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Huawei P30 Pro (Aurora) 256GB $949.05 @ JB Hi-Fi


Looks like JB has reduced the price by $250 to keep this device at $999.

I'd say this is a really good offer especially for a shop where people can walk in and buy it.

I dont think I've seen many deals for this phone. Must be discounted before Mate 30 Pro arrives in Australia I guess…

Get 5% extra off on 1 Day Sale @ JB Hifi

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      Wow his title needs so much work

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    Good deal, but please price in title

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    But whose getting a mate 30 when it doesnโ€™t come with google suite…

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      This is the P30 Pro.
      Which comes with the Google suite

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        Must be discounted before Mate 30 Pro arrives in Australia I guess

        Pretty sure cloudie9's reply was directed to this comment.

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          That's correct. People get really antsy in here eh?

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            @cloudie9: Majority of OzBargainers are antsy by default.. ๐Ÿœ

    • No a big deal. You can always download it and install Google apps.
      It is even better this way because you only install what is necessary for the play store to work, and from there you install the apps you need rather than a ton of apps installed and running in the background.

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    Sorry guys, Im usually a lurker here. I have updated in title. :)
    Enjoy guys.

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    damn great price!

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    Not down with the latest phones but wouldn't people buy a galaxy 10 over this….?

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      This has better camera and a bunch of other better stuff, there's no clear "better phone" it depends on what you want out of your phone. The Note 10 doesn't have headphone jack for example.

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      P30 pro is almost unanimously reviewed as the best overall camera and often best overall phone. Its not without its weaknesses though.

      • Fair enough

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        I have the p30 Pro which I bought due to the excellent reviews on the camera, but in practice I find the camera to be inferior to my wife's pixel 3a.

        • Care give further details?

          • @berry580: Photo quality is all in the software, Google's team will always optimise better than third parties.

            • @Lukian: Agreed. With the Pixel 3A it takes a few seconds before the image processing is done, so you get a quick glance at the 'original' quality which looks horrible. Then after the processing, like magic your photo looks great!

        • Same thing with P30. Camera is worse than my old Galaxy S7. Oversharpening, wrong colour balance, slower focus.

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      the battery life alone is worth it

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    if you got the $500 gift card from the previous telstra 12m contract then this is awesome at $499

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    Sweet deal! Thanks for the found op

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      If you did it few times, then this phone if free :)

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    Great find OP.


  • Thanks. Was going to buy on ebay for a similar amount…snapped th is up. Much rather buy from jb for this price. I'm upgrading from a mate 10 pro. Huawei make amazing phones. My Huawei gave me the same amazing feels the s7 and iPhone 4 did ๐Ÿ˜‰, each equally amazing phones of their era.

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    Use Officeworks price guaranteed to get it for $949.05

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      (profanity) too late. Jumped the gun

  • Good price. Bought 2 Thanks OP

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    Lucky I have price insurance :)

    Awesome find.

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    Extra 5% off with this deal.

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    Use code 92MNJM7D99S46D at checkout to get it for $949.05. Winner!

  • Got 1. Thx.

  • $900 for TRS. Reckon they could split the invoice for me?

    • The $900 limit is if you're bringing it back in. But you don't need to worry about that anyway.

      • Why not?

        • By the time you've used the phone and come back, depreciation will make the value lower than what you bought it for anyway. And besides, nobody declares the stuff they got TRS refunded when they come back in. They hardly ever check too. Unless it's like proper big ticket items.

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            @CVonC: And the best is when buying on ebay with 10%-20% off and the seller sends tax invoice for full amount ;)

            (I know this comment isn't related to the post)

    • just throw away any packaging or invoice and trs paperwork

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        You don't even need to bring the packaging. You can use the phone already. Just as long as the tax invoice/receipt is less than 60 days old before the departure date.

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    Along with the coupon above, use gift card for another 5% off, gets it down to $901.55

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    Perfect time to upgrade from pixel 2XL, got one thx

  • got 1, thanks

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    If anybody has Youi insurance, you can also save another 5% by purchasing JB Hifi gift cards from their rewards portal.

    • Thanks for the reminder about this; sealed my decision to buy.

  • Anyone having success to price match at HN?

    • They consider it as "significantly lower than the rrp", so NO

      • I was told it was "Below cost price" so they could not price match…

  • got 1….support huawei


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      Just a phone, buy the one you like :)

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    got 3 support huawei

  • Used the 5% off coupon stacked with the 4% off Gift Cards through RACQ Rewards since i was already signed up.
    RACQ said it may take up to 72 hours for them to send but I got them straight away.
    Brought it down to $909.05. Thanks OP!

  • bought one, travel oversea this weekend, further 10% off :D

    • More like 9.09%.

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    Amazon has Breathing Crystal colour now for $999.

