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Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ Vacuum Cleaner $699, V10 Animal $599 Delivered @ Kogan


The Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute+ Vacuum Cleaner frees your cleaning combining cord-free versatility with full-size suction power and a 40% bigger bin for bigger cleans.

Cordless vacuum cleaner
Lightweight, yet powerful
Cyclone technology
Comes with 2 cleaner heads
Includes 6 tools and a tool bag

Dyson Cyclone V10 Animal $599

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  • Finally bought. Looks like it's 3hr flash sale?

    • Silly question, but does it come with the wall mount too? It's an image on the Kogan website, so I hope so:

        • I get that, but it also doesn't say that the charger is in the box, and the wall mount can be the charger. Was hoping an owner could clarify.

          Also, quoting the link you sent me:
          "Drop-in docking
          The Dyson Cyclone V10™ vacuum drops into the wall-mounted dock, to recharge and to tidily store the tools, ready to grab and go."

        • +3

          Yes it does, Ctrl+f for "Drop-in dock"

          • @juns: Thanks. I would, but seems they literally just removed it from the website? Boom's link isn't working and it's not displaying as a listed product. Strange:

            • @Canberran: Not sure why, but I can still access the link.

          • @juns: Good pick, well I bought one, I will let you know in few days time! :)
            Initially I thought question about the floor dock.

      • +2

        yes, it includes the Drop In Dock, which is a wall mount, and the dock has a spot for the charger cable. (info from a quick research online)

        • +1

          Can confirm, my one came with a wall dock that can also connect to the charger.

  • Is this the cheapest for V10?

    • For a non-grey import? Yes, seems so.

    • I guess so. Last time it was on this price was on Bing Lee sale June 2018 and 1000 units were snapped in 6 minutes I guess. Can't complement this vacuum enough. A lot of people find it too much $$ for a vacuum cleaner but to me, every single penny worth it. This is extremely handy, specially if you have big or double story house. Installation of dock is extremely easy and looks extremely neat once done. Instructions are very clear and quality of V10 vs other vacuums I have owned are incomparable. For those who can afford it, one must own this.

      • How long does it run for 1 full charge? I still think this is the biggest issue of Dyson cordless vacum, short running time and long charging time

        • 3 hours charging from 0 to 100. I can comfortably do my 2 story house with 2 lounge 3 bedroom hard floors and carpet plus rugs and I am left with about 30-40% charge

    • I guess it is if you don't care about the dok.

      • Pretty sure it includes the dock… its how the vacuums are charged. Can't see how they can't include it..

        • Its charged through a cable, the cable can be wired into the dock so when you click it in it charges.

          We bought the v6 Animal that says its included in the box - so cant comment if it will be included or not

  • Hmmm…can I be bothered to do the 45 day money back guarantee from the last deal https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/484162 ($749) to save $50

    • Wait few more days, it will be cheaper ;)

      • What? Where? What do you know?? :)

        • It could be a trap

          • +1

            @buckster: Been on ozb is a trap, I end up getting a Dyson lol

  • I think the question that was trying to be asked was; Does it come with the bonus floor dock via redemption?

    • You got the redemption link ? what it says?

  • Good price, but v11 is a significant upgrade worth holding out for another year to reach this price.

    • +1

      That is quite the dilemma for most technology stuff. I am guessing following years someone would say something along the line
      "Good price, but vXX is an upgrade worth holding out for another year to reach this price."

    • +1

      Then you be wanting the v12 ;)

    • +8

      And then the v12 is a significant upgrade again. Oh, hang on the V14 is better yet again. Just let the dirt build up around the house and suck it up with your V18 in 2033 when it's on sale.

  • bought it , had a $20 kogan credit I used as well. Used a creditcard with price-protection on it, so I'll check in 10-11 months if the price has dropped and make a claim.
    Said I wouldn't buy another Dyson after my v6 battery failed, but looks like I'm going back on my word.

    • couldn't replace the battery? I was hoping i could do that by getting a replacement battery off ebay or something

      • The last topic of V10 deal, there’s member mentioned buying v6 battery from ebay to replace and his v6 worked like first day. You may want to fjnd it on ebay

      • You can. Last time was done straight through dyson, think it was $60 from memory. The batteries only last on average 3 years or 500 charge cycles, so if you use it excessively, eg everyday it will last a year and a half, other factors impacting battery life include if its used on max mode thr majority of the time and what you use your vacume for (kitty litter, saw dust etc), if you clean the filter properly, how quickly you put it back on charge, temperature of location it charges etc etc etc

    • Bought it, received it, charged it for 3.5hrs and now the battery light is flashing red 20 times…. Farkkkk.
      Quality sh¡t from dyson. (and the dyson website is down)

  • +1

    Animal V10 was slightly cheaper yesterday….

    Dyson Ebay store $699..ebay coupon petal brought it down $649 + shopback offer total price down to $590

  • What is the difference between Absolute and Animal? just attachments?

    • google it homer.

  • +1

    Love my v8 absolute, V10 at this price is a no brainer for anyone looking for a Dyson

  • -2

    Love my Anko absolutely.

    • +2

      Down-voted because you're suggesting something that is absolutely horrible and was meant for extremely basic use of a vacuum designed to pickup large pieces of debris without actually resulting in a clean floor, this is a big case of getting what you paid for.

      • -1

        Down-voted because you're suggesting the Anko is absolutely horrible when it's not and i doubt you've ever used one.

        Anko, the choice of non-Gorian4's everywhere.

        • Bull crap! It's rubbish! Gf bought into the Kmart hype, and absolutely hated it. Lucky you could just return at Kmart. Save some money and buy a Dyson even a V8 will beat the crap of some Anko BS!

          • @Lancerx: The Dyson V8 @ circa $500 will beat the Anko @ $29? How is that even possible????

            There is something called Kmart hype? How is that even possible????

            Hey member @Ywhna has voted you up - most of their comments are to me - i think they've developed some kind of obsession.

  • Am I missing something, the price don't come up when I click on the link?

  • Absolute+ back to full price

  • Only wish V11 gonna come down to the 700ish range soon ..

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