This was posted 2 years 27 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Sphero BOLT $78, Sphero SPRK+ $66, Sphero Ollie $51, Raspberry Pi 3 Kit $36 @ Australian Geographic


Not sure how long the new sale runs till, but seems like the cheapest price they've ever been.

Sphero SPRK+ $66 (was $220)

Sphero BOLT $78 (was $259)

Sphero Ollie $55 (was $169)

Raspberry Pi 3 Kit for Dummies $36 (was $179) SOLD OUT

$7.95 standard shipping on all Australian orders under $70.

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        • Do you have an invoice to share? Tks

        • What did u price match and do you have a receipt please.

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            @BrantRaven: Got a Sphero Sprk. Showed them a screenshot and the guy confirmed that he couldn't get the website to load.


            • @CatGrandma: Perfect. Thank you for that.
              I went to JB in the CBD and they wouldn't price match.
              This will be some solid evidence that it was available and did happen.

              • @BrantRaven: Let us know how you go. Tks

                Edit : Will be harder now since it is no longer in the search results from Aust. Geographic

  • Looks like their stock tracking is way off, I just got two RPi kits from Rouse Hill and they still had one left.

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    There's hundreds of items on sale, some decent savings in there and lots of educational things you could give the kids for Christmas.
    Sale ends tomorrow apparently and they probably won't have the tickets up because there's hundreds of items being cleared.
    Go in store, you might find what you're looking for or something else good for Christmas.
    Most items are well below cost.

  • Rpi order from yesterday, got a shipping notification today (coming from a very nearby store to the shipping address)

  • Morley WA, has 1 more Bolt in stock.

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    some of the deals are on the ebay store;

    PATPAT code also works

    largest discount below

    title item discount orig discount
    Crocodile Latex Moving Mouth costume Mask 333246536599 $5 $34.99 85.7%
    Littlebits rule your room coding and educational toys 333346613816 $39.99 $199.95 80%
    AstroReality Ultimate Solar System (Set 18) planets STEM educational toys sol… 333086915577 $120 $599.99 80%
    Astroreality Earth 120mm augmented reality enabled globe 333206388768 $50 $249.99 80%
    AstroReality Lunar Pro 332879819007 $50 $249.99 80%
    Osmo Coding Jam Game 333247824138 $22 $109.99 80%
    AstroReality Pluto Classic 60mm augmented reality enabled globe 333346755543 $20 $99.99 80%
    Osmo Pizza Co. Game 333247824092 $14 $69.99 80%
    OSMO Super Studio - Disney Princess STEM toys 333328490159 $8 $39.99 80%
    Stratus Wooden Galileo Clock 18°C to 26°C Analog Glass Thermometer 332881218059 $8 $39.99 80%
    Sparklab Inventors Studio 332883028886 $7 $34.99 80%
    Bamboo Labyrinth Puzzle Board Game Toy Family Entertainment 332882973553 $6 $29.99 80%
    Robobloq Qoopers 6 In 1 Robot Kit 333334197648 $90 $299.99 70%
    Grow Your Own Chamomile Tea Kit indoor plant 333276143497 $7.5 $24.99 70%
    Jumbo Floor Puzzles - Animals Of The World (New) 332883160440 $6 $19.99 70%
    Jurassic Dino Mask T-Rex Styled PVC Asst Colours Brown or Green Dress Up 332883056554 $5.1 $16.99 70%
    Bitten Ceramic T-Rex Planter Dinosaur pot plant 333070928429 $24 $59.99 60%
    Smithsonian Our Solar System Tin Carry All Fun Box educational toys 333328489989 $12 $29.99 60%
    Sea-Monkeys Instant Life Refills 333302335818 $5.2 $12.99 60%
    Vegemite Australian Tote carry Bag 333334206724 $4.99 $11.99 58.4%

    • Great work. Although the website is giving out free shipping for pretty much any order, not just over $70. It might be a better option if ebay is making you pay for it.

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    Just got my Raspberry Pi order confirmed from Cairns. Im in NSW. Must of been scraping the bottom of the barrel for mine. Happy it got fulfilled tho!!

    • Well I'm in Cairns so I should have picked click and collect - damnit!

  • Anyone else get a shipping notification with no tracking or carrier details?

    You can keep an eye on your parcel throughout its journey via <>'s tracking service:

    Tracking link :
    Tracking number:<>

  • Got a Bolt on the way with tracking but not the Pi.

  • I asked for a shipping update for my pi, and was promptly sent a credit for a refund. No other information.

    Pretty disappointing. I would've gone into a store if I'd known they'd pull something like this. 👎

    • They sent you a credit?
      You mean they gave you a refund instantly?

      • Yes. Just a generic credit memo. Refunded to my CC.

    • What email did you send it to? I send an enquiry yesterday, haven’t heard anything back as of yet

      • +1

        Same boat as you. Emailed: [email protected]. No reply.

        • Guess it’s luck of the draw at this point
          I’ll post if I get a response :)

          • @Reco: Still nothing from them. I note in the comments below people are getting refunds.

  • Anyone willing to sell the Bolt or the SPRK for a profit, please send me a pm.

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    Has anybody noticed the website and store name now changed to MyGeographic? Interesting…

    • Indeed - I wonder if they were in the process of upgrading whilst the sale was on - which would explain the terrible performance - OR, maybe we forced their hand by spamming the site and they upgraded earlier than planned?

      • My thoughts exactly, the only way to tell is if there's another flash sale and the site gets hammered by ozb lol

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    My order just got cancelled D:

  • If anyone is interested the store at Miranda,NSW had two of the Sphero Ollie left as of 7pm today.

  • Looks like received the Bolt today but not the RPi.

  • I assume a lot of you guys are going to get this email also.


    Unfortunately due to a shortage of stock we have had to refund the amount of $36.00 back into your account as our warehouse no longer has the product you purchased online. Apologies for any inconvenience.

    Store Manager
    Australian Geographic.

    • They have a warehouse?

      Could have sworn someone in this thread said they didn't have a warehouse!

  • got my bolt today Christmas is sorted

  • Received my Pi today, really amazing kit!

  • Just had a message left on my phone saying they have no stock left and will be refunding the Pi.

  • Server still down

  • Got my raspberry pi today. Now to decide what I'm going to do with it.

  • Got my raspberry pi today too - with everything except the raspberry pi board itself and the memory card lol …

    • Damn, I'd better open my box!

      • The seal was broken on mine; if yours is in-tact, I wouldn't worry

  • Anyone still waiting for any updates on their order? Tried emailing [email protected] and [email protected] but no one wants to respond

  • +3

    Hope no one is holding onto gift cards. This one has a whiff about it.

    Their new website is here

  • Hey, I did an order with these guys and still haven't recieved anything. Im actually trying to find my email confirming the order and cant. Can anyone tell me what the email subject is of their confirmation emails? Who ships, that sort of thing, cant find a thing.

    Maybe the order never actually went in properly, what dose it appear as on the CC statement?

    Im seeing a SEC*Co-OP Online books Surrey hills charge, that been almost but not completely refunded yesterday, might be it

    • +1

      Yes, it shows up as SEC*Co-Op. I am in the same boat. Card was charged but no tracking number or shipping notifications. Order status shows closed. I called them and the person on the phone couldn't see the order in the system. Looks like I'll have to do a chargeback on this.

  • I ended up with the NOOBS microSD and no Pi Kit. bummer