Voice Activated Calling for Existing Telstra Mobile Customers with Google Home

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For all those google home users and Telstra Mobile Customers

Telstra and Google have partnered to make calling easier. Whether your mobile is off, out of reach, or your hands are full, you can now make voice-activated calls on Google Home, Mini or Nest speakers and displays. Only available to eligible Telstra mobile customers. It’s free to set up and calls are at no additional cost to your existing mobile plan. Data charges may apply. Link up to six mobile services with Google Voice Match.

More information on how to set-up your device:


Things you need to know:

Requires a compatible smartphone and a Telstra Mobile service with credit, a powered Google Home, Mini or Nest device or display connected to an active Wi-Fi network and activation through iOS/Android Google Home app. Data charges may apply. Call charges will be in accordance with your Telstra mobile plan. To call E000, say “Hey Google, call Triple Zero". Liberate and Mobile Protect are incompatible. Excludes business customers. Currently not available on Google Nest Hub Max- coming soon.

Google Home, Mini or Nest: Requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet and a compatible mobile device. Google, Google Home and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google Inc.

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    Oh that's awesome. Wish there was support for alexa. My google home mini mic is terrible compared with the echo dot 3

    • +1

      My US Alexa can call my Aus Alexa but not the other way around. I have yet to find out why this is happening.

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    Also available for Boost customers, which will come in handy with those Coles Vouchers. :P

    • I tried to utilise this the other day on Boost and it wouldn't work for me. It sets up, but then won't actually call.

      • Worked for me this morning on Boost

      • Worked for me on Boost. Made a call just now.

    • +3

      Not available on Telstra Wholesale MVNOs (e.g. Belong, Woolworths Mobile, ALDImobile, etc)
      Not available on 3rd party Google Assistant devices (e.g. Lenovo clock, JBL speakers, etc)
      Only outgoing calls are supported at the moment
      Not compatible with the Telstra HFC C6300 Gateway in routed mode (bridge mode works OK)
      Requires Google DNS to be reachable from Wi-Fi network
      Google Assistant language must be set to English (Australia)

      • +1

        Boost is more like rebadged Telstra than a Telstra MVNO.

      • I'm on Boost and setup every thing OK on my Google Home app, but when I tried to make a call Google says "Sorry, I can't make calls yet". I have my Google Assistant language set to US English though so not sure if that's the issue.

        • No problem with Boost here. Works like a charm.

        • Mine took 48 hours at least to start working

      • +1

        Requires Google DNS to be reachable from Wi-Fi network

        There goes the government's brilliantly ineffective piracy filter. Is Telstra in partnership with SolarMovie?

      • Boost isn't a Telstra Wholesale MVNO, they sell the complete Telstra Retail network

    • Not available to Woolworths mobile 😤

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    Thus is probably more a forum then a bargain

    • +1

      Yeah I was going to post in forums a few days ago except I couldn't get it to work properly. After the call is answered it goes silent on both ends after a few seconds - anyone else having that problem?

      I like the idea though, could potentially save someones life.

      • +10

        Yeah gotta pause for a second so Google can hit the record button on your phone call

    • +1

      not really it can mean some can remove land line phone and pay less. It also is ok for emergency calls aparently

      • How so? Call costs are exactly the same as using the mobile phone plan you have this connected to.

      • +1

        Why not just remove phone line and use mobile phone?

    • +5

      Disagree I DO think it's a bargain. It makes any Telstra deal more appealing/valuable! I just set it up and it's very cool! Can make calls if my phone is off/far away/dead battery etc. I wouldn't have found it if it was in the forums.

      • -1

        Disagree I DO think it's a bargain.

        No savings, no bargain…

        • @jv No that's not right,
          If Apple didn't reduce the price on their new iPhone but introduced an offer of including free earpods and a proper fast charger with any iPhone purchase then that would be a "bargain".
          This new feature Telstra is offering adds value to any phone plan, therefore to people who want it, they may consider it a bargain!!

          • @PukeyLuke:

            then that would be a "bargain".

            No, that would be the normal price of the new model, as you could buy it anywhere for that price.

            What you are describing is an announcement, not a bargain…

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    If you are not on unlimited plans for mobile and Internet, then Telstra charges once at your regular mobile calling rate and your ISP charges again for Internet data usage. The calls are not free.

    • I don't think we are using mobile data for this voice activated calling…

      • +4

        That is correct. No mobile data will be used. ADSL/NBN/Fixed Wireless data will be.

        • +2

          I hope that your internet data usage for the call isn't what causes you to run out of data, it should be a few megabytes at the most.

        • +2

          It uses ~1mb/min (i just did a ~10min call and it was less then 8mb)
          Hardly going to trouble your monthly internet quota.

          I don’t think there are too many Telstra plans (post paid at least) which don’t have unlimited calls.

