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$45.91 off $250, $91.83 off $500 AUD @ eBay UK (e.g. Wish Card, eBay Gift Card & Others)


Greetings everyone, just spotted this over at HUKD.

You can get a discount off sitewide @ eBay UK and works on gift cards!

The coupon on another item listing states that the expiry is midnight 22/9/2019 GMT, which should be 10AM 23/9/2019 unless otherwise cancelled.

Updated to just put the best discount

eBay Gift Card
Woolworths Wish Card
Other Wish Card Listing with $250
Paypal Digital Gifts Store

Available $200 value eBay Gift Cards thanks to ozzbargainer.

Wish Card Listings with $100 Availability:

Dan Murphy's
Big W

You will need to make a new account if you don't have an eBay UK account yet. And then put a UK address as your primary address when you sign up and change it to Australia afterwards to be able to add the gift cards to cart.

Coupon Terms and Conditions

Can also use Cashrewards to possibly get a further 0.75% back, however seems to exclude gift cards.

As always, enjoy!

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  • soory tried many times stuck with payment types , looks like ebay doent take any paypal payments neither credit card payment for multiple purchase .
    any luck guys ??

  • I bought 2x $200 + 1x $100 = $500, but that only uses 3 out of the 5 card limit. What is everyone spending their last 2 cards on? I can't find a $150 to make $250 out of 1x $150 + 1x $100

    • when & how did u buy them , using paypal or credit card ?? have problems with payments !!

      • Just now, and with PayPal. Some others have had problems with payment, maybe read through their comments and solutions. Good luck!

      • +1

        must use paypal acc (you can link up your bank acc/credit card in paypal)

    • +2

      $150 eBay available here, here or here

      $100 eBay from here

      • Thanks mate, I really appreciate that

  • 1st time trying one of these deals. Seems to have gone through. Still waiting on the ebay gift cards but have all the paypal and ebay confirmation emails. Thanks to everyone for the guides on how to do this.

    Edit: just got the gift cards. Fantastic!

  • Got an error that I need to resend my payment. Any advice?

    Practically pulling my hair out by now

    • What steps did you take exactly in setting up UK account?

      • Followed steps as per above:

        -New account ebay UK
        -Add UK Address
        -Add AU address - make primary
        -Proceed to buy Gift Cards on eBay UK

        When it says to change address to Australian, that means the primary shipping address right? Not the Address in Personal Information….?

        Second, can I use my PayPal account for more than one eBay account?

        What am I doing wrong here??? (sobs)

        • +1

          Yes, primary shipping address is Australia.

          Yes, you can use same PayPal for multiple accounts.

          Under 'registration address' you've got a UK address and phone number in?

          GPS and location turned off?

          Delete cards from the cart, sign out, open incognito tab, sign in and add cards?

          • @orly: Yes, UK address and phone number under Registration Address.

            Doing this on my PC….

            I'll try that.

            With PayPal, its fine if it's my regular AU one?

            Thanks very much!

            • @Uncle Roger: Yep regular AU is fine

              • @orly: Cannot get PayPal to login at all.

                Order gone through with card "payment being processed", but considering its been cancelled twice already, I don't like my chances.


                • @Uncle Roger: Shame..seems to happen to a number of people, I just can't understand what the commonality is for these people.

        • No problem for me at new account.
          When you register the new account, you have to set random UK address first.
          After that, you can change Registration/Primary address as Austranlian address.

          Then double check if you are in UK website, add cards into cart.
          Input Paypal account login/PW, then input promo code.

          Double check discount is applied, everything good, then proceed.

          *Can use same PayPal for multiple accounts.

  • Can you use the Ebay vouchers to shop from coles on ebay if you are a ebayplus member?

    • Yes.

  • +3

    GG Tried for past hour!

    Followed all instructions!

    Paypal would grey out or have issues going through!

    CC would go through but then it would cancel itself :(

    I'm out! You win EBAY!

  • +1

    I still can get through.. stock up a lot gift cards this time for coming years.

