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[PS4] PS4 Pro for $149 (Trade of PS4 Slim + 2 Games Required) @ EB Games


Bloody good price for a PS4 Pro if your PS4 is on the way out. The way I see it, you're paying $149 for another few years of warranty + a more powerful console. Apparently they're taking other models of PS4 as well, doesn't need to be slim. Will just have to pay a bit more for it.

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    Any bonus with EB member cards?

    • Nope, not with this deal I was told. That extra 20% would have been handy though.

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  • Ehhh, my PS4 slim is only a few months old, so I'm not sure that it's worth it (particularly as it's a secondary console to the X1S).

  • How are they as 4K players?
    Can they play 4K/UHD Discs?

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      No, that cannot.

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        Poo. Thanks!

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    Just went to EB Macquarie centre to trade in my Original fat PS4 for 179$ and got a white ps4 pro , had my controller and cables - he did say that If a cable was missing it was a 5$ charge thats all. so OG ps4 should be fine and any two random games. All he did was connect it to a powerpoint to see if the light comes up incase anyone is wondering.

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      Did U get any games with the PS4 pro?

      • Nope didnt - all they asked for was the color I wanted but not games

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          ok, one dude got 2 games and i think i will only go with this deal if the 2 games were to be included

    • Did the same here too. Manager seems to know exactly what to expect, was a quick 2 min transaction. Didnt even check that my PS4 worked lol (but it does).

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    Traded in my fat ps4 and brought fifa 14 & fifa 15 for the games @ $2 each. 183 total for the upgrade. Nice.

    • did you buy them from the same store person? did he care that you did it?

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        I did and she didn’t care, she even told me the cheapest games they had.

        • Same, they even done it in the same transaction.

  • called my local EB and they won't trade in the OG PS4..?

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      Thats weird tell them they have the offer wrong and other stores are doing it for e.g. Macquarie Centre.

      • Called another store nearby. They were fine with trading in the fat PS4. $179

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    Don't know if its still being done but there was a guy on Gumtree doing a similar deal. Just before God of War came out I gave him my OG PS4 + $150 for a PS4 Pro

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      Do you have his details? I much prefer to do a deal with a random from Scamtree.

      • It's only scamtree when you use paypal lol

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    Wow I droppped $1500 on a souped up Ryzen 7 3700x build a few months ago and have not played Ps4 since.
    Do you reckon this is good? It would have been great if the Ps4pro could play 4k discs as well :(

    Any suggestions. I might play a few games on Ps4 like the upcoming jedi game so its still worth it I think

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      Jedi: Fallen Order is coming to PC so don't get a PS4 for that.

      Death Stranding, Last of Us 2 and Ghosts of Tsushima are some big exclusives coming over the next 12 months that could make it worthwhile.

      • Not to mention the Uncharted series…Been a huge fan and frankly purchased 2 PS3's and the Ps4 only for that reason.

    • What motherboard are you using with the 3700x?

      • MSI X470 Gaming M7 AC. I got the most high end X470 and updated its BIOS to support Zen2. Got the proc on launch day.

    • if you get PS+ this month, you'll get the first game of The Last of Us this month, and consequently a couple of games a month for 12 months, which itself is great value.
      It's a further ~$80 (cause you'd need to do it before the end of the month and there probably won't be a sale before then) but will definitely pay itself over with the range of games that you get through it.

  • Can you use Afterpay with this at all?

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      If ebgames accepts afterpay it'd be fine. Edit: eb only does afterpay for online, so dont think so.

  • Soo tempted to do this - thanks OP

    If I replace my Ps4 what's the process to get all my games back once logged in to PSN ? I have a load of games on external HDD - will I have to re-download them ?

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      Don’t know about external HD but you can backup your ps4 to another drive and transfer it all back on the new ps4 without downloading again.

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      Games on your external HDD do not need to be re-downloaded. Games on the console's internal HDD will need to be downloaded again. I would still backup local saved game data just in case.

