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Gaming Desktop PC: Ryzen 5 3600 | RTX 2080 SUPER $1499, Ryzen 7 3700X $1799 + Free Call of Duty + Delivery @ Techfast


Great prices and both PCs come with code for free game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.
Enjoy :)


Ryzen 5 3600
750W 80+ Bronze PSU
A320 MB
Leaper Pro White case


Ryzen 7 3700X
750W 80+ Bronze PSU
B350 MB
Leaper Pro White Case

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  • Is it possible to build something solid with a 2080 super that's either better at the equivalent price, or cheaper at the equivalent specs? This seems pretty cheap

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      I don't think so, the cheapest 2080s + 3600 from PCCG is $1470 alone, then you need to add all the other parts.
      Even with ebay sales like the current Computer Alliance one you would find it really hard to get a system that matches those specs and price.

      The only real downside to the 3600 system is the A320 board and maybe the 8GB of ram, i would definitely opt to upgrade to at least the B350 board.

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      Even using the cheapest components (which this likely has) the cheapest I can build just CPU, mobo, ram, GPU on PCCG is $1862 (for the 3700x). Throw in a case, psu and ssd probably going to add another $150.

      So it'd be hard to find equiv specs for cheaper.

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    Not a bad price for the 3700x bundle. Considering 3700x is $460, and the 2080 Super sits around $1200.

    You'd definitely want to upgrade the motherboard to the 450M and the Ram to 3200mhz.

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      Can I ask why definitely upgrade to 450M? I think last time someone mentioned that it's not worth paying $99 for the upgrade. Also if I was to upgrade, is it worth paying more for the X570?

      • Much better board, more features/ports/options etc.

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        The 450M should suffice for the time being, unless you're over clocking the CPU you should be fine with the 450M and you'll save a $100 there.

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        Just buy your own b450mb from CA and and sell the b350mb on ebay.

    • What mobo model do you need to overclock 3700x.

      Been out of the game a while still rocking an 8 year old 3570k


      • plz respond

        • for Ryzen the B(x)50 or the X(x)70 chip-sets are overclockable

  • Is it possible to list what B450 / X570 motherboards we're likely to get if we buy the upgrade?

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      I would assume it's still the Biostar motherboards. For B450 that would mean the B450GT3 or B450MH and for X570 that would be the X570GT or X570GT8.

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        biostar have no features so i'd say if you have the bux get the shittest board and save up for a new mobo in a few months time.

        • I'd agree with this if in fact it is Biostar boards at every level. Of course, that needs to be confirmed by Techfast themselves so contact them to confirm beforehand.

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            Of course, that needs to be confirmed by Techfast themselves so contact them to confirm beforehand.

            Or someone who's bought one of these before….I'm guessing you were one of these from my assumption of your assumption?

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        Howdy. We use Biostar A320M and B45M2 (the B350) and B360MHD Pro2. We don't use Biostar for B450, X570 or Z390. Those are generally Gigabyte or MSI. We have used Gigabyte DS3H, MSI M2-Pro and Pro VDH VDH Plus and others for B450, and MSI Gaming Plus for X570 so far but others may be used.

        • I am looking at the 3700x package with upgrade.

          Is it possible to ask for the MSI Pro VDH Plus motherboard and if so how much more?

          Can I have the model detail for:
          What 120mm water cooler do you use?
          What brand PSU for the bronze 750w?
          32Gb DDR4 3200MHz spec
          SSD 480GB

          Also which motherboard has Bluetooth?


  • I am looking at getting a new pc. I currently have an Asus vg248qe which is 1080p and 144hz. My budget was around 2k so this falls well within. Would I be crazy not too go for this? And what should I upgrade if I do go for it? Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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      Upgrade SSD, ram, and motherboard

  • Anyone have experience with the case? Airflow good or does it cause throttling.

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      case sucks, its plastic and terrible. i reckon the 2080 will throttle in it. i bought a r5 2600 system and the rx 580 got hot so i got a new case and the temps were ok but the msi armor rx 580 was a dog shit card.

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        That sucks. It's probably worth it to request parts separately and buy a better case I guess.

      • It's a real shame. Probably only make the PC cost $20 for a decent case. Even on a $500 PC that'd be worth it to me. But when you're looking at a "high end" PC it's a show stopper. I really don't want to buy a PC I have to rebuild and then fight over warranty issues if there is a problem.