  • +49

    Me: Ok Google, Call My Wife
    Home: Which wife you want to call?

    • +3

      And then the fight started

    • +5

      Wife: ok google, call my husband
      Home: calling Steve
      Husband: who is Steve?

  • +1

    What is the saving?

    • +11


      • I think there is more effort involved then using mobile

        • +1

          ??? How do you figure that?

          • -3

            @DisabledUser35983: How does it take less effort to make a call with Google then with your mobile?

            • +5

              @asa79: "hey google call jim"

              Is much easier then finding your mobile, unlocking, opening phone/contacts app, finding contact, tap call.

              Why do you think its more effort?

              • @DisabledUser35983: To be fair, I have a Google phone with a fingerprint unlock, so it's just a matter of picking it up and saying "okay Google, call Jim"

                • @Ninternet: I’ve got a pixel too. I can yell at it to make a call. But I can’t understand the claim

                  ..more effort involved then using mobile

                  They’re obviously just trolling.

                • @Ninternet: So with this 'dea;'l won't even have to unlock phone at all?

                  • @capslock janitor: There's setting on your phone so that you don't have to unlock it to talk to Google assistant too if that's what you mean

                    • @Ninternet: Sometimes I talk to Google it works, other times not. Sometimes says not available.

                      Not sure if my settings or something erong with phone

              • -1


                "hey google call jim"

                "hey siri call jim" is quicker

                • +1

                  @jv: No, Google doesn’t respond to that.

                  I’d have to buy an iToy and that would cost my dignity

                  • -1


                    No, Google doesn’t respond to that.

                    My phone does, and it’s faster calling that way.

        • +2


    • +2

      landline phone

    • +2

      My land line cost and land phone

      • +6

        But if we get rid of the land line how will "telstra technical department" be able to let us know our computer is infected

      • But landline will still be up when your internet is down this won't be

        • +2

          Possibly on ADSL & Cable (and that's just possibly), but not on NBN.

  • +2

    Thanks for the info Op! Set it up on my google home mini!

  • +4

    Belongs in forums.

  • Set it up a week ago, not all devices are supported

    • +1

      which devices are?

      • Google mini, home, max, nest hubs.

        Doesn’t support 3rd party google supported devices like Lenovo clocks/Bose headphones, Sony speakers, etc

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    Sorry, not a deal. Belongs in forums.

    • -8


    • +2

      Votes are so random now. Two basically same comment yet yields different voting results.
      Wonder what's in my comment's fate

      • +1

        I’m ron burgundy?

      • Ha ha. I agreed with the above stating this isn't a deal (which it isn't) and got alot of negs for it.

        Then I find this post has been moved to the forums. :-)

  • +1

    Mine shows “not signed in” where the telstra is. How does one sign in??

    • Same for me

      • +1

        I’m touching the mobile icon and all that area and it won’t let me get to the enter your mobile screen. Any ideas how to fix? I’ve tried turning it off and on again.

    • I did the whole SMS verification thing. Tried it again and it said "already linked", but still shows "not signed in".

    • @bemybubble Touch the telstra icon on the left and it will redirect to a phone number and sms code authentication.

    • +1

      Just a heads up for anyone else experiencing this issue on their iDevice. My wife had the same problem on her iPhone where pressing the button to link did nothing, whereas my Android was fine. She signed in on my phone and activated her mobile number, then when she checked her phone it showed as linked. A relatively painless solution (assuming you have an Android device handy).

      edit: or try the Google Assistant app as fpaz says.

      • This worked - thanks!

  • +2

    Calling this a bargain… getting anything out of Telstra for FREE is a bargain, good find OP.

  • +3

    Thanks. I don't have a Telstra mobile number but good to know if I ever move to them.

    I don't think a deal has to be "financially beneficial" to be a deal. Sometimes it's great to let people know that something like this is available where it would normally fly under the radar

    • +3

      That's what the forums are for

  • +4


  • +5

    Thanks for sharing. Should be in the forums.

  • +5

    How is this a deal?

  • "Sorry I can't make calls yet" even after I've set everything up and linked my account. Damn Google Assistant says the same thing on my mobile too.. :(

    • +1

      Make sure your google home is set to English (Australian) language. Try restart your google home, it needs the latest firmware.

  • +6

    Cant underestimate why all the NEGS? there is a FREE Udemy course without objection on the front page, Upgrade Ultraviolet digital post also without objection. Why is this different? A free service by Telstra when Telstra never ever give anything for free is a bargain to me and deserves a post.

    • +6

      Because those normally cost money, and have become free for a limited time, if stuff like this was allowed to be posted here we'd be flooded with start-ups for crap

    • "But, but, It's Telstra!"
      The usual pile-on…

    • +1

      Telstra never ever give anything for free

      Except, NRL, AFL, Netball, AFLW, V8, A League live coverage.

    • Apple Users.. Lol

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