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QCY T2S TWS Bluetooth 5.0 Earphones & 800mAh Case w/ Qi Wireless Charging $19.99 US (~$29.55 AU) Express Delivered @ GeekBuying


Back on sale again are these popular QCY earphones with free express shipping and stackable with 4.20% cashback at Cashrewards.

Featuring a charging case that provides up to 32 hours of total play time and can be recharged with Qi, IPX4 water resistance for workouts, True Wireless Stereo, Realtek Bluetooth 5.0 chipset, CVC 6.0 noise reduction for clearer calls with the inbuilt mic, S/M/L eartips, tap gestures including play/pause sound, skip forward/backward and voice assistant.

  • Apply the coupon TWST2S at checkout to get it for $19.99 US (~$29.55 AU)

Click Proceed to Checkout and choose Australia Direct Line to get free express shipping.

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  • Thanks for the restock, got a pair!

    Have been wanting a pair of bluetooth earbuds badly for the gym & running.

  • These or galaxy buds?

    idc about NC or mic quality.

  • Thanks OP, just got a pair, ended up costing $30.36 AUD. Nice.

  • Time to bite the bullet and get a pair (of earbuds) and stop stealing my wife's Soundpeats.

  • -3

    Does anyone know if I can pair this to my laptop via Bluetooth to listen to my Youtube playlist?

  • I've recently had issues with my QCY headphones where my left earbud would sometimes dropout whilst using them. Any tips in fixing this?

  • Put an order last week and still showing as processing? No confirmation enail apart from paypal and no tracking…so much for quick delivery

    • Processing is advertised as 2-7 business days. If it has exceeded that time (or very close) I can give them a nudge.

    • Ordered two days ago and got email notification just then saying it’s been shipped

  • I'm sure this has been asked before somewhere, but would this be better or the Haylou GT1? Anyone had experience with both?

    • Have both, prefer these as I get a better seal with the T2x (I have the T2C) and the touch controls on my GT1s are finicky at best

      The physical buttons on the T2C's are loud but I got used to them pretty quick

      My GT1s also disconnect from each other for a few seconds every so often which I haven't had happen with the T2Cs

  • Thanks OP. Got one came up as $30.36

  • +2

    Ordered on the 24th September, received today. Metro Brisbane area.

    Initial thoughts

    I will sometimes mention my current Redmi Airdots for comparisons.

    • Weight - 53 grams with earbuds inside. About 19 grams more than my current earbuds. Weight due to extra battery obviously.
    • Dimensions - 34mm x 77mm x 35mm, definitely not small. Awkward shape (in my opinion), will feel it in the pocket
    • Connecting Process - easy, just follow instructions. English included
    • Sound - seems like a slight delay with video audio - small, but still just noticeable. I'm not too picky with my audio - nothing expensive to compare - but seem good for music and podcasts.
    • Fit - Depends on the person, but for me with small ears they stay in awesome using the small tips. They do stick out a little bit from my ear, more than my Redmi Airdots.
      Reception - Will require more testing, unsure how I feel at the moment.

    I think they would be a good introduction to True Wireless earbuds for people (What to expect). Would recommend at $30.

  • Ordered two in two separate orders, one from 24 Sep and 25 Sep, both with dispatch email dated 28 Sep.

    Received tracking numbers but still "Shipping information received by Australia Post"?! (only one line in Auspost)

    No more updates of delivery after 5 days! (Auspost not receiving the packages?!)

    Maybe I need Paypal to step in if it is not "process through facility" by mid next week.

    • No need for PayPal. I assume you're using 17track.net for tracking? It autodetects as Auspost but if you switch it to UBI it'll show the tracking more accurately.

      • What's the UBI tracking URL?

        • If you go to 17track.net and put your tracking number there. It'll try and autoselect Auspost but choose UBI as the carrier. Alternatively DPEX is the right one in some cases.

          • @Clear: OK, thanks.

            Only see them arrive Sydney this morning.

            • @FireStallion: Once it clears customs the Auspost tracking should update. Though I've found them to be quite slack in that department.

    • No more updates of delivery after 5 days! (Auspost not receiving the packages?!)

      Yep, express post failed

      • same here… nothing yet..

        EDIT: just got an email it will arrive tomorrow

    • +2

      Arrived yesterday, so it took 14 days from order to delivery to customer ……

      • International departure - enroute to Australia
        SHENZHEN (CN)
        Date & timeMon 30 Sep • 6:02am

        Still Waiting..

  • My ones arrived and sound fine, only issue is the right one depletes it's battery in about 90 minutes. Left one still over half power at that point.

    Other than a fault any reason the right would deplete so much faster?

    Edit: yes both charged to 100% first

    • I think the right handles the Bluetooth connection to your phone, and then shares audio over to the left bud. So it makes sense it depletes quicker, as it's handling multiple connections and left one doesn't.

      • Perhaps, it's certainly very one-sided. Right down to 30% while left still had 90% when using this evening. I'll test them on their own and see how long they last, should in theory last about the same as single devices.

        I had hoped they would last a couple of hours at least.

  • Mine arrived today. Happy so far. I love that you can charge the case simply by sitting it on a wireless charge pad!

  • Anyone know why on Windows PC (with eBay bluetooth adapter) it is set to telephone quality in Sound settings. Sounds like shit, and can't change it. Is this a setting I can change or the bluetooth adapter?

    Looks like getting a cheap blutooth 5.0 adapter might work, we'll see. They don't look promising.

    • There might be another setting in the sound, I haven't tried it out with my T1's but my Plantronics had a setting somewhere when I connected the first time it set the device to a call mode which made it sound like shit and had to change it so it sounded much better.

  • I'm from NZ and wondering how to use cashback? I've registered and got it but how do I apply it with the coupon for these headphones or anything in general? Why is this 'cashback' thing not in NZ in the first place?

    • Cashrewards is an Australian website for Australians only. I recommend using ShopRewards as they seem to be the goto cashback site at ChoiceCheapies.

  • Thanks OP

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