Sniip Now Able to Pay at Most Bills with CC Reward Points and ATO

Anyone use sniip?

Email from sniip -

From today you can pay the majority of your bills in Sniip by scanning the BPAY biller code and reference number.
Update app: Apple | Android
Over 45,000 billers Australia wide use BPAY, which means you’ll be able to enjoy Sniip’s effortless bill payment experience when you pay:
Energy bills
ATO tax bills
Rent (DEFT) and Body Corporate
Phone / internet bills
Insurance - car, health, home and contents etc
School fees
Rates and water
Car rego
…and more!
PLUS if you have a credit card with rewards points, you’ll be able to earn points when you pay bills!
With many cards, you earn no points or reduced points when paying ATO tax, phone and insurance bills directly. When paying through Sniip, you can earn full points from your rewards programs on the majority of bills.
Make sure you update the app to unlock this feature!

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  • +2

    If ATO payments will get CC Rewards; then this is a brilliant update. Whats the catch? How does Sniip make money?

    • on the majority of bills

      Although perhaps not the ones you can't get points on already?

  • Plus I get "My device is not compatible with this app" .. I've got a Redmi Note 5 Pro

    • Works on RN3

  • so you can pay all via CC without incurring surcharge ?

  • How is this any different / better than using 'Post Bill Pay' to pay bills with credit cards / paypal->AMEX

    • can't find rego / bodycorp / rates / water/ on post bill pay

  • +1

    They charges high card surcharges.

    • +1

      How much? Can't find it on their FAQs

      • +1

        Never mind. 2.2% for Amex is not competitive enough.

  • +7

    Fees from the PDS:
    Visa/Master Debit - .65%
    Visa/MC Standard Credit/ Premium or Corporate - 1.55%
    VISA/MC International - 3%
    Amex - 2.2%
    Diners - 2.65%

    • +7

      Visa/MC Standard Credit/ Premium or Corporate - 1.55%
      Amex - 2.2%

      Yikes. No thanks.

      • +1

        Even DEFT only charges 1.5% for Visa/MC credit cards for my strata fee. No point going through them lol

        • No points? Why? It’s normal credit card payment, not BAPY.

  • It is similar to easybillpay, but has surcharge from scratch. I am pretty sure they will lower surcharge threshold when they find so few people bother to use this service.

  • i tried this to pay council hoping citibank will not see it as council, but the citibank statement is showing Liverpool
    wtf ???? i thought the purpose of using this is we pay sniip and sniip pays the bill ? so the bank will see we make payment to a service not government

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