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    imo it's a slim chance for EB to accept $150 for PS4 pro (+ 2 current games which currently retailed @ 160) … so basically, it's a free exchange…. for those that able to succeed, i salute you.

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    Traded in other games with the ps4 got it below $100.

  • I want to swap my pro for a white pro that’s quieter hahaha, hmmm

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      do it man if you dont want your current pro to jet around the room playing death stranding and TLOU2

      • Yeah I am sick of how loud it is. I’ll have to check to see if they make the white version in the CUH-7200 model.

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          Yes all black and white will be 7202. Just got my white one, only downside is doesn't come bundled with games likes the black one.

          • @FeZZa21: Cheers mate, I’ll ask the trade in on a PS4 pro and try source a 7202 one. Games doesn’t bother me as already extensive collection

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        Wish there were some basic well known mods to fix this issue

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      name checks out

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    Just went down and traded my OG ps4 for 179. I did it for my psvr I don’t even have a 4K tv.

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    I only had to pay 149 for the PS4 Pro. I had an original PS4 but it had 1 tb and they honored it as a slim PS4.

    • Sweet! Mine is a 1TB OG as well. Did you have to ask for them to do it at $149, or did they just do it?

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        They just did it. I just told them that I had upgraded the hdd.

    • I didn’t have as much luck unfortunately, got told at the store the OG console is still $179 whether it’s 500gb or 1tb.

      Still a great deal on a PS I’ve had 4 years use out of.

    • Would you happen to have a receipt? My store charged me the full amount. Gonna try go back with a receipt and get them to match it.

  • For anyone who has already picked theirs up, was the Fortnite Neo Versa bundle included and was it just a code? Looks like you can sell it for $20-$25 looking at eBay so that's even better value. My store is out of stock of Pro's so need to wait until later this week to pick it up.

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      Yes mine was the Neo Versa bundle. Got it a couple of hours ago.

      • Thanks for that. I noticed some images have it advertised and some not.

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      Mine also was the Fortnight addition with code. 2 hours ago

  • Would it be a better deal if you have EB trade levels?

    • Nope, no trade bonus on this deal unless you have extra games or controllers.

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    My local EB Games has a picture which says it comes with PS4 Pro, Overwatch and Kingdom of Hearts.

    • Did it say it for this specific trade deal? Did you happen to get a pic of it?

      • PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Black Console + 2 Games

        PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB White Console + 2 Games

        • The attendant at my store nearly gave me 2 x games and then was corrected by a colleague. No extra games with this deal.

          • @dkausa: just as i thought; the deal is good but if comes with 2 games, it's too good to be true.

            • @tempura: That's what I thought. When the staff member started pulling out those 2 games to throw in the bag I didn't want to say anything haha. Apparently someone in another store was able to get NBA20 and FIFA20 as their 2 free games, now they got lucky.

        • I know that's the Pro bundles they offer but this is a trade deal which does not advertise any games with it so unless there is some signage somewhere stating this particular deal includes games, it shouldn't.

          This is advertised with the Fortnite Neo Versa bundle only.

        • Found this as well.
          PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB Fortnite Neo Versa Console + 2 Games

          • @sarahlee2201: Yeah, we know EB only advertise the Pro in bundles but this particular trade deal does not mention or show any included games at all so if you manage to get them thrown in, lucky you but just don't expect them to be included, outside of the Fortnite Neo Versa bundle.

    • I actually got this deal. Was surprised when the staff member gave me the 2 games which I was not expecting. Traded in an OG PS4 plus a few games which brought total down to $98. Will prob sell the 2 games as was not expecting them.

  • Damn, so cut, about 3 months ago I paid $229 trade in PS4 Pro for my OG PS4.

  • Would I get a better price for trading in a 1TB slim?

  • -3

    Do EB Games accept Ps4's from countries like Hong Kong? I dont mind if its an additional $100.

  • Can I just buy a cheap used one off ebay, gumtree or FB, and trade that to get a ripper deal?

