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QCY T2S TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones & 800mAh Case w/ Qi Wireless Charging $19.99 US (~$29.55 AU) Express Delivered @ GeekBuying


Back on sale again are these popular QCY earphones with free express shipping and stackable with 4.20% cashback at Cashrewards.

Featuring a charging case that provides up to 32 hours of total play time and can be recharged with Qi, IPX4 water resistance for workouts, True Wireless Stereo, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, tap gestures including play/pause sound, skip forward/backward and voice assistant.

  • Apply the coupon TWST2S at checkout to get it for $19.99 US (~$29.55 AU)

Click Proceed to Checkout and choose Australia Direct Line to get free express shipping.

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  • +1

    Clear MANG! I just bought these on the last day of the other sale. Could of saved myself $2!

    Even more salt in the wound after missing the $20 BOSE soundsports

    • Just paid $33.56 for these. Wasn't aware of the Bose deal though - damn it!!!

    • What's this about a $20 Bose sound sport ?

    • +4

      Could of, would of, should of. But did of? No, you didn't of.

      • I'm not a grammar nazi but this really annoys me somehow. I think it's just an Aussie thing. Is this what happens when you learn your native language by ear?

        • nah it's just lack of edumacation.

        • +1

          It's what happens when grammar is no longer part of the English syllabus.

  • +7

    For those wondering, these are the same as the QCY T1S/T2C but with a Wireless Charging Case.

    Also the layout of the site for Geekbuying, Banggood and GearBest are all starting to look the same…

    • Damn, this deal is $4 more than the shopping square deal.

      • +2

        The one from this deal has a wireless charging case.

    • They're all starting to look like Aliexpress. Coincidence?

      Might just be Chinese store trend.

  • +4

    What are these like?
    Are they good for calls?
    Do they have a good bass?

    Not expecting a lot from something that's $30 but am curious.

    • +2

      Ditto, my next phone lacks a 3.5mm jack so I need to start thinking about bluetooth.

      • Yeah same here unfortunately

    • +3

      I don't know what is the call quality but the sound quality is pretty decent for that price.

      • -6

        If the sound quality is decent I am sure the call qality will be fine.

        • +10

          Mic is terrible actually, you have to hold one near your mouth or be in a silent place for the other end to hear you clearly.

          • +1

            @John Kimble: Yikes. $29.55 saved. Thank you friend.

            EDIT: Wait, actually I wouldn't be using these for calls anyway. So I think I will order some after all lol :)

          • @John Kimble: Never had any complaints abt the mic

            • +5

              @gimme: I have given up taking phone calls on them as people consistently complained about not hearing me with these both indoor and outdoors.
              Love the rest - although they are mainly used for podcasts, so not overly focused on sound quality. They are certainly convenient. Stable wireless. Quick and seamless pairing to iphone. Good battery life and quick wireless charging. Very comfy and stay in the ear. The case and overall build are very nice.
              If only the mic was any good on mine…

              • @Bobioso: Out of interest, do you pair them individually or combined? I do it combined as a single unit and never got any complaints but who knows

                • @gimme: I pair them combined - the right headphone only. I don't think that individual pairing is possible on iOS for two separate headphones concurrently.

        • +1

          One is a speaker and the other is a microphone. Could be significantly different quality wise.

    • +9

      They're awesome for sound quality at this price.
      Useless for calls. Other party can barely hear you.
      Bass is minimal.

      • +1

        Ah I see, was mainly looking for a pair for phone calls, I guess this has turned me away from them now.

    • +6

      Comfortable, well built. Case is nice, and I've pretty much only got USB-C or wireless chargers now so the wireless charging is pretty much a necessity for me. Good battery life. Doesn't have issues with audio lag unlike a lot of expensive wireless earphones (except with the youtube app which is apparently an issue with the app for every Bluetooth device atm)

      Sound quality isn't the best, it's acceptable, but I feel like they lose a bit of detail and sound worse than my stock LG buds (which are honestly actually really good. I'm not an audiophile or anything BTW, so YMMV.

      For the convenience of them they're worth it. Yeah other earphones will have better sound quality, but if I want sound quality and nothing else I wear my full sized headphones. I feel like you'd have to pay a lot more to get anything that's only a little better.

      Mic sucks. It's usable indoors without anything going on in the background. I think this is true for most true wireless earphones.

      • Do these have any water resistance? Hoping to buy for gym use so can it take a lot of sweat and water?

        • IPX4

      • Are they the stock LG buds from the v30+? They are killer for packed in the box buds

        • The G7 ones, I'd imagine they're pretty similar.

      • What's the youtube thing? Mine (Galaxy icon X) work great on Youtube

    • +3

      No noise cancelling which makes it terrible for voice calls.

      • You mean active mic noise cancelling right? Not to be confused with noise cancelling headphones

    • +2

      Echo what others have said. I’ve tried all different variants of these for calls and they are terrible. If that’s important you’ll need to look at something else.

      • any suggestions for a set in similar price range that would work well for calls?

  • Bought this 2 days ago at geekbuying for $32.91
    Should have waited for Clear's deal!

    • +1

      If it's still processing you could probably email them for a cancel ;)

      • +1

        Thanks Clear. They were quick. Order made late at night, it was shipped out ealy next morning.

