Voice Activated Calling for Existing Telstra Mobile Customers with Google Home

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For all those google home users and Telstra Mobile Customers

Telstra and Google have partnered to make calling easier. Whether your mobile is off, out of reach, or your hands are full, you can now make voice-activated calls on Google Home, Mini or Nest speakers and displays. Only available to eligible Telstra mobile customers. It’s free to set up and calls are at no additional cost to your existing mobile plan. Data charges may apply. Link up to six mobile services with Google Voice Match.

More information on how to set-up your device:


Things you need to know:

Requires a compatible smartphone and a Telstra Mobile service with credit, a powered Google Home, Mini or Nest device or display connected to an active Wi-Fi network and activation through iOS/Android Google Home app. Data charges may apply. Call charges will be in accordance with your Telstra mobile plan. To call E000, say “Hey Google, call Triple Zero". Liberate and Mobile Protect are incompatible. Excludes business customers. Currently not available on Google Nest Hub Max- coming soon.

Google Home, Mini or Nest: Requires a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet and a compatible mobile device. Google, Google Home and related marks and logos are trademarks of Google Inc.

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    Having to be locked into telstra isn't a bargain

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      "But, but, It's Telstra!"

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        You keep saying that. Don't like the best network in Australia? ;). Just pulling ya tits. Don't get all triggered.

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    Are windows, osx and android updates with new features deals now too?

    • ..and Ch7 has a new shopping Chanel I think, or is that 9?

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    No deal!

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    Awesome, that worked, thanks OP!
    Fair enough it belongs in the forum but to be honest, if it wasn't here I'd have not seen it. Plus one! :)

  • Supports boost mobile as well.

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    Mods are being really slack lately..
    Normally this would be moved within an hour, not to mention issues with other posts not being resolved

    • Sorry, I forgot we worked on Wilder94's schedule. OK boss?

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    how do u end a call? lol

    dont want to have a conversation…
    "rah rah ok bye bye see you hey google….." (hang up)

    other person would be like wdf…

    • Unplug Google Home or Turn Off Google Home ?

    • I tried, say "Ok Google, end the call"
      will end the call

    • Tap the top I think works

      • From here

        "To end a call,

        Tap on the top of Google Home. For Google Mini, tap and hold one of the two sides or
        Say "Hey Google, stop." You can also use the commands “disconnect,” “end call,” or “hang up.”
        If the recipient ends the call, you'll hear the end call tone."

  • I hope they add Telstra landline soon…I'm an ozb'er so I have Kogan 365 day mobile plan

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    This is not a deal, it is a new feature for a product. No savings? No vote.

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    Thanks for the information.upvote for you.

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    This is a massive plus for boost mobile for me. I was looking for a VPN phone so my kids could call me as we don’t have home phones. Using google home solves the problem neatly and cheaply.

    • I was thinking of the same use case. Are you sure it would work calling yourself (or would you need another line)?

  • Works with business customers.

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    How is this a deal?

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    This is a targeted feature of a service with no saving.

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    Wow - nearly as good as the use Google Home to tell you the weather "deal". Bought 2!

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    It's a feature not a discount, not sure why it's here tbh

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    Please neg me to oblivion.

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    Very handy feature for existing customers. Did not know about it before seeing it posted here (and wouldn't have noticed in the forums), so thank you OP! There weren't any negs on the Free Telstra speed boost post, so not sure why so many here (I guess everyone wants to be part of the snowballing-neg action!)

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    Where's the bargain

  • I get why people are negging this, but I appreciated it and wouldn't have seen it in the forums.

  • Plenty of equivalents get posted on Deals. But hey, Telstra… so, negs. Haters gonna…

  • love the feature

  • I have a boost mobile and country set to Australia, on my Google Mini.

    In Settings under Services when I click on voice and video call there is option for setting mobile calling. When I click that I can see Telstra when I click on it, it redirects me to testra website where I can put number.
    But it's says you number is not eligible (You must have an active Telstra mobile phone
    service to use with VOice-Activated Calling.
    Voice-Activated Calling is not compatible with Telstra Liberate or Telstra Mobile Protect.)

    Can someone guide me with steps pls.

    • Can someone guide me with steps pls.

      Google it…

      • I mean I got the steps but i am getting this error it's says you number is not eligible (You must have an active Telstra mobile phone
        service to use with VOice-Activated Calling.
        Voice-Activated Calling is not compatible with Telstra Liberate or Telstra Mobile Protect.)

        I got boost mobile

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          Ask google why your number is not eligible?

          • @jv: Well Solution is You need to Have VOLTE enabled on BOOST to Activate Voice calling from Mini.

  • Just activited. Thanks OP.

  • Thanks op. The feature works surprisingly well.

  • Thanks for sharing.
    After a few hours of troubleshooting was able to enable Mobile calling on Google Home

  • Hmmm… I'm on iOS.. when i get into the settings on the Google Home app:
    On the Home iOS app is Settings > More settings > Services > Voice & Video calls > Mobile calling

    Under 'More services' I see 'Telstra not signed in' with a weird blue icon… i can't seem to tap it on it or anything to sign in.
    (which is pretty much step 4 on this instruction https://www.telstra.com.au/support/category/mobiles-tablets/...)

    Did anyone else have the same issue?

  • I agree, if this wasn't posted as a Bargain, I would never have known about this………its a great bargain i.e. Free additional Service for my Boost and Google accounts :-). Actually went looking for it today and wondered where it had gone!
    I set this up last night upon reading the Post and it worked fine. This morning, it doesn't and says to try again another time. Hmmmmm wonder what changed!

    • its a great bargain

      no saving, no bargain…

      • It saves me getting up to find my mobile to make a call, thus saves my energy(hence need less food), my shoe leather, my mobile power, my frustration when I can't find mobile…….the list goes on hence plenty of savings :-)

        • It saves me getting up to find my mobile to make a call

          I'd get my wife to do that… Is that a bargain too?

          • @jv: No as that would be taking up some of the time required for doing all the other things that she has to do for you!

            • @Borg: Same as per your example

  • +1

    Great new feature, only my Sony smart speaker doesn't yet have this function, my home and minis work flawlessly.

    You can even call your own number from home which is very handy for my kid.

    Just had to relearn the voice recognition and share the four attempts with him for it to work.

    Thanks for posting this as a deal OP!

  • after going through the linking process (after pin and confirmation and all that, a box pops up which says "number removed. your account no longer as an associated telstra number, your calls will be placed anonymously".
    Then it shows my Telstra linked account as not signed in. Have tried this via the Google Assistant too with same results.

    My number is on a Telstra staff plan (i no longer work there but the staff plan keeps going), i wonder if that's got anything to do with it? Anyone know how to fix?

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