  • Does anyone know from experience how easy would it be to swap my 2TB hard disk from the OG into the pro version and retain my data?

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      You can’t swap internal hard drives between consoles and retain the data.

    • You cannot move the 2TB HDD data-in-place. You have to backup your old PS4 to an external USB drive (ExFAT format). After moving your 2TB HDD to the PS4 Pro, and initialising, you then do a restore.

      • Thanks for the advice, much appreciated

  • Glad I didn't do it during the last deal. This is much better value ! Think I may just pull the trigger.

  • Couldn't find my 500gb (its been 4 years when DickSmith gone) so I had to pull out 1TB from my MacBook Pro, what a lot of work!

  • Tempted, but I'd rather stick with my Slim since the Pro doesn't output at 1440p (despite a large number of Pro supported games rendering at 1440p resolution anyway), so on my monitor the only difference I'd see is an unlocked framerate in games that support it. Hopefully Sony bother to support more resolutions on PS5, because I believe Xboxs can do that just fine (and even support Freesync as a bonus)

  • I literally just traded my og ps4 on Sunday for the same deal for 279 in Melbourne. Damn.

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      That's a terrible deal in the first place.

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      • I got a new TV and was too excited to wait I guess

  • I put a 2tb hard drive into my OG Ps4. Anyone know if they would accept that for trade in? I don't have the original 500gb anymore

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      You can tell them upfront about this. Some folks in here used to have 500gb OG Ps4 upgraded to 1tb, is getting the same deal as if it is PS4 Slim 500gb, maybe you get a better trade in value..? Let us know.

      • Yeah I'm in the same boat. I'll check with them after work.

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      I just called up my local EB (Vic Gardens) to ask about this, they said they would would only be able to take it if it had 500gb or 1tb HDD swapped back in, no price difference for OG PS4 with either size HDD.

      • I was already on the fence so think I’ll leave it after hearing that. Thanks!

        • +1

          Yeah same here I guess.

          $179 for 500gb or 1tb. No difference in price between 500gb or 2tb.

  • I have the MGSV PS4 and am on the fence, don't really need the upgrade but being able to play games like Red Dead without it sounding like it's about to take off like a fighter jet would be good

  • Do EB test the console in store ? What should I do with my OG Console before taking into store. I’m thinking just log out in case there’s a problem or should I factory reset

    Have backed up to USB already

    • +1

      Should factory reset/initialise Ps4 to be on the safe side.

      • +1

        Yes. There are 2 x options. Quick takes a couple of minutes, full takes multiple hours. Full is best if you have the time.

  • My xbox ps4 and pc all got zapped by my HDMI switch and now none of them send out hdmi signals.

    Anyone know if they test out the console much before trade in?? Lol

    • mate, just say it was working at home °°°

    • I just got back from the store and they didn't do any tests on mine. Just looked to make sure the controller and all the cables were there.

  • I traded my OG 500gb ps4 with Fifa 14 and NBA 2k14 for the pro for 179, also got rid of my flogged out original controller that I no longer used. No extra games. They didn't test the system at all just checked serial number to make sure it was an Australian release console. There was only one person Manning the desk and lots of people lining up as school holidays so could have been in a rush to put through.

    • +1

      I've traded in heaps of consoles over the years and they've never tested a single one instore, just made sure the console was in good condition and all the required cables and controller were OK. They send all consoles back to their warehouse for testing and refurbing but YMMV by store I guess.

    • +1

      Haha! That's exactly what I just traded as well. Pretty sure I got those games bundled with my first ps4 and played them for all of 5 mins each.

  • +1

    Thanks guys. You have convinced me to buy a couple cheap games and upgrade our PS4. Now I just need to figure out how to transfer my saves.

  • Thanks OP. traded my Black Pro for a white Pro. came with overwatch and KH3 and paid $66.60 all up. Going to be an early white X'mas.

    • How only $66.60.

      Tempted to upgrade my original Pro. Did you do a full reset of the machine?

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