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2000 Woolworths Rewards Points Now Converts to 1000 Qantas Points (Previously 870 Points) @ WWR


Greetings everyone, just saw that Woolworths have increased the Qantas points conversion rate permanently by 15% :)

The program has also changed now, so you get the points within 24 hours, rather than previously being in installments.

Woolworths Rewards Link

You can now earn even more Qantas Points with Woolworths Rewards. Choose Qantas Points and every 2,000 Woolworths Points you earn will automatically convert to 1,000 Qantas Points.*

You"ll earn 1 Woolworths Point for every $1 spent on eligible purchases at Woolworths, BWS, BIG W, participating Caltex and Caltex Woolworths co-branded fuel outlets.#

As always, enjoy!

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  • Good news everybody. Just got “two weeks of $80 for 7000 points”. I wonder if fly buys will follow them?

    • What? How?

      • Ah, i’m in the middle of the spend cycle. I will get them at the new rate.

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    Great news for once. Usually news in terms of redemption rate changes generally goes the opposite way.

    Now if only there were flights we could redeem the points with…

    • The best chance is 12 months out when the flights first come out. We did two business class flights to Brussels using our Qantas points, the flight was a Emirates. Sadly had to come back cattle class on Etihad, not enough Virgin points.

    • With the changes to QFF, it's actually easier to redeem flights with longer distance, however more points required for most of them.

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        Easier because less people can afford to?

        • They increased the number of award spaces, but probably also reduced competition for them.

    • You can also use the points for an upgrade on a cheapie fare, although it's much more of a roll of the dice if you'll get an upgraded seat. I grabbed a $495 return flight with Qantas to Hong Kong waaay back in June last year and travelled in March, using if I recall correctly 120,000 points to upgrade to Business class both ways. Other problem with upgrading too is that you often don't find out if the upgrade is successful until just before the flight. It was 8 hours notice for my return leg! Meh.

      • a business class return flight to hong on qantas and was about 120k return back then wasn’t it?

        • Could be. Last time I did a pure Business class return flight to HK it was 120,000 points but that was 5 years earlier. Points requirement not changed in that time? I don't know. I admit I was surprised it was that many for an upgrade but turns out it was a busy time to fly as there was a Formula E race the weekend I was there. I don't travel O/S much now I'm retired because I flew all over the place when working and learned to hate airports and flying so it wasn't really a waste of some points.

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          The recent announcement of LATAM pulling out of oneworld is going to potentially throw a spanner in the works there

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          Of course.

          I used Classic rewards flights, not points and pay etc. I booked for 2 adults from Perth to Rio, will be flying Emirates.

          From memory we booked within a week of the flights being are available. We booked them in December 2018 for flights late October 2019. We investigates a bunch of options - to Buenos Aires, Santiago, Lima etc but found Rio had better options and availability all business class (some routes were a mix of Business and economy etc) and worked with our itinerary.

          We’re traveling for three months, so we’re not fussed with the long travel time. Going anywhere from Perth is time consuming.

          For return flights, i again used classic rewards points flights from New York to Hong Kong in business class. Got a week in HK the paying our own way home.

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            @brokenxsmile: Thanks for sharing your experiences, appreciate it. Sounds like a great getaway. The entire region is amazing, spent a couple years there and only too keen to return. I did the NY to HK classic rewards points flight a couple years back. To date that's been my only business class/points use, and I was able to do it with about a week's notice, so looks like my expectations were a little unreasonable and that I should have expected that more lead time would be necessary.

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    Great info, but am i wrong in saying this should be a forum post?

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      "No one" sees the forum.

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      It would be difficult to get upvotes in the forums though.

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        Popular forum posts need clickbait titles, to trigger enough comments to hit the bottom of the front page.
        Perhaps: "Soybean farmer converts 2K Woolies points to massive 1K QFF points. Incredible!"

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    Bear in mind if you shop through Qantas Shopping portal into Woolworths Online, you get two Qantas points for every $1 spent. Much better rate.

    • Thanks for the info.

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      Better to pay with 5% discounted e-gift cards (which are supposed to negate the points/cashback malls, unless this one still credits if you pay with e-gift?)