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      I can't imagine a case would cause a GPU to throttle in the day and age unless you have no fans, it's clogged up and your tower is next to a heater?

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        Of course everyone's entitled to their opinion and comment, but to be factually accurate, the case is metal, not plastic. It has an acrylic side panel and plastic front panel but the frame is metal. Fans are installed at the front and rear (intake and exhaust respectively) and if you really want you can request an additional intake or exhaust which we will mount at the top.

        In many hundreds of systems sold we haven't received any reports of thermal throttling.

        • Ok re reading noone actually said it causes the GPU to throttle.

          Someone asked if it does ( weird question ) and there was a reply " I think it will cause the GPU to throttle because hurr durr the case is bad "

          Stupid comment

        • That's great support Luke. Don't get me wrong not an attack on your deal as systems are built to a budget and it's impossible to have to a perfect build. No doubt this deal is amazing regardless of quality of the case. Keep up good deals coming!

  • For the e-sports case(the black one) would you need any extra case fans?
    I can't really tell by the specifications, but would it fit one or two 120mm fans on the roof?

    • I'm also interested to know whether it has the same airflow and space issues as the white case.
      If so, I'm wondering whether I should just buy a Fractal Design Meshify C, since I got the 16gb ram / 480gb SSD version of this deal earlier.

    • Yeah you do, my mate got this deal he replaced the three of them (120mm) also the msi 2080 gets real hot 80deg plus as it's only twin fan and doesn't vent out the back of the case

  • If anyone is curious about delivery times, my brother placed an order on the 12th of September, it still has not shipped. Was told it would on Wednesday, then Thursday, then today, but still no confirmation or tracking numbers.

    • +1

      I placed an order on the 11th (about 10pm) for a 3700x with 2080 super and it shipped on Tuesday (tracking number says for delivery tomorrow 😃) So that shipped on the 9th business day after I ordered.

      • what make model is the RTX 2080 please that you received? If you're not technicall inclined, please download a program named GPU-Z and it'll detect and show the make and model of video card you have. Thank you.

        • +1

          It’s an MSI 2080 Super Ventus

          • @Pingu: @Pingu thank you!

          • @Pingu: Hi just wondering if your could post a picture of the window side of the tower? There's no pictures on there site.

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    Someone convince me to get this instead of the Razer Blade 15 with 2080. Tell me this will perform a lot better than that. Please before I buy one later today.

    • Yeah thats probably the right choice, but that Razer Blade is pretty right? I want one. At least you're not buying a macbook, right? right?

      • I have a MacBook and am planning to sell it and buy a razer blade 15 instead. I don't want to but I want to :(

  • Ordered a pc on the 11th still no update on where it is…

    • +1

      Happy to look it up for you if you PM me. Would be very surprised if it's not shipping today or tomorrow.

  • Damn it. I just spent almost $1200 on parts this morning and only have a Ryzen 5 3600X and RTX 2060 to show for it. Those are fantastic prices when considering the cost of the RTX 2080 SUPER alone.

    • It's much more fun for getting everything u want by urself. I also got so many good tips and comments from Oz bargain.
      But I have to say it's really good value for this system.
      I got 3600 + msi b450 + cooler master 750 gold + 16g ram for 630, need a case from msy for another 60.
      Reuse my SSD and 1060.
      Whole upgrade under 700.
      Might need to upgrade my graphics card later this year.

  • will these be able to play every game on ultra?

  • +2

    Should indicate super in the title, given its a very different product.

  • Luke is it possible to get the E-sports case for the Ryzen 7 3700X bundle?

    • The Esports Pro is now out of stock sorry!

      • Are there any black cases of any type?

        • Ditto - the white case is the only thing I'm not sold on….

  • With so many great deals like this, I can't wait how it's going to look like on cyber Monday.

    Hopefully there will be killer deal with ryzen 7 3700x + RX 5700 XT

  • Is the 2080Super a 2 slot card? I'm tempted to get this system but swap out the GPU with the one in my mini-itx case that only supports a 2 slot card.

  • is the RTX 2080 Super a blower or multi-fan cooler system please? which possible brands? thank you.

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    Signed up just to post this.

    I bought a previous deal from TechFast last month (R5 3600 + RTX 2080 Super). Fantastic deal. Luke's support and responsiveness were both very good and he helped me with a few questions about some upgrades I planned with the case.