    It's too crazy.. you can maximize the discount at 18.5% off if you bought with total value at AUD500 per transaction.

    Just waiting iPhone 11 out from apple authorised reseller,
    then stack on promo code(10-20%)/shopback(1%)/TRS(10%), it will be equal to 40%-50% off! (buy a new phone like a boss 😎)

  • +2

    2 UK accounts got 800 worth ebay GCs and 200 Hoyts, saved 184.56 :) Thanks OP!

  • +1

    Thanks op, killer deal. I just wish I could buy more. After my stuff up yesterday, I thought I'd try again for some eBay card's with a new account. Easy as.

  • 12 hr for code delivery.

    • +1

      A few minutes on both my orders

      • Yeah I got 8 mins and 14 mins on others. Last two orders took 12 hrs each.

      • same

    • Yup first lot was very fast, second lot ended up taking like 11 hours

  • +1

    I tried every method under the sun, read this whole comment section, and still nothing after hours of creating accounts, using new devices, and on the phone to useless, oh so useless, PayPal (wE cAnT dO aNyThInG sIr ThE SYSTEM wOnT aLlOw It).

  • I tried twice on PayPal page comes system error. it won't let me process the payment this time. anyone got same message?

  • +1

    I had PayPal is not a payment option and it was greyed out. I eventually got it to work on the app with location turned off.

  • Only $25 and $50 gift cards left and the code doesn't seem to work on them.
    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

    • +2

      Have you got the minimum spent of $250 worth in your cart

      • Perhaps not…. Can I order 10x $25 vouchers?

        • +2

          Ooooh, it worked. Thanks, heaps Mainlagtoby!

          • @Dundundunnnn: I had to set up a new account. I couldn't order that many for some reason?
            Glad it worked out for you

      • Now I have a new problem. Paypal stuck in an infinite verification state where it keeps sending a text message and then going back to the same page. I tried my credit card and it also through an error. I have 3x greyed out payment options!

        • Same here. It just keeps sending me text messages. Then greys out ☹️

        • i had that when using incognito
          went back to normal and it worked for me

    • Yeh I just tried this on Woollies gift cards and it didn’t work. Used the code on the eBay gift card and that seemed to work

  • No issues on Woollies gift cards, my third order on on $250 Woollies gift cards got through half hours ago. Due to the changing exchange rate, today you could get $46.14 off $250. My paypal acount was blocked when I tried to place 2nd order yesterday, after makeing a call to paypal, the guy successfully unblock my account, now everything is all right.

  • -1

    Good morning, I really want to jump onto this deal but I have no idea how to set up the uk Ebay account without stuffing up. Could someone please guide me through the steps or give me a link with steps. Thanks

  • Used my codes already stacked them and bought a msi gaming laptop no problems with codes. Ez

  • When does PayPal customer support open?

    • 8 am. I tried this morning unsuccessfully.

      • Support lines gonna take a beating this morning

  • Once your PP blocked /flagged they aren’t; going to magically open it up for you to abuse it again lol !

    Solution find a family member or friend with a virgin PP ac on these deals and fire till the same process happen again :)

  • PayPal all greyed out for me

    Unfortunately, you can't pay with this option. Please select a different payment option.

  • Thanks OP, still working. Paypal worked for me

  • I wonder if you set your nationality paypal to UK… would that work? I just opened a new pp for another member but still grayed out. I wonder if its cause its brand new

  • -2

    I think if you are a new eBay uk account or your account already bought giftcard from the last deal, you are out this time. That sucks because this time the discount is record high at 18.5% :((

    • Naah not the case…I bought previously from ebay uk and was able to buy $200 gift card yesterday. Well another story is i can't buy any more cards and paypal blocked me.

    • Nope, I created three new UK accounts to purchase without issue. You must be doing something wrong

  • +1

    Showing "Purchases are limited to 1 per buyer" on woolies

  • +3

    called Paypal and they said there is nothing they can do :(

    • +2

      Got the same - I wonder if there's a different team people have spoke to?
      I went through:
      1 > Refunds/Transactions/Refunds
      3 or 4 > Transactions
      Waited on hold for 15 minutes, then spoke to someone and explained I'm trying to buy gift cards on Ebay.