      • I find when I pay with gift card, sometimes I get the Qantas points, sometimes not. Seems to be hit and miss

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        You still get the rewards points if you pay with a e-gift card, do this myself. It has never "missed" for me.

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      Plus you get these points also. 2 Qf points per dollar spend AND Woolworths reward points on your order

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        If my grade 1 math is correct that then makes it 2.5 QFF points per dollar using this method. In other words an overall 2.5% discount at market value.

        Whereas if you use 5% discounted e-gift cards plus the 0.5% from rewards points you get a total overall discount of 5.5% which is much better if you don't intend on utilising the QFF points.

        Edit: Or just stack the discounted gift cards with Woolies online NVM you can't use gift cards when shopping through Qantas Portal

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          So the conclusion is: the 5% discounted gift cards plus 0.5% from rewards points is the best way to go?

          I was kind of hopeful your initial stacking idea (disc. gift cards + Qantas Portal) would work. Ah well.

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            @Member 0230: Seeing as some report the stacking sometimes works (even when it's not supposed to), you've got nothing to lose by trying.

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    thats excellent news

    another of the many reasons why woolworths trumps coles in my mind

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      Yeah but Flybuys have free stuff regularly. And in the end I’d rather shop at both to get the stuff I need at the lowest price, than to be loyal to either because of some points.

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        Woolworths also gives out free stuffs if you manage to get into their Bunch club FYI

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      Except that Woolies doesn't make many points offers with shopping as Coles does.

      • Yeah but you get a lot more points from Woolies through such things as content insurance, pet insurance, car insurance, etc. Which over the long run ends up being more.

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          if only those products were worthwile…

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            @freestyle18: You’ll be surprise how many phantom dogs and cats people have just to collect points 😉

      • They used to. Do not know what happened.

    • Coles regularly does 15% bonuses on transfers to Velocity, which gives you 1001 velocity points for 2000 flybuys points.

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    2000 Woolworths points gives $10 back at Woolworths. That means 1000 Qantas point = $10.

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      Which is 1 cent per point, effectively the same as the grey market rate

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      Which makes me think that I might as well not worry about coverting to QFF points and just use the Woolworths $10 off my shop. My guess this only works well for those that fly and looking at using for upgrades?

      • I remember that I had to ring Qantas call centre to book a flight as it didn't show in the web page. They charge call centre booking fee 6000points or $60. So, earning 1c/1point is probably a standard rate. When you redeem it with peak time ticket or business class, it will probably worth more than that. I think the same way and I'd just redeem it at woolworths as it's easier.

        • Mildly off topic, but if you're calling Qantas to book something you can't do online, they'll usually waive the phone booking fee if you ask.

    • Qantas points trade at 1900 points for $10 e-gift card.

      • +1

        Yeah gift cards don;t pay well and if this is the conversion rate it would make more sense not to convert to QFF points.
        Reason: 1900 QFF Points costs 3800 Woolworths Reward points (which is worth $19 direct at Woolies).

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    Wish it went the other way, 2000 Qantas points get you $10 Woolies

  • this is good news hey - is there a catch? Looking at changing my amex card too.

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      No catch other than Qantas recent 15% devalue on points, so kinda come out even.

      As for general spend the AMEX Qantas Ultimate is probably the highest earner currently (not including special spend at X locations). Just signed the Ms up for the card with 100,000 QFF points with $3k spend. $450 annual fee with $450 Qantas credit and 2x Lounge passes if you spend on Qantas. Use an ozb referral when/if you signup :)

      • i'm already a card holder though.. :(

        did you sign your mrs up with a new card or are you both on it?

        • +1

          Signed her up for a new AMEX card (non supp). Then added myself as a supp to her account.

          I already have an AMEX account as well.

          If you are only a supp card holder you can get the bonus points on signup still. They only count primary cardholders as exclusions to a new signup bonus.