    1: Great price overall for the deal. I spec'd the RTX2080 Super card (MSI Ventus OC) as there were significant delays with the regular 2080's. I was given an option of the Super FE card which also had delays, or a Gigabyte/MSI variant. I got the MSI card. I also spec'd a 1tb HDD and the 3200mhz RAM.
    2: Support via email was great. Phone notification to confirm it had been sent also. This includes some correspondence about 2 weeks later to get the CPU heatsink brackets that were removed from the MB to fit the stock AMD Wraith cooler.

    1: CPU heatsink brackets were not included (possibly forgotten, but Luke had them sent to me ASAP).
    2: The case. I got the black esports case which is quite cheap (but what do you expect when the deal is so good?) and comes with 2x 120mm intake fans on the front. No top or rear fans included, though I note Luke's response earlier where additional fans can be provided. I suggested the same through our correspondence.
    On initial testing with just the 2 intake fans, playing Metro Exodus on Ultra resulted in 86deg GPU temps. Not sure what CPU temps were but they would have been high. The intake on the case is not designed well - the bottom fan gets most of the air (from cutouts in the front of the case on the side and bottom). The upper intake fan only pulls air from the side and airflow is noticeably weaker on the hand. Half the air from the bottom fan goes into the PSU cover/basement of the case, some goes directly to the GPU. With no other fans, temps were too high to be sustained for long sessions. My play time was only about 20mins before shutting the game down to check temps. This was in a 26-28deg room with a ceiling fan on.

    The B350 board is a Biostar B45M2. It has very limited support for fan headers/AIO etc. I've since pulled out the 2x stock fans and replaced with 3x 120mm ML120's (2 intake and 1 exhaust on the rear) as well as installed a H100x AIO at the top. This requires 2x Y splitters and I've connected the pump 3pin into a Molex and the radiator fans (come with their own splitter) into the CPU Fan Header. With both CPU and SYS FAN headers (the only two headers available) set to "Aggressive" and a custom fan curve setup in Afterburner, GPU temps are maintained at 68deg in a slightly warmer room, CPU temp topped at 72deg.

    I'm currently looking at replacing both the MB and Case purely for more fan headers/RGB and for better intake path for cooling. I believe most of the cooling issues would be easily resolved if a better designed case was provided (ie; less restricted intake) and at least 1 exhaust fan was provided also.

    Having said that, I'd happily deal with TechFast again as the price and support I received were both excellent. The only issue with the product overall is the case and included fans. Overall build quality (cable management etc) was good. I would definitely recommend the 3200mhz RAM, upgrade to B450 board and even an upgrade from the fans themselves. They feel flimsy compared to an ML120.

    • +1

      Thanks for the very thorough review.

    • +1

      oi fkn heaps cheers and shit ay

      • But if you are upgrading all those components, wouldn't a DIY build end up being the same amount of money?

        • Yeah probably. I underestimated how poor the case was going to be and it needed the additional fans regardless. Meshify C and a B450 Tomahawk are being delivered in the next couple of days. That will be the last of any upgrades for a few years now. The rest of the build is perfectly fine and capable.

  • Seems like a good deal. However, some of the upgrades don't work if I try and make a Ti change. For instance only 120 mm cooling and 750 PSU despite your site suggesting to go with 850. Any competitive priced 2080 Ti + i9 9900k builds?

  • Would love the Ryzen 7 build with possibly a lower graphics card. I’m connected to a 1080P TV and don’t anticipate upgrading to 4K for at least a few more years, but I need something beefy to do video conversion and remote desktop to a laptop or iPad.

  • +1

    I just wish we knew exactly which components (make and model) we are paying for.

    • We got a motherboard listing here and a 2080 Super listing here too - unless that's wrong and they've now updated since then….no idea on ram listing, PSU or storage device listing either and cpu is self explanatory.

    • RTX2080 Super that I received is an MSI Super Ventus OC. NVME is Kingston. DDR4 3200 is HyperX Fury. B350 board is Biostar B45M2.

      I suspect most of these parts will be interchangeable with whatever TechFast can get in stock to fill orders. The above is simply what I received on an R5 3600/RTX 2080 Super build.

  • Bought this (Ryzen 5 3600 + RTX 2080 SUPER). What's the expected wait time at the moment?