  • Is the difference between these and the cheaper T1C
    the fact that the charging case has a lid and larger battery - but that the actual earbuds are the same?

    • +1

      Yes pretty sure, I've had both and they seem identical.

  • Will I be able to get these sent to an Australia Post Parcel Locker? Or, any estimates for package dimensions?

    • +3

      Yeah it's fine for the Auspost lockers if you choose Australia Direct Line.

  • +2

    I got a pair of these two months ago. The quality is better than I expected. It's good enough for listening to music.

  • +1

    Does the feather act as the Bluetooth Ariel ?

  • +2

    I've been using these earbuds for 3 months now, and would recommend them for this price point.

    • How long does the battery last? 3 months ago, and now if it has degraded?

      • I wouldn't be able to give you solid numbers. I usually use my earbuds 2-2.5hrs/day on weekdays, and charge my case every week.

        I haven't noticed any difference in battery life when I first bought it compared to now.

  • How are they for staying in your ears?
    My Sony wireless earbuds (with the loop at the back of the neck) keep falling out - particularly of my left ear.

    • +1

      The tips the earphones came with were awful, either too big or small enough that they'd slip out.

      If you have custom earphone tips, or a normal tip that works well for you, then they'll almost never fall out.

  • +1

    do these work well with running/jogging?

    • +2

      Yep. I run with my all the time and no concerns of them falling out

  • +1

    Just had my second pair fail, pairing had screwed up tried resetting them to no avail :(

  • Are these good for the gym? Will they fall out when running?

    • Read above

  • +2

    Get! You won't regret.

  • +4

    Sound is very good for music and podcasts on the go. Stereo is actually pretty impressive. Comfortable in the ear and great battery life. For $30 this is a great deal.

  • I've seen some pictures floating around for a white pair, do they exist? Thanks.

  • Bought some for the wife to use at the Gym, lots of positive reviews on Geekbuying, appear to be good value.

  • +1

    This or t1-aptx?

    • +1

      T1 Aptx

      • Can you explain? I'm interested in buying, but am wondering which is more suited to running, and which has better sound quality.

  • These or the T1 Pros? Aliexpress had the T1 Pros for ~$31, think $35 with GST.

  • With all the positive reviews bought 2, One for myself and another one for my son…Hope I too enjoy using them.

  • +1

    Which are better? Taotronics equivalent or these?

  • How well do these stay in ear when running?

    • Mine fall out easily and I can't use them for running. Which sucks, because that's the main reason I bought them.

      But I think it depends on your ear.

      The airpod shape suits my ear much better. It never falls out. But the cheap knockoffs I bought of those had shocking battery life. So now I think I am resigned to buying airpods (after spending ~$60 on cheaper wireless headphone variants).

      • Interesting. I find the Apple earpods fall out but they stay put with a $1 silicone hook from ebay. Seems like headphones are a gamble.

  • This or Soundpeats?

    • +1

      They are the same. Potentially Soundpeats if you are worried about the warranty.

    • +2

      As DaddysBelt said they're the same. QCY licensed their earphones out to Soundpeats.

  • This or dudios Zeus air?

  • Sold out while i was registering :(

  • +1

    I've requested Geek to add more stock to the deal and if so they'll remove the expiry later.

    Country hopping today so no promises 😉

    • Thank you, hopefully some more stock is added soon.

  • Hi Clear,

    any deal for T2C?

  • Is it possible to pair the T2S with multiple devices (eg android phone and android tablet) and switch between the two?

    • +1

      Yes, I have connected to 2 mobile phones and a tablet.

      • Thanks @HandsomeMonkey, I got a pair.

  • can anyone tell me what noise isolation is? it's not noise cancelling like T1-APTX?

    • Just the earbuds block everything other than the port for you to actually hear anything.

  • The QCY T2S back in-stock now

    • Whoo hooo, got a pair, thanks.

      • My order is failed to pay….

        • +4

          You need money in your bank account

          • @SnakeDoc: Nah, they said the Receiver Name has to be the exact same as your Credit Card Name…
            and now I can't place order as I place too frequent….

            • @honpong2000: They said it's networking issue, changed the network and ordered successfully!

  • What am I doing wrong please? The total comes up as A$36.44 but when I proceed to check out and add the coupon TWST2S, the price changes to A$45.55?

    Edit, never mind fixed it!

  • Are these in-ear earphones?

    • Yes.
      Plus I expect that all true wireless earphones are in-ear. Only headphones tend to be on-ear or over-ear.

  • AUD must have dropped today, was $30.36 when I checked out

    • Me too!

    • $29.51 with 28d cc

      • Gotcha, should have changed the currency from AUD to USD.

      • Got mine for $29.40 with bankwest cc

  • Thanks OP. Ordered one.

  • Thanks OP got one after the restock!

  • Has anyone compared these to the Xiaomi Airdots (not pro version). They look quite similar and also in the ~$30 range

    • to be honest I had a pair of Xiaomi Wired In-ear Headphones and they were rubbish. Lasted me about 2 weeks before the audio started crackling. Im not sure about their wireless earphones, but considering the last pair I will be avoiding them.