get a discount off sitewide @ eBay UK and works on gift cards!

The coupon on another item listing states that the expiry is midnight 22/9/2019 GMT, which should be 10AM 23/9/2019 unless otherwise cancelled.

Updated to just put the best discount

eBay Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Card
Other Wish Card Listing with $250
Paypal Digital Gifts Store

Available $200 value eBay Gift Cards thanks to ozzbargainer.

Wish Card Listings with $100 Availability:

Dan Murphy's
Big W

You will need to make a new account if you don't have an eBay UK account yet. And then put a UK address as your primary address when you sign up and change it to Australia afterwards to be able to add the gift cards to cart.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Can also use Cashrewards to possibly get a further 0.75% back, however seems to exclude gift cards.

As always, enjoy!

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      • Check spam? Did you get a PayPal receipt email?

        • Yep I got a Paypal email and order confirmation and have checked spam folder. I can see some people have been waiting for 7+ hours… Strange!

  • Eventually PP/Ebay block accounts/devices/payments only solution keep changing the biggest block is payment .

  • Sorry silly question! I am new to this.
    I created an uk eBay account and added the gift card to purchase.
    It accepted the discount code but when I selected PayPal it show the original amount without discount on PayPal page… why ?

  • The Christmas eBay cards seem to still be available


  • just placed order for $250 ebay gift cards..

    thanks op!

  • can some one help me.
    1) I registered with UK address
    2) Added Aus address and made it as primary/default
    3) Added git cards to cart and applied coupon codes
    4) Tried paying with my ebay account or my Visa card but both times it failed and thrown error
    Sorry, this payment option isn't available. Here are your options:
    Select a different payment option.
    Contact PayPal customer service to resolve this issue.
    Can someone let me know what mistake I am doing

    • +2

      most likely paypal block due to security

      • thanks for the response. Paypal send 3 times codes which I entered but still same problem. Now it says Paypal option no more available for my transaction.

        • i didn't work with my credit card which is linked to paypal, but when i used my debit card linked to paypal it worked, worth a try?

          • @snensnay: debit card didn't work for me either

            • @ekans: me too….tried last time around too.. paypal, credit card, debit card all fail with same issues… still not found a workaround!

  • +1

    Yeah, wouldn't work for me, and I don't have the willpower to call PayPal. Followed all the steps, and PayPal keeps wanting to be verified and is now just greyed out. Sadface

  • +1

    Still working!

    Just ordered $500 Ebay gift card (Father day ones - 2x $200, 1x $100)

    Received confirmation email from Ebay, Paypal, 10 minutes later received the gift cards)

  • Hahahaha. Guess I'll be calling Paypal at 8am tomorrow.

  • Anyone get in multiple orders with a newly created PP account ?

    • Yeah worked for me on a second uk account but not on a third for some reason.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, just got 5 x $50 Woolworths cards for $203.86, emailed within about 10 minutes. Used new UK ebay account with existing paypal account.

  • I keep getting "To buy a gift card, you need an eBay and PayPal account." Ive linked and selected my paypal but still wont let me purchase?

    • Change your address back to Australia

      • Ah, thanks

    • Virgin PP a/c's that have not hit these in the past I think get around 3 average ( full order of 5 cards) Also means fresh Ebay a/c as well after each full order .

      Others with history of hitting these deals can get 0 / 1/2 with very few getting more .

      My best summary .

      • I created new PayPal but didn't get any success; I think they check against name/address, etc

        • Tks was about to create another but looks like a lost cause . Enough for me .

  • the code isnt working?

  • Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

  • Code still working for me. Just purchased 5 x $50 woolies cards.

    • Somehow they blocked my paypal account….game over for me….

      • Same for me

  • You guys need to change your address back to Australia that matches your Paypal address. It works for me after did that, someone already mentioned it. I just bought $500 Ebay gift card (2 x $200 + 1 x $100)

    • +1

      i have my address is now in Australia..this is so frustrating that the code isnt working

    • are you kidding? the $100/$200 were not available long time ago!!!!

  • My Ebay UK address matches my paypal address but the code doesnt work.

  • thanks OP. got 2 X $200 father's day and 2 X $50 wws, received code within 10 mins

  • they put me in jail

    You can't apply vouchers at this time.

    We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option.

    To help protect your eBay account, we sometimes limit the amount of items that can be bid on or purchased by a single account. However, you may be able to increase the limit on your account by verifying some information about yourself.

    Call us to speak with an eBay Customer Service agent about the limits on your buying activity.

    Learn more about limits on buyer activity.

    that is crazy…i'm so flagged

    • +2

      It should be fine, I use the exact same method to buy my gift cards ([email protected])

    • Don't worry just use your billions to get out of jail.

  • Do you need to log in paypal first before the code will work?? not sure why isnt working. i did Uk address and then changed it to Australian address.

  • Can I get $1k of JB giftcards and get the new iphone using them?

    • Yes

    • Careful. Max amount you can use in one transaction at JB $500 according to the JB eBay item but I don't see that anywhere on JB's own website

      • Last week I sold my $1k jb gc and redeemed them with gc buyer in store. You need photo id to redeem more than $500.