    With Cashrewards/Shopback down to ~$949.

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      Great to see competition from Amazon. But for me, Aurora is the better colour and the discount is instant from JB HiFi.

      • Id go for Aurora as well, but cannot find an excuse to buy this phone and ive been trying for few months now :D

        • go to beach

          • @phunkydude: Or leave your phone job the bed like I did, my wife did the washing and out came a dead phone.

          • @phunkydude: Destroying my phone goes against everything I believe even if it's for a good cause like this :D

          • @phunkydude: I see what you did there..

    • How do you get it down to 949? I only see 3.5% cashback on mobile? Also Amazon does seem to have Aurora.

  • Ripper of a deal thanks Libojr23. Was holding out for a ~$950 grey import (eBay 15% deal) and then this comes along for aussie stock. Absolutely chuffed!

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      No worries! Enjoy, I literally went down to my local JB as soon as finding out. This poor guy had to ask for his managers approval because the promo was supposed to start tomorrow lol.

      • Haha well done! Love your commitment.

        Now it's time to buy accessories for this beast, starting with case and screen protector.

        • FYI the phone comes with pre installed screen protector and case.

          • @cent88: Oh cool did not realise that! Is the screen protector glass or plastic?

          • @cent88: Can you confirm that you got the pre-installed plastic screen protector. I was told at JB mine would have it but mine definitely doesn't, plus the glass scratches very easily.

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            @cent88: P30 regular comes with pre-installed protector. P30 Pro does not.

            Source: my own P30 Pro, and my friend's P30, plus confirmation in other forums.

            Also can confirm you'll need to add a protector to the Pro, as it scratches and chips with absolutely no effort whatsoever. Mine has one small chip, and heaps of light surface scratches in the ONE DAY I used it unprotected.

            • @BradH13: Yes I agree with this, the glass is very poor quality. I've got scratches on mine even though I've been ultra careful with it. Can you recommend a case and screen protector? I'm still using the case that came with it and no screen protector.

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                @Narvey Horman: I've purchased the same case for every phone I've had for the last like 6 years, and that is the Spigen Rugged Armor. Never broken a phone despite many drops so I reckon they work well.

                As for screen protectors, that's a bit more difficult. I tried some "self repairing" TPU type ones from Amazon and they were okay, but difficult to install and smelt like shit. The touch feel was very good for a plastic based protector, but I missed the feeling of glass, so I splashed for the Spigen Glass.TR Slim. The reflectivity increases heaps so outdoor use is a bit harder, but the feel of it is so smooth. Way smoother than using the raw screen. The only other downside to the glass protector is you lose about 0.5mm of viewing area on each side of the screen, but I haven't found it to be a deal breaker.

                • @BradH13: Sorry no screen protector looks like. Anyone got any recommendations on a good one?

                • @BradH13: Yes the Spigen Rugged Armor is great, used the same for past two phones. Wanted something different this time to enjoy/show off the Aurora color, but I'm a bit over it now anyway so might go back to trusty Spigen.

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    Is anyone going down the Huawei-Androidish-no-longer-supported-by-Google path?

    • I was intending to get a Mate 30 Pro but every workaround gets closed and the waiting game starts for the next workaround. Sounds like a headache. Also no date on when it arrives in Australia. I got sick of waiting and didn't want a Chinese version with launcher restrictions and no b28.

      • what a shame, Mate 30 pro was my first preference but hey p30 pro ain't too bad.

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    Remember guys, you can buy it off eBay with price guarantee which they will give you a voucher for the price difference plus 5% off of jb HiFi price if you wanted it to be delivered and use eBay gift card of the recent 10% off deal.

    • not always true.

      if you buy an item that is $1000. and you pay all with gift cards, no price guarantee.

      if you buy an item that is $1000, and you pay $100 with gift cards and the rest with paypal cc or balance. you find the same item for $890 (approved retailers) then you can claim price guarantee. you will get a ebay voucher for $54.5

  • Wonder if Mobileciti can match the price :) I doubted.

    • buy it from their eBay store and contact eBay to match it for you plus 5% off extra. The only problem you will get the difference as a voucher.

  • If I buy using gift cards, will I still get tax refund?

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  • Good price. Bought 2 Thanks OP

  • Bought one to thanks OP

  • Can't see any stock in Adelaide or Sydney

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    Argh. I don't really need one. Too big…… I want one. ……. Argh,……. Click, Click, Click…….. C&C….

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      Update: 04/24

      The apparent owner of the Huawei P30 Pro posted an update on his website in which he says he now thinks that the DNS requests were not initiated by the phone, but rather occurred as the result of Baidu searches. He said he believes that the DNS queries to beian.gov.cn occurred when he used Baidu to carry out searches.

      So he literally visited chinese websites on his own causing those dns requests and they write a whole fake article yikes

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