      They said "It's being flagged as suspicious, and there's nothing we can do at this stage to unblock this."
      Also no time-frame on this being unblocked either.

      • It's not a different team that's the problem, what a few of us have garnered from the agents is that it's just Paypal is currently classifying accounts into different categories. There are certain types whereby the phone agent can simply remove the restriction (perhaps low-risk to medium-risk accounts) with basic verification and a certain type whereby the agent has no option to do anything whatsoever.

        • I wonder why… My PayPal account is at least 7 years old; and I've never had a negative mark on it or my main eBay account

          • @CharcoaI: No clue either. My Aussie PP account doesn't work at all and I've spent so much time on it but all the accounts just show it greyed out. It's not as if it's an inactive account with few purchases either. I just used my Canadian one instead and have bought $3k worth without problems.

            One difference between them besides age is that my Canadian one is verified through Canadian bank systems (had to lift limits) while my Aussie one has yet to do so.

      • +1

        I did this. The chick told me to try the transaction again and all went through while she was on the phone. Maybe I got lucky.

      • My PP account is very old, they seemed to flag the transaction as suspicious and they sent me an SMS to confirm it was legit, I had to reply with "1" before the transaction went through…

        From memory they did the same last time I bought gift cards..

        Do you have your phone number set in your PP account and such?

        • Sure do

  • -1

    Any Myer gift cards? Link?

  • …….

  • Omg this is so complicated, 2hrs on this and payment through PayPal gives me an error

  • Finally! Tried on my laptop yesterday with the same result as many having PayPal greyed out and CC rejected.
    This morning I logged into my UK account on the iPhone app, disabled automatic detect location, set location to UK and the payment cleared on the 2nd attempt.

    EDIT: Gift cards just arrived! Thanks OP, shopping time.

    • Did you pay with an Aussie CC or PayPal?

      • +1

        PayPal. It didn't work on the first login but it let me keep trying on the app (didn't grey out). Mine allowed the payment to clear on the second login attempt.

        • This seems like to increase chances of getting it, device location needs to be set to UK rather than incognito/VPN.

  • -3

    Pretty much all out of stock now, only $25 available.

  • Can multiple gift cards be used in a single transaction?

    If so which step of the check out process is that done.

    Thanks in advance.

    • +2

      Up to 8 gift cards in one transaction I think on Ebay, you just add them one after the other

      • Thank you, that is some assurance

  • +1

    wow woke up this morning and just tried to buy some more eBay gift card and still worked.

  • Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again.

    • try with $250 or more

      • It was $250 with newly created uk ac.

  • looks like "POUNDSOFF" is not working for me - is that the right code?
    I'm adding that in Add Voucher section but getting error:
    "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again."

    • 250+ minimum
      I got same error when trying to buy 25 wish card.
      Wouldn't let me add more than 1.

      Only ebay card left I think

  • First account has been reset from the previous 10% deal 10 days ago. Hit up $250 of wish cards no problem.

  • This post getting dangerous now - $1500 now spent on GC…can't seem to stop … but free money, must resist

    • +1

      Hah. Too many things to buy. It becomes dirt cheap when things are 15% off on eBay, it's effectively 30.7% discount on listed prices.

  • +2

    Cant get it to work anymore with any paypal account. Tried with wife's account which was never used to buy giftcard and still no go.

  • Seems like not working anymore?

  • +4

    I am goooiiiiingggg BONKERS! I Can’t get through PayPal payment, I get “We ran into a problem and PayPal isn't available right now. Please select a different payment option”. Am using iPad, tried via website and an app.

  • Just worked for me 5 minutes ago. Got $500 ($1000 total) on two different accounts.

    • How are you getting through PayPal?

      • Yes, I used the same PayPal account for both purchases.

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