  • +1

    I've attempted this every single time, ever since these deals started being posted. I've never been able to checkout successfully.

    I give up.

    • same here. Me and my mate have created over 10 eBay accounts and they all keep getting banned by eBay.
      Even VPN didn't help :(

  • +2

    Finally plucked up the courage to make a foreign ebay account, seemed worth the effort.
    Worked fine. Thanks OP and everyone for the tips!
    5 x $50 Dan Murphy for $203.86.

    • Curious why you didn't buy the Woolworths Wish Gift Cards? you can use them at Dan's

      • Maybe he prefers a liquid lunch 🤫

      • And You Can Use Dan Murphy’s Gift Cards at Woolworths.

        The answer is, despite saying it is a Dan Murphy’s Gift Card, you can use the card at Woolworths, Big W, Caltex Woolworths, Masters, BWS, Cellarmasters or Thomas Dux. The branded gift card is actually a Wish Gift Card in disguise.

    • Cellar near empty (its been a long cold winter in Adelaide Hills!).
      Wife shops at Coles sadly.

  • Cheers OP great find :)

  • To those who purchased JBHifi cards - did they take forever to arrive? :S

    • Placed my order at ~ 3 pm and still waiting…

  • What a great post. I got 5 x $50 wish gift cards. The gift card was sent within 10 mins. Pity that it was the highest value I can get and the 5 limit for 10 days. Otherwise I would have bought more.

    • what's the 5 limit for 10 days? I just bought 5 x $50 wish gift cards aswell, came through within 2 minutes

      • You can only order 5 lots with the same account from the same seller. To order more you have to wait 10 days which by then this deal would have finished.

        • I just created a new account, about to place another order

  • Got sucked in and bought another lot 300 worth got 40 something off was worth it. Got codes within seconds

  • +1

    Finally get CC payment to work after changing my country back to Australia on main address and using a VPN…payment pending wonder if it will go through or cancel.

    EDIT: Looks like it was cancelled…hah wow

  • Do you need to create a paypal with same email address as the uk email address?

  • I managed to get one lot done early today, however when trying again, as soon as I try to add the cards to my basket I get:

    The item you've selected wasn't added to your basket.

    Anyone have a fix for that?

  • Just created a new UK account and managed to order successfully. Got paypal success email, just waiting for the codes to arrive. Edit- Got the cards now too

  • I wonder when till this is ozbargained? >.<

  • Ebay gift cards beyond the $25 value are out of stock.

    Do they normally restock soon enough before the promo code expires?

  • Its only letting my add one gift card to the cart?

  • +3

    Got this message “Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.” :(

    • same

      • +1

        Suppose you already follow the advise in the OP description with UK registration address and AU primary delivery address, you still need to go to the mobile app to change the country setting from AU to UK.

        • Thanks. It’s not a new account. Changed to Uk registration address & Au primary delivery address. Still the same message. No luck for me

  • dammit, on this late - is there only one listing for woolies wish cards? all the 100 and 250 cards sold out, can't find another listing..

    • +1

      you can buy 5x $50 for the max discount still

      • this is what I did

        edit: then open another UK account to purchase others to bypass the limit

      • yeh thanks got that in the cart but was looking to shell out more cash hahah…. was hoping for multiple listings like the Ebay card variants….!

  • Anyone got a work-around for this alert from eBay when trying to purchase:
    "To help protect your eBay account, we sometimes limit the amount of items that can be bid on or purchased by a single account. However, you may be able to increase the limit on your account by verifying some information about yourself."
    Can't phone them after hours… :(

    • I've created two different UK accounts and didn't run into that issue, payment went through smoothly. Used the same Paypal account. Odd

      • Maybe because I'm using card as payment… I'll try Paypal as payment.

      • No work-around. Have tried numerous things. Will call them tomorrow. Hopefully still vouchers available.

  • +1

    The party is over, good night mates

    “Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.”

    • +2

      Amount should be at least $250

      • Yes it is $500

        • Have you changed your address back to Aus?

          • -5

            @Walleee-y: Yes i have, I know how to buy, i am sure the code is no longer worked.

            • @T-man: I just bought 50*5 wish gift card, the code still working

              Edit: received the gift card as well within 5 minutes of purchase

  • I paid with nab visa (not through Paypal). it worked and gift cards are in my purchase history. However, i didn't get any emails from ebay and my card hasnt been charged yet.

    Do we have to pay via paypal to buy something from paypal gift card store?

    • yes, your pending cc payment will be cancelled. pay using paypal.

      • Yep my cc one got cancelled and saw nothing till it $200 sold out. NO EMAILS ARE SENT WHEN CANCELLED

      • just bought with paypal too but same thing happened. they are in my purchase history but no email from paypal and no charge on paypal statement. I think they closed the door.

  • -2

    Thanks OP and all.

    Ordered 10 x $50 WWS using 2 accounts and received links to retrieve the eGC within 8 minutes!