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Flight Metro Flat Bar 15" or 20" (SOLD OUT) Road Bike with Shimano Sora Set $200 + Freight @ rebel


20" version SOLD OUT

Just posting as this is a great deal for anyone looking for a flat bar road bike. They have them in 2 sizes and come with shimano sora groupset. Bikes with sora groupset usually go for the 500+ range so seems like a pretty good deal. Also 7% shopback at the moment so get the bike for $184. Postage is a bit of a killer for me at $100 for the 20" and $60 for the 15" (might vary for you) but still a bargain even with the postage.

15" version here:

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  • Also I have one of these I got for the mrs recently abd paid $80 more. If anyone has questions I might be able to answer.

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    How many inches bike for someone 175cm?

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      Look it up mate, but it would be 20". The 15" is more for someone 5 foot to maybe 5'6. Any more you would probably be looking the 20". Google to make sure though.

  • Looks like delivery only, $100. No stock in shops. So $300 total.

    Still good, if it fits, but proper specs would be nice. I very much doubt it has a full Sora groupset. Shifters and derailleurs?
    Could be a good base for an eBike build. (steel forks help)

    • Gears, derailleur and brakes are sora, shifters are shimano but no model branding that I can see (that said it is a flat bar)

      Also postage is 60 for the 15" and capped at 150 if you need to buy a few of them. It's a nice bike.

      • Crank is sora too, so seems like almost full groupset. Just the shifters are shimano but not sora, rest is all sora.

  • im tempted but id need a size charge before i buy without testing.

  • $99 shipping to WA!

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      Still cheap for a flatbar road bike with those components. Even from the no brand joints you would be up for double.

  • "no stock in shops".

    So, where is the stock? Has it ever been in the shops?! Lol. I doubt it very much.

    • they will have to get around 70/80 bucks from shipping to make the numbers work.

      • It's a fairly common ploy in recent years, for rebel and other companies of the same group, to advertise these deep discounts, coincidentally with high shipping fees, but not available to collect in-store;).

        • It's not a ploy. It's $99 shipping for bikes not on sale as well. And they don't have much stock left at the physical locations being a clearance item, so they need to be shipped

          • @Scope: If they have any stock in store, I'll retract my comment! Lol.

            • @clandestino: It wouldn’t be unexpected for it to be little or no stock at the stores. Its a clearance item, ie they’re trying to clear remaining stock

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    $250 freight to Port Douglas. Paradise tax.

  • Bike novice here, what does flat bar and hybrid actually mean? And aren't disc brakes better and common on bikes that are hundreds of dollars?

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      Hi @Jackson, Mug Punter here.

      Flat bar is the handle bar - distinguishing it from the traditional curved handle bars for a road bike.

      Hybrid refers to a bike somewhere between a road bike (light) and mountain bike (heavy).

      While disc brakes are becoming more common, there are some crap ones out there.

      The Phantom is happy to be corrected on any of that.

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      Hybrid bikes usually mix elements of road and mountain bikes but not really seeing the hybrid in this one. Looks more like a flat bar road bike (as opposed to drop bars).

      Disc brakes are better but are definitely not guaranteed in this price range. Can probably consider them common on bikes $800+.

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      I'm no expert but here is my take..
      Flat bar is the handle bars. Think mountain bike vs road bike. Mountain bikes have flat handles where road bikes are rounded/drop bars.

      A hybrid is a mix between a road bike and mountain bike. Generally a mountain frame and handle bars, sometimes a shock front fork but with road tyres. Gearing can kind of go either way from what I have seen but usually more commuter based.

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      My experience of Hybrids is that they do nothing particularly well because they are trying to do everything.

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    • 15" is still in stock so not marking as expired yet.

  • I apologize for asking stupid question, but what does 15inch and 20 inch stand for? And how do I know which one fits me better? I never had a bike so I have to ask.

  • just bought the last 15inch

  • I guess this can be close now.