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$5.95 Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger @ McDonald's (Excludes VIC/TAS/SA)


Small Big Mac Meal + Cheeseburger for $5.95, starting Wednesday 9th October 2019, lasting until Tuesday 29th October 2019.
This replaces the $5 McFeast Meal, but to be honest, I'd rather have the Big Mac.
You aren't able to swap out the fries for a Garden Salad though, or swap out the small soft drink for a bottle of water.
Available 10:30am-Midnight, not valid via McDelivery.

EDIT: Only available in NSW/ACT/QLD/NT/WA

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    This promotion doesn't include Victoria and Tasmania. However there are several stores who choose to participate in this such as Melbourne Central Lower.

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      doesn't include Victoria

      So the McFeast deal will continue in VIC until 26th? (according to this post)

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        I really hope the McFeast meal continues in Vic.
        Really enjoy the McFeast.

  • I assume this is nationwide as there's already a deal for this for specific stores?

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    You aren't able to swap out the fries for a Garden Salad though, or swap out the small soft drink for a bottle of water.


    What I like to do with this meal is get the cheeseburger with no ketchup, then remove its fillings and add them to the Big Mac. So it's like a BM with extra meat and cheese. The new cheeseburger buns are gross anyway.

    • They stopped doing water swaps recently :(.

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      I never ever see anyone order the salad anyway.

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        I just did yesterday but it took them about 15min to make.

        • Got the shaker salad from a KFC in regional NSW. It definitely couldn't be described as "fast" food.

  • Work at a Victorian store as was told it isn't valid in Victoria. Manger has been wrong before though so who knows.

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    It's back. Thankyou God

  • Is this a normal sized big Mac?

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      Yeah it's one size.

      • One size fits all.

        • Except me, I need size XXXL.

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    Just paid $6.20 for a big mac burger. Aww ;(

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    why no salad or water swaps? wont bother with maccas if thats the new standard with these deals..

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      Its a cheap deal. Water bottles and salads are obviously more expensive for mcdonalds so they wont swap them out. At the end of the day its still a business and they can only cut out so much of their profit margin.

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    I was quite happy with the $5 McFeast meal.

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    Prefer the McFeast deal
    Too much bread in this combo

    • Aren't you essentially getting 2 extra patties in this deal for an extra 95c compared to the McFeast meal?

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        The McFeast uses the larger patty, which is a quarter of a pound. With the Big Macs and Cheeseburgers, they use the smaller patty, which is a tenth of a pound. If you do the maths, you're basically only getting half of the small patty extra, which is one twentieth of a pound.

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          Give this guy a raise

        • +4


        • Edit: NVM

        • Now you're my kind of mathematician.

        • Rate my calculations
          TL:DR McFeast is the better deal according to employee

          = 1/4 of a pound

          BigMac 2/10 (2 patties)?
          Cheese Burger 1/10
          = 3/10 of a pound

          McFeast 5/20($5) ——-vs——- Bigmac/Cheeseburger 6/20 ($6)

          Cheese burger = 2/20 = $1 Extra

          Mcfeast + Cheese burger = 7/20 ($6) vs Bigmac/Cheeseburger 6/20 ($6)

      • No, thinner patties.

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    Is this via the app or just walk into the store and get this?

    • Walk right in and get it

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        What is the name on the menu to avoid any quizzical look from the cashier?

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          I can never find a full menu these days

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          Thats what the kiosks are for

        • I ask for the big mac cheseburger meal deal and they know exactly what you are talking about.

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          Mac & Cheese

      • Dang, not in app at all?

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          Yes it is. Down the bottom of the beef section.

          • @Jono05: I think what's in the menu is different from store to store. Which is one reason why the app runs so slowly.

            • @adam-07: I find the maccas app pretty good. Much better and faster than the kfc app. Only time I've had a problem was 3-4 weeks ago the app was saying I wasn't in the store when I was. It only happened 2 times. Don't know if it was me or the app.

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    Mc feast is better IMO. Making it a double qtr pounder with gravy chips and water for $8.45 was amazing.

  • Does anyone know if the meat patty can be swapped out for a McChicken patty? Or does that cost more?

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    Just get a free water with your order. Not bottled, but hey this is ozb

  • Can the drink be upsized and the fries upgraded to gravy fries?

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    My veins and heart are happy this isn't available in Vic. My wallet and tastebuds are not.

  • Which section of Kiosk to order? Or is this app only?

    • assume it might show on the menu from 10:30am today…

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        Yeah its the last item under Beef menu…. it has no picture so easy to miss

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    I cannot find this deal anywhere on the app.

    • Make sure it is the regular menu on the app, then go to beef menu and right at the bottom.

    • Same. Cant seem to find it like others have 😟

      Edit just realised it says excludes Vic. Bah

      • It's now showing in the app. Under the beef menu, right at the very bottom.

    • Not om my app either but i can order it by asking for the "big mac cheeseburger meal deal." ordered it 3 times now over the past few weeks in drive through in 2 different stores.

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    Not in the beef menu here in a few stores around me in SA. McFeast still showing $5 small.

    • Mine still shows the McFeast as well.

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    im BOUT to say something controversial… This .. Stuff, is worth this price point anyway. What yall getting xited for!?

    • Amen Kossac

    • Because it's actually worth the price point.

  • No VIC no deal

  • No idea what happened but when I ordered at the counter from McDonald's Yamanto QLD I only got charged $3.45 for this meal.
    I only noticed this till I got back to my work van. Happy to post a receipt if need be, it might be an error on their system.

    • I'd love to see a photo of that receipt… would be very curious why

  • Offer is available at 2 out of 3 stores near me (Brisbane). The one closest doesn't have it though. Only the one without the Big Mac deal has the $5 McFeast meal still.

    • Which store did you go to that still has the McFeast meal? It seems no one does anymore

  • Sunnybank Time Sqaure refused to swap soft drinks for bottles of water, only cups of water available

    • That's the procedure for it, fortunately/unfortunately.

      • Ah I saw your original post now - aren’t able to swap. I misread it. Got it now thanks:-)

  • i just bought one today :(
    i should have waited for tomorrow. :(

    • What's today?

      • The day before tomorrow, and after yesterday.

        I think.

  • Appears that it is not available anymore.Just checked at a couple of stores in ACT usimg the app.

    • The deal officially ends tomorrow. My store still had the deal today, and will keep it until the end of the promotion

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