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        Just on the points devaluation, we flagged a number of classic reward trips to Europe with Emirates First before 18 Sep. All of them now require more points to book, but the taxes and fees remain exactly the same! Even though Qantas announced the fees would drop. Maybe only those few example routes on their announcement PDF are the ones which are subject to reduced fees…

        • +3

          Why am I not surprised :(

          Qantas touting as a customer focused changed… mmmm yeah… customer loses change

          • +3

            @knobbs: I remember 7 and 9 News all regurgitating the PR BS from Qantas making it look like some amazing great change for everyone without the slightest hint of critical analysis. Should have just called the spot a giant advertisement. Commercial network TV News is absolute garbage

        • +3

          Qantas can't reduce taxes applied to other carriers.
          Qantas HAS reduced fees and charges on their own flights - other carriers, it's completely up to the OTHER carrier.

        • It's only for the economy seats that have gone cheaper.

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    Not good enough, give me back the $1 to 1 point Woolies.

    • +1

      you get $1 to 1 Woolies point

    • That was only good if you made larger purchases over $30. It was a damm good rate though.

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    QFF just increased the amount of points for premium cabin redemptions by around 10-15%

    I think they reduced it or kept it the same for economy reward seat redemptions.

  • They just converted 14000 WR points into only 6090 Qantas point for me then up the rate. This is very infuriating since the conversion happen just two weeks ago.

    • The previous conversion was done on a quarterly basis, it has been the case since the points were back on offer.

      The mid September conversion date was well announced previously, so it shouldn't be a surprise.

      • Except it wasn't done on a quarterly basis, I had $60 sitting in my account since January, the last time they converted for me was in Dec. This is just a very bad system overall compared to how flybuys and velocity points work. You should be able to choose when you want to convert points.

        • Yeah that was the exact same thing that happened to me had $60 waiting to be converted for at least 3 quarters and it finally converted a couple weeks ago conveniently before this change.

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    Never converted before, always redeem in store

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    Great post.

    Anyone know what a qff point is worth these days?

  • +2

    Technically it is not a bargain; just a change in the term and conditions

  • Son of a……

    Just had 20,000 Woolworth points converted to QFF about 2 weeks ago.

    • +4

      Thank you for your sacrifice.

  • Ozbargainers please educate me is Qantas points more valuable than WWR points? I always use WWR points to do groceries shopping…
    Same as flybuys points, i only use them to buy food. I even have a coles credit card to earn more points. Worth it? or should i get a qantas credit card?

    • +1

      You can leverage them into business class tix. Depends on what you value, $10 of groceries or long haul in a flat bed.

    • +1

      As mentioned the QFF points are only worth it if you actually intend on using them on something like a business class airfare. Otherwise at face market value they are worth at best about the same as WWR points (1 QFF point = 2 WWR points = 1 cent).

      • -1

        Here we go again with people telling other people what their points are worth.
        The points value on a personal basis is subjective and is different for everyone. No one answer is correct.
        The actual value of a point is also between the supplier and Qantas (not relevant to frequent flyers), it is not actually known (because it would vary company by company), except for people guessing.

        • +3

          But it's actually not subjective at all. I should have mentioned the 1 cent was for the average grey market rate to exchange for cash, other than that you can easily calculate how much the points are tangibly worth depending what you use it for.
          For example in the Qantas store you can purchase a $50 Woolworths gift card for 9850 points which equates to 0.5 cents per point.
          Another example, I just searched for an Economy flight from Melbourne to London. This costs 55,200 points + $325 fees. Without points, this flight would normally cost $1904 in cash. This effectively means 55,200 points = $1579 for an amazing 2.8 cents per point.

          Not to mention the airfare rates are freely available for public view, no secret here: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/frequent-flyer/use-points/class...

  • Someone please explain

    I had $200 banked for Xmas with ww, and I changed to qantas points, so got 20000 points, but this only buys 130 of Woolworths vouchers, so now I’m worse off….I never actually wanted this to apply to my banked cash…fml

    I’ll just hive them for a huge flight one day

    • Plenty of opinions around the lack of value in redeeming points via Qantas store.. wait for a sale

      Should be able to contact woolworths rewards and restore the banked component.

  • This really depends on whether if you value the QFF points or the $10 off groceries more I guess..

  • +2

    Your move Flybuys / Velocity. Surely they have to follow suit now? Then if they do, hopefully they will still do 15